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a girl who could kill you with a look-its a nice way to die, she's so easy on the eye

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I'm mean, walk with a stick and ooze sex appeal..
Me, Myself, and I
Bonjour, I'm Ashleigh.
Educate yourself and watch M*A*S*H

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Book club is for cool people hence why most of you can't come.

Twin soul and legend.

-cat says:
hahahahaha totally get a richard shaped bed.
-cat says:
with richard shaped printed covers.
-cat says:
and richard head pillow.
-cat says:
and put it over your face..
-cat says:
and it would be like richard was lying in bed.
-cat says:
i would love to see that.

Richard, you've been warned.
The Other Half Of Me


Had i the embroided cloths of heaven...

Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Muse, Razorlight, Ash, Snow Patrol, The Zutons, Interpol, Coldplay, Bloc Party, Editors, Maximo Park, Sigur Ros, We are Scientists, Maroon 5, The Beatles, Belle & Sebastian, The Kooks, The Clash, The Strokes, Body Rockers, Guillemot, Artic Monkeys, The Supremes, James Brown, Moon Gold, Damien Rice, Jeff Buckley, Hope of the States, Travis, Johnny Cash, Arcade Fire, Los Camesinos!, My Bloody Valentine, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Neutral Milk Hotel, No Doubt, Katy Perry, Broken Social Scene, John Martyn, The Go! Team, A Smile and a Ribbon and who doesn't LOVE Disney Soundtracks?
Memoirs of a Geisha, The Kite Runner, Thank You For Smoking, Garden State, Phantom of the Opera, P.S I Love You, Calamity Jane, Northanger Abbey, Brick, Airplane!, Star Wars, La Vie en Rose, Amelie, Les Choristes, Ne le dis a personne, Classic Disney Films, Juno, Twilight and Little Miss Sunshine.
History, watching a film for the first time, to be with friends, reading, movie days, musicals, taking pictures, Edward Cullen, family, sleeping and listening to my 'crappy' music as i am told by MichAEla

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  • Mon devoir pour mercredi

    Le Petit Prince est un livre par Antoine de Saint Exupèry. J’aime le rapport entre Le Petit Prince et sa Rose parce que c’est un exemple d’amitié intime. J’aime tout le livre à couse de son message important : ‘On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur ; l’essential est invisible pour les yeux.’

    Un jour, sur la planète du Petit Prince, il y avait une graine apportée d’on ne sait où. Puis, après beaucoup de temps la Rose apparaître.

    Le Petit Prince découvre vite que la Rose est très coquette. Chaque jour elle tourmente Le Petit Prince par sa vanité, elle est toujours entraine demander au Le Petit Prince quelque chose. Donc il quitte la petite planète.

    Séparée de la Rose Le Petit Prince regrettes d’être parti d’elle. Leur amitié est renforcée quand il fait le sacrifice ultime. Pour retourner à sa Rose, il faut mourir pour mouvoir retourner chez lui.
    Son sacrifice prouve que le rapport entre Le Petit Price et sa Rose est une grande amitié. C’est émouvant et m’a aidé à comprendre l’importance de l’aimité.

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  • Halloween Paddle.

    The air was damp as we set out on the river. The cold seeped through my buoyancy aid as I paddled into an eddy. Once everyone was on the water we started to make our way down the river. The light conversation was diminished as we started to approach a rapid. Instructions were given and we started to plough ahead to tackle the swift water that lay ahead. Suddenly, a wave crashed on top of me; whether it was the lack of warning or the near death experience I started to have second thoughts- was this trip such a good idea? With my confidence suffering from a real blow I was keeping my guard constantly. The rest of the trip was enjoyable and made up for my experience with the wave that tried to eat me in the dark. No need to panic.

    (that was put in the newsletter as well! :L )

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  • The adventures of Ashleigh and MichAEla continued...

    Once we had briefed Christine of the plan to locate the suicide workers and disable the bomb and then try and arrest Westy.
    "Right, we've assembled two teams one for each suicide worker-Zac Efron and Jack Black" i said to Christine
    "I'll be taking the Zac Efron and Ashleigh the Jack Black" MichAEla added,
    "Well let me come with you guys on one of the teams i know where they will be roughly and how they will be armed" Christine said
    "Absoutley not, you have to stay here and help the team at CTU track them through the Satellite" I said to her
    She muttered something and MichAEla and i ran to the vans where the two teams waited inside.
    We arrived at the location where the bomb and the 2 workers were. We moved into place.
    "Right Ashleigh Jack Black is on the 6th floor and hanging around the window" Christine said through the com link,
    "Remember team don't shoot to kill" I said to both teams
    "Zac Efron is on the floor up above 6th window from the left" Christine said to MichAEla,
    "Team 1 standing by" I said
    "Team 2 standing by" MichAEla said
    "Well by all means ladies get going" Christine said
    MichAEla and i moved in to position quickly, we broke into the two apartments simulaneously to prevent the two suicide workers tipping the other off. Once the teams where in the room they ran to all angles of the room to block any exit available.
    "Both men have been taken into custody sucessfully" MichAEla said to Christine
    The bomb team then moved in behind us to disable the bomb-which was sucessful.
    Another sucessful day? We had barely started.
    When we got back Christine was full of congratulations.
    "Why was none of the public evacuated?" Christine asked us
    "If they knew there would have been so much more caos and would have been harder to get the job done, plus no one would have been evacuated safely considering how far you had to be to escape the radiation" I said.
    She nodded.
    MichAEla came back from the meeting room with the co-ordinates of Westy flight that Christine had estimated. We checked the co-orinates and long behold a plane was in full flight. Maybe she was being seriouse about giving up her criminal days!
    MichAEla and i made a move to the helicopter
    "Christine keep a com link open" MichAEla said, as Christine positioned herself by the computer to help with tracking.
    Christine nodded and smiled.

