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Your ma is class Self Published
Bray Ireland
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
bray ..if ur from bray .. become a member..no point in rytin abou bray if u alredy no..ye dats right..ignorant basterds we are :L

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  • About Fabulous Bray!!Lol

    wa BRAY IS all abou..!

    1 Aslan

    2 Heroin

    3 Stealin'

    4 Joy-ridin'

    5 Saying 'Ya know who r ya meein?

    6 Keyin' Cars

    7 Calling people 'Bud' who are not their bud

    8 Compo

    9 Calling people 'Pal' who are not their pal

    10 Shortening words and adding the letter 'o' (Anto, Decco,Corpo,Deano)

    11 Calling people 'Boss' who are not their boss

    12 John Player Blue

    13 Burberry

    14 Burglary

    15 Fair City

    16 People wearin celtic shirts jus as a sign that they hate rangers not 2 say they love celtic

    17 Fireworks every night for the entire month preceeding Halloween

    18 Sky Digital

    19 Saying "I didn't bleedin' do tha'!"

    20 Travelling in packs

    21 Moochin'...damn rite!

    22 Swearing at their babies

    23 Getting their mot's preggers

    24 Home 2 the biggest chav's in ireland

    25 Christmas Lights you could see from space

    26 Goin on da hop

    27 Skippin' bail

    28 Giving their kids Monster Munch and Maltesers for breakfast on the bus

    29 Rollin an auld joint

    30 Lacoste clothes

    31 Saying, "That's not my bleedin' job!"

    32 Pushing prams while smoking

    33 Earrings (for guys)

    34 Earrings a chimpanzee could swing off (for girls)

    35 Saying "He didn't do nothin'!" when he clearly did do something

    36 Baseball caps (90 degrees shwaaaaaaar)

    37 Adrian Kennedy Phone Show

    38 Laughin at D4 heads...my fav hobbie

    39 Shop-liftin'

    40 Not payin' the bus fare

    41 Currddy Chips and a battor burrgorr

    42 Always following the word 'rich' with the word 'wan-ker'

    43 Pulling their hoodies over their heads as they're led away from the DISTRICT COURTS

    44 Gettin a buzz out of seein people livin on da side of the street

    45 Getting their hair cut so tight they look like a matchstick with ears from the back

    46 Sayin 'Whats da Staaary'

    47 Threatin 2 punch peoples heads in when ther jus doin it 2 act hard

    48 Laughin at chinks for no apparant reason

    49 And finally proud to be livin in the biggest kip in ireland!!

    Dont ya just love BRAY!!!!!

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    What do use like about bray!! leave a comment and say!

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