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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
About Akito
Height: 163.8cm
Weight: 43kg
Bloodtype: AB
Horoscope: Cancer

The clan head and the least-liked among the members of the Juunishi, almost everyone is afraid of her. Her decision is considered final among the Juunishi. Since she bears the full weight of the curse, she doesn�t have a long time to live. That�s why no one would dare go against her wishes. She is the one who orders somebody�s memory erased when they learn the Juunishi curse.

NOTE: Yes, akito is a GIRL!!! T^T

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  • -List of Something-

    List of Injuries By Akito
    Isuzu Sohma: Pushed her out a window for her relationship with Hatsuharu Sohma, hospitalizing her.
    Kisa Sohma: Slapped her across the face, causing her to be slammed into a wall (anime); attacked her, giving her injuries that caused her to be hospitalized for two weeks (manga) when Hiro Sohma professed his love for her.
    Yuki Sohma: Often abused when he was young (emotionally, mentally, and perhaps physically, though it is never shown in the manga). Akito hit him with a clay pitcher or vase at a New Years banquet because Yuki was being "disrespectful" by forgiving Akito for her past deeds.
    Hatori Sohma: Smashed a vase against his head when he asked permission to marry his co-worker Kana, nearly blinding him in the left eye.
    Kyo Sohma: Threw a bell at him, hitting him in the cheek when he came to visit the Sohma summer home, and slapped him. Akito has also been particularly cruel with her use of psychological torture.
    Momiji Sohma: Punched him in the jaw when he tried to stop her from going to see Tohru (chapter 64); slapped him when he told him he wouldn't stay with him, due to his release from the curse (chapter 116).
    Tohru Honda: Scratched her on her cheek, causing her to bleed when she tried to stop Akito from hurting Momiji further (chapter 65); slashes her arm with a knife and slaps her (chapter 121); pulls her off the ground by her hair and repeatedly tugs on it until warded off by Yuki and Shigure (only in the anime).
    Kureno Sohma: Slapped him (chapter 98) ; stabbed in lower back, though it's later revealed that he recovers (chapter 118, 122).
    Ren Sohma: Attempted to strangle her, but Hatori pulled Akito back (flashback in chapter 98) . Later Akito attempted to stab her, but stopped when he felt Hiro's release from the curse.
    Shigure Sohma: Scratched him on the cheek, believing that he was going to abandon him (flashback in chapter 132).

    COPY WRIGHT BY -The-Year-Of-The-Cat

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  • Akito and Kyo

    Until recently, Akito viewed Kyo as a 'monster' and neither considered him to be part of the Zodiac nor held feeling towards him the way she did the other Jyūnishi. As part of tradition, the Sohma member cursed by the cat must live alone and imprisoned in a room designated for the cat until the day they die, and Akito planned to do the same to Kyo unless he could win a bet: Should he be able to beat Yuki in a fight before he graduated from high school, Kyo would become part of the Zodiac and would not have to be locked in the cat's room.

    In chapter 126, Akito confirmed that she plans to have the cat's room torn down, implying that Kyo is no longer going to be imprisoned in the room following his high school graduation. In 127, Kyo finds her near Kazuma's house, where she tells him somewhat awkwardly that "he can live however he likes".

    At the end of chapter 129 you see Akito looking into the garden where Tohru and Kyo have just confessed and are hugging, and as the two look shocked Akito, sensing Kyo's release from the curse says "Goodbye".

    In Chapter 130, all of the members from the zodiac are freed at once and Akito feels tremendous loss and pain. As all the now freed members (save Kureno, Momiji, Hiro, and Kyo, who were already freed) break down in tears with Akito, she too is freed from her god spirit as a ghostly figure comes and takes it away with thanks for keeping the promise (the curse) for so long.

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  • Abandoned Future

    I feel so stupid and ashamed now after hearing about all that I have managed to do myself, others, and my Jyuunishi. I've...how you say...seen the light. Even my nurse asked me if I was feeling alright, going on saying I wasn't acting like myself. I know, and I'm sure everyone else whose associated with me, knows that I've changed. And from what it seems, changed for the better. Thanks to Tohru, my ways have altered, my mindset has changed, and my inner body is slowly regaining health. Thanks to her, my Jyuunishi...well...no longer have to be Jyuunishi. One by one they're being released.

    Not too long ago, I felt a tremble in my soul. Much more violent then the other times. However, when I realised it, I came to see that Kyo had been released. And with him, my future plan for him to be confined in the cat room has been cancelled. Kyo is no longer posessed by the vengeful spirit of the cat, therefore, the room will be torn down and any horrid memories with it. As it is, I must abandon my previous future plans, and take the time to hope for a new one. My biggest fear, is that there won't be one...at least for me...

    Signed by Akito

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  • Tozuzula

    love her. love her. LOVE HER!!!

  • luv Angel On Pause

    I love Akito!~ :)) Hmm...didn't know Akito was girl >.< Lol

  • Orihime Inoue

    Akito is Awesome I love her?

  • .Mukurσ

    I love Akito ♥

  • Amu Hinamori
    luv Amu Hinamori

    i used to hate akito but in the manga where currently am in the story shes awesome ^-^ yay akii chan

  • Chokoretto No Kuki
    Chokoretto No Kuki

    it's true that Akito is a female. But in the anime he is a male.

  • Shigure's House
    Shigure's House

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  • Befaneh

    aince whens akito a girl? unless hes been changed to a girl in the dub or something =/

  • .Jessta.

    akito was a girl in maga series and i DONT like him he made yuki so terrified

  • Tiffalicious

    HI...I'm here to note that Akito was indeed a girl in the manga series but known to be a boy in the anime ..... i Hope that makes sense.. btw.....I luv ya Akito !!

  • Tami Madrigal

    sup there :S how are you pimp out your profile with this site its sooocoool :P paste this link in your browser cool-offerz.com pz

    8/9/08 via Mobile
  • .Sadie.
    luv .Sadie.

    hey can i join plz