    MichAEla and i had worked out the co-ordinates of where Westy and our plane shoud be almost side by side and we were aproaching it fast.
    We reached the co-ordinates but there was no plane,
    "Christine whats going on he isn't there, theres no sign of a plane whats your report?" MichAEla shouted down the com link
    There was no reply,
    "Christine! Hello?"
    I had spoken to soon maybe Christine had some better interests then us catching Westy at hand. I grabbed my mobile and called Chloe,
    "Whats going on where Westy's plane?" I said
    "Ashleigh, Christine told Westy that you were going to intercept him so they changed course" She said
    "Can you find his plane on the satelliete?" I asked
    "No, shes bugged all of our system it will be another 15 minutes before we have things up and running again"
    "Where is she now?" I shouted
    "They've put her back in her cell but shes not talking anymore" Chloe replied.
    I clicked the mobile shut there seemed to be no way of capturing him now.

    The plane didn't have enough fuel to go back to CTU so we carried on our course to Mexico to re-fuel there.
    "Look whats that?!?" MichAEla shouted pointing to the dot on the radar.
    "Thats Westy's signal!"
    "That doesn't mean its him though, it could be another trap." MichAEla said
    "Your right, we'll have to attack this as if it were though" I replied. "Any idea if the plane has detected us though?" I asked
    "No our signal has been scrambled" Catriona our piolet said,
    "Will they be able to de-code it?" I asked her
    "If they managed to pick up the signal it would take at least an hour to de-code" She said
    "Excellent, we'll follow th

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  • Gemmareid
    luv Gemmareid

    LONG TIME NO SEE. ok, you have to give me your email address because i've decided i need a penpal :) also, i am having gossip girl withdrawal symptoms. :( how's life with no school? xxxx

  • Tatum

    lol what were the presents you got from mrs Noble and Mrs Jennings that will help you in Uni :L ?? im curious xD x x x x

  • Valerie Kim
    luv Valerie Kim

    lollll the movie was not that good :P :P yes we shall!!!! STARBUCKS ISS AWESOME WE WILL GO THERE NOT COSTA BECUS EVERYONE WALKS PAST COSTA AND GOES OOO THEY ARE HAVING FOOD <--well not really but watevver :P :L lol yeah u were lucky the new one SUCKS its like what the heck its hard and its cold and i nearly got hypothermia YAY :) lol **high five** to not listening to instructors and possibly really annoying them or making them get frustrated :P :L wubu2???? xxxxILYxxxxxx

  • Tatum

    :L True, true :) Next friday sounds good xxxxx

  • Tatum

    :) It was ok My mondays suck tho :L and i was feeling under the weather :L umm teachers are mostly the same part from Maths : Mr Robertson i now have Mr Smeaton P.E changed but thats normal ehhh cant think of anything else at the moment :L How was your day ??? xxxxxxx

  • Gemmareid
    luv Gemmareid

    i know, so sad :( hah i stole it! ok, you have to give me your phone number so i can text you during the SUPER EXCITING AWESOME gossip girl on wednesday and be like: :O :O xxx

  • Tatum

    im very very very very dim i just realised now that i wont see you tomorrow cuz off events day :L i still thought that it'd be bookclub still, my bad:L will you be coming into school next friday if you can be bothered ?? x x x

  • Gemmareid
    luv Gemmareid

    OMG. you better be looking forward to your birthday card! it is a work of art thanks to alex and his amazing photoshop skills :] i will present it to you on wednesday :D xxxx

  • Valerie Kim
    luv Valerie Kim

    yeahh we shld meet up some time befor ur off :P thats pretty awesome do u know what ur studying???? lol what type of dress did u wear???TESCO woot woot :) good luck with ur exams btw lol nah well they could have tried harder hes not tht hot..:P :L and yeah twilight is awesome but Bella is definitely all wrong and i think Jasper wld have been an awesome Edward :) team jasper! :P :L haha jks not quite so obssesed ;) the new 3 * which i completely failed lol dancing and well just relaxing finished all my tests like before easter which is good.. oh yeah and getting ready for Spain :) :) hows guitar playing going btw???? xxxxxxILYxxxxx<3