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tyrone leshay dugdale-hayden born 22/01/10 weighing 7lb 2. tom ur da bst daddy eva n i love u both.x

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  • from shitty Ippy twn!!!!
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About Me

x.It's All Bout Me, Mi Man Tom N Our Son Tyrone.x
Me, Myself, and I
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
Proud Mummy To Tyrone Leshay Dugdale-Hayden.......:)

¸- - -ЧЄS..× ↓
`- - - - - - »IM IN LOVE WID TOM - - - - -¸
iTZ ALL GOOD! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -;)

♥ღ♥ ѕтαя ѕιgи: libra ♥ღ♥
♥ღ єує ¢σlσυя: green ♥ღ♥
♥ღ♥ нαιя: brown ♥ღ♥
♥ღ♥ яιgнту σя lєfту: left ♥ღ♥
♥ღ♥ ¢σlσυя: pink ♥ღ♥
♥ღ♥ dяιnк: Dr Pepper ♥ღ♥
♥ღ♥ ¢нσ¢σвуlαтє: galaxy ♥ღ♥
♥ღ♥ nιgнт σя dαу: Night ♥ღ♥
♥ღ♥ lσνє σя lυѕт: love ♥ღ♥
♥ღ♥ нυgѕ σя kisses? kisses ♥ღ♥

ღ-ğσттα ρяσвℓєм...šσℓνє ιт.
ღ-ƒυ¢к мє؟...ƒυ¢к уσυ!
ღ-тнιик ιм тяιρριи...тιє му šнσє.
ღ-¢αит šтαи∂ мє...šιт ∂σωи.
ღ-¢αит ƒα¢є мє...тυяи тнє ƒυ¢к αяσυи∂.
ღ-тнιик ιм α вιт¢н...тяу мє.
♥My Bby Boi Tom♥
Bby I Love u soo mch, ur da best boyfriend inda world i culdnt ask for anyone betta.Ur the best daddy in da word2 im so glad were got our own family nw! im siting here tring 2 ryt ow mch u mean 2 me but i jus cnt find da wrdz to explain it coz i love u so mch♥ All dat matter iz me and u r happi 2geva n we are so fuck all u ppl dat try mking us split up coz it int gna work! bby u do everything ryt for me trust i love u!!! u mke me so fuckin happi :) ♥ & I Cant Wait To Be Ur Wife, I Woz Sooooooooooo Fuckin Shocked Wen U Asked Me 2Marry U Bbe But Its Made Me Welllllll Happi:) .......Coz I Reli Do Wna Spend Da Rst Of Mi Life Wid YOU!!! Ur Seriously Da Best Fing Dat Has Ever Happened To Me & I Wouldnt Change A Fing...Im So Glad I Met U Bbe.................♥CB N TD 11-10-08 Untill Da End!!!♥
♥Our SoN ♥
Were So Proud Of U Tyrone N Even Tho Ur Still So Small Me N Daddy Love U Loads N We Will Give And Do Evrything We Can, We Love U Lil Dugdale x.x
Its So Gd 2 Hav U In R Lifes x.x
♥Happiest When♥
im wid my bby boi tom N are son:) :) :) :)
♥Scared of♥
Jus spiderz & loosing me bby boi, coz i culdnt live wid out him..he mean too mch to me!
♥I Say♥
"*SPRINKLE.* *MY. + * PAGE+ ** WITH.* . SOME. * + ..LOVE.. * * WRITE.+ . + ME.* * A..+ *COMMENT.. *"
♥You gotta........♥
Yσυ gσттα тαкє тнє gσσ∂,
ωιтн тнє вα∂,
ѕмιℓє ωιтн тнє ѕα∂,
ℓσνє ωнαт уσυ gσт,
яємємвєя ωнαт уσυ нα∂,
ℓєαяи тσ fσяgινє,
вυт иєνєя fσяgєт,
ℓєαяи fяσм уσυя мιѕтαкєѕ,
вυт иєνєя яєgяєт,
ρєσρℓє ¢нαиgє αи∂ тнιиