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Irish Dancin rulz!!!

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Everywhere dancing is!!! Ireland
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Hey to everyone that loves Irish Dancing!!!
Leave comments and stuff!!!


Ps. dE FlAsH BoX Is 2 dAnCeRs fRm dE PaUlInE FegaN DaNcIn sKuL

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Killian getting ass kicked by three year olds!

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  • dancers prayer!

    Dear angel,
    Ever at my side
    Be there today,
    my feet to guide.
    Help me dance high,
    and light,
    and free,
    So everyone will be proud of me.
    May the judges be fair and the stages be spacious.
    In winning and losing let me be gracious,
    So that every dance I'll remember with pride.
    And angel, please keep my shoelaces tied

    1 Comment 360 weeks

  • lol do u agree!?!

    See how many points u see urself noddin in agreement 2!!!
    1. U can't resistdoing a few steps in the middle of p.e.
    2. All of ur teachers know u dance- u do it while waiting for everyone 2 cum in2 class(and during and after class,in the hallways....)
    3.Ur knees hurt so u walk on tiptoe to make them feel better
    4.Common discussions are about dance (and ur friends want 2 strangle u)
    5.U find urself walkin on tiptoe all the time-it's perfectly natural
    6.Makin urself walk upstairs on ur heels in a tryin project
    7.U kno all the words 4 ur school's steps
    8.U can stand on ur toes at the weirdest times
    9.U no longer hav muscles u hav shelves
    10.March is ur busiest month
    11.It's 60 degrees out nd ur still not cold-normally u hav a 20 pound dress on
    12.U can rationalize Michael Flatley's somewat obscure notion of putin an Egyptian theme to Lord of The Dance through mythology (only 4 d REALLY obsessed)
    13.Wenevr sumone asks u 'how ur doin' u mention d dances uv gotton betr at
    14.Evrytime u hear irish music u start tappin along
    15.U go out sumplace during an ovrnite feis, u luk 4 sumone wit curlers in their hair 2 bond wit
    16.Ur parents say 'pick a dress' nd ur mind automatically goes 2 wat ur solo dress luks like
    17.U kno dat feis isn't pronounced fice
    18.Ur proud of ur calloused feet nd u wuldn't dream of gettin a pedicure
    19.U go out sumplace nd see sumone in curlers- nd tink nutin of it
    20.U can walk witout swingin ur arms
    21.Any story u write has sumtin 2 do wit dance,Ireland....
    22.U always turn out when sitting, standing....
    23.U sumtimes dance in ur sleep
    24.Ur legs r always straight wen u jump r kick
    25.U don't always remember wat numbr cums aftr 8
    26.Walkin like a duck wit ur feet turnd out is perfectly normal
    27.Usin body adhedsive 2 glu ue socks 2 ur shins doesn't seem weird 2 u
    28.U choreograph dances during........well always
    29.U'v actually tried doin ur steps in a pool
    30.All of ur art projects sumhow remind u of dance
    31.U test ur clothes 2 make sure u can dance in dem
    32.Ur mother has 2 stand on ur feet 2 stop u dancin in a shoppin centre
    33.U just kno wen sumone has d perfect feis curls-it's become an intuition
    34.U do finger dancin(dancin steps wit ur hands) nd pepl giv u strange luks
    35.Ur favourite word is 'smile'
    36.U go around telln pepl ur goin 2 d cinema but ur really goin 2 a feis
    37.As a condition 2 acceptin a job offer u insist on bein allowed 2 take a paid vacation around feisanna
    38.Ur gym class can do ur hornpipe betr than u can
    39.U know ur a dancer if u can find reel timing 2 any song
    40.When the dance shops doesn't hav irish dance anytin, u yell out 2 evryone dat these pepl r idiots nd dat irish dance is d coolest dance eva.

    4 Comments 360 weeks

  • tell me

    do you like danceing

    ever dance in the middel of a store

    who do you dance 4

    highest u have ever got

    26 Comments 364 weeks

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    I absoulity LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOV irish dancin . . . ! It rocks . . . ! x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

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    i absolutely love irish dance its just wonderful!!!!! fabulous that so many ppl love it! Roisin xx

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    Irish Dancing

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