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Snow ;)

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  • from glos
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
♥ Ellie Jade Underwood ♥


♥Year 11


♥My horses ☺




♥Dep sports Captain
at Dene magna ♥

Naomi Watkins & Boe Aston - LoveYou Both Loads :D
- - - x

" i thinkaa bout you all tha tym
i can't wait 4 u 2 be mine
i hope this time we really last,
and it doesn't go bak to how it's
been in tha past xx

Put this on ur
homepage if u
believe in

|__|__Leicester City fan bus_|_\
|_________________ |_| ____|

------♥♥------Put This
----♥♥-♥♥----On Your
---♥♥---♥♥---Bebo If
---♥♥---♥♥---You Know
----♥♥-♥♥----Who Died
----♥♥- ♥♥----cancer
Ellieee (: .. i hackedd in ;)
:L well babes, your an amazingg mateyyy and i loveyouu loadss! dunno what i wouldaa done without youu these past few weeks (: .. your a friendf or lifee :D mean it mind girll.
alwaizz here for you.</i> xxx
:D lovee nay - - x
dad i lv u sooooo much and i dont stop thinkin of u
ur the best and i miss u.
i remember the god times 2gether
me nd u wud have special hugs
your not ther 2 give me 1 any more .
i no ur lukin dwn on me sum wer and
u meant the wurld 2 me and
always will
i lv u so much dad

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  • Gabss.
    luv Gabss.

    heyy babes... hows you? long time no see.. :P see you later as youj live opposite me ?:L and heres the lovee!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • luv Naomii

    unoo im always here for yaaa bummer, give you a ring soon and we'l have a banging gossip. keeep smiling babyy girl, just think, hartpury soon, you'l have a que of boyss waiting for youu, who needs him to be fair (Y) iloveyoualways xxxx

  • Jeffro
    luv Jeffro

    sorry ellie but i forgot your number what was it again? lol xxx

  • Janee

    good(: yea im good to thnx aw (n) oh yea u got ur tests n that lol good luck erm i js been riding and working really "/ aww i miss it tbh oooh thnx for my 350th and 351 loves ;) i have now ran out :( awesome omg cant believe ur takin ur horsey college :O love it :P bet u cant wait lol is there lots of stuff to do with ur horsey there then? wb loveyou xxxxxxxxx

  • Janee
    luv Janee

    hey babe (: omg it has been ages since i have spoke to u :( how are you? u been up to much? thnx for the pic comment btw :D ahh when u next come up here, we will have to go riding, or just go down the farm or sumet :) i miss them times :( i wil never forget the time when u fell down that hole on the bails :L ahh mann funny times, i miss um tbh lol. and remember when we always used to go riding on smokey, ah i miss him to :( he has died now :( :( ooh i took milly hunting on tuesday :P she went rather well, she did rear and cat leap alot bt i got used to it after a while :D so its alll good tbh how are your horseys?? writeback loveyou xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Frenchie'Hapic

    haha cuz im special :D yeh i no it was it was lucky i done it already so i new wat u lot was talkin about :L wb love u xxx

  • Frenchie'Hapic

    im not :( haha nice i no u take pe i was in your class :L :L wb ly xx

  • Moss Davis

    yeah :) i'm good thank you been up to much this weekend? wb xx

  • Frenchie'Hapic

    haha i no :D awww my heart crys :P i've already done one set of mocks :( and i got more in two months time :( so count your self lucky :L wat subjects u take?? wb love uu xx

  • Frenchie'Hapic

    :P haha yeh ahha have fun wit dat im up to date on all my subjects for once :L haha wats dat mocks?? wb Ly xx

  • Frenchie'Hapic

    i am :D yeh it ent to bad bit stressed wit exams and coursework all the time :( you?? wb love u xx

  • Frenchie'Hapic

    u should im a good boy :D haha good :D wb love uu xxx

  • Frenchie'Hapic

    :O :O im not naughty im a good boy :D ' haha nice fun. wb Ly xx

  • Frenchie'Hapic

    good :D yeh it was realli good thanks and new year was good wat i can remember of it :P uu??? wb Ly xx

  • Jeffro
    luv Jeffro

    haha yea its so fun!! :) xxxx

  • Frenchie'Hapic

    yeh im good thanks :D yourself???? wb swn Ly xx

  • Frenchie'Hapic

    hey cheers for the add :D

  • Moss Davis

    no i don't think i have :( haha o well, you alright love? xx

  • Naomii

    illovvveeyouuuu myy gorgeousss rememberr i'm takingg youu shoppingg & buyingg youu a wacckk off hooddy :D hahaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx havee an amazingg christmass xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Naomii

    pinky promise ass face :( :( you lied to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hah xx