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Horny ain't even the word I'm gaggin lol x

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  • from lazy town lmao
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Yea im 100% lesbian so wot?? I am who i am nd im happy for bein.lesbian Xx
hey...my names jessi. im 20 and im a lesbian from uk. pm me or comment me if u like :) . xxx

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  • you name

    your name
    what dus ur name mean??
    A- u have trouble trusting people
    B- u are always up for meeting new people
    C- ur wild nd crazy
    D- u r popular with all types of people
    E- u r a hottie
    F- people totaly adore u
    G- u have a very good personality and looks
    H- ur very friendly and understanding
    I- u hate liars
    J- everyone loves u
    k- u like to try new things
    L- u make others smile when u smile
    M- sucess comes easy to u
    N- great in bed
    O- u love 4 play
    P- ur very friendly and understanding
    Q- ur a hyprocrite
    R- ur beautiful and sxc
    S-people think ur sxc
    T- ur one of the best in bed
    U- u r really chill
    V- u r not judgemental
    W- u r very broad minded
    X- u never let people tell u what to do
    Y- u make every experience great
    z- ur super kl

    my name

    J- everyone loves u
    E- u r a hottie
    S-people think ur sxc
    S-people think ur sxc
    I- u hate liars

    2 Comments 268 weeks

  • all about me

    1. Full Name: Jessica
    2. Nicknames: jess,Jessie,jessi,jessimo,jay,jess
     ca,badger,jezabel,jezzkarr...and so on lol

    3. Birthday: 29.5.92
    4. Place of Birth:?!?!?!
    5. Zodiac Sign: gemini
    6. Male or female: Female
    7. Year: dont go skool
    8. School: do go
    9. Occupation: -?
    10. Residence:-?
    11. MSN Screen Name: jess…………

    __Your Appearance___

    12. Hair Colour: the top of it is black/blue and underneith is purple
    13. Hair Length: medium
    14. Eye Colour: blue
    15. Weight: 8/9 stone
    16. Height: 5ft7
    17. Braces: No
    18. Glasses: No
    19. Piercings: Ears3 times nd noses and eyebrow wont my tounge done soon

    20. Tattoos: yep on the back of my neck :)
    21. Right or Left: lefty

    ___Your 'Firsts'___

    22. First best friend: gemma c!!
    23. First Award: swimming
    24. First Sport: football
    26. First Foreign Trip: France
    27. First Concert: the saturdays
    28. First Love:no names

    ___ Favourites___

    29. Movie: well i like any horrors :) even tho i get scared :(
    30. TV programme: eastenders lol and anything funny
    31. Colour: red
    32. Rapper: nicki minaj ;)
    33. Band: THE SATURDAYS
    34. Song: 2 many these days
    35. Friends: you knw who u r lol
    37. Sport to Play: football
    38. Restaurant: dunno
    39. Favorite brand: gold digger
    40. Shop: JJB lol
    41. School Subject: it was music cuz i dont go now
    42. Animal: tiger
    43. Books: dnt read lol

    46. Feeling: happyish
    47. Single or taken: Single
    48. Have a crush: yer
    49. Eating: nope
    50. Drinking: nope
    51. Typing: Yes
    52. Online: Yes
    53. Listening To: music
    54. Thinking About: the person i wont bk
    55. Wanting To: have a fag
    56. Watching: nothin
    57. Wearing: jeans wiv a strap top and a jacket lol ;P

    ___Your Future___

    58. Want Kids: yep
    59. Want to be Married:yea
    60. Careers in Mind: dunno
    61. Where do you want to live: spain,ibiza,hollywood i dunno where ever
    62. Car: yep got 1 but cant drive yet :( !!!!!

    __Which is Better With The Same Sex__

    63. Hair colour: aint fussed
    64. Hair length: 2 da ears and spiky or long and straight
    65. Eye color: blue,brown...anyreally lol
    66. Measurements: dont mind
    67. Cute or Sexy: both
    68. Lips or Eyes: both
    69. Hugs or Kisses: both
    70. Short or tall: well dont mind
    71. Easygoing or serious: easygoing
    72. Romantic or Spontaneous: both
    73. Fatty or Skinny:medium??
    74. Sensitive or loud: both
    75. Hook-up or Relationship:relationship
    76. Sweet or Caring: both
    77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One:trouble maker

    ___Have you ever______

    78. Kissed a Stranger: YEP-well she was a stranger but i know her now lol
    79. Had Alcohol: Yes
    80. Smoked: yh
    81. Broken a bone: Yes
    82. Slit ur wrists? i would like 2 say no but i cant so yh i have!!!
    83. Got an X-ray: yeah
    84. Cried When Someone Died: Yea obv
    85. Cried At School: yea

    ___Do You Believe In___

    86. God: not sure
    87. Miracles: duno
    88. Love: Yes
    89. Ghosts: think so
    90. Aliens: No well yea at da MILKY WAY IN IT GUYS LMAO!!!!
    91. Soul Mates: think so
    92. Heaven: dunno
    93. Hell: dunno
    94. Angels: dunno
    95. Kissing on The First Date: if dey want 2 den yh!!
    96. Horoscopes: dunno
    97. Is There Someone You Want But You
    Know You Can't Have? Maybe......

    0 Comments 277 weeks

  • .......

    You can ask me one question and one question only, & I promise to answer it truthfully, no matter how dirty, weird or stupid it is.
    put this on your blog and see what people ask you.

    3 Comments 309 weeks

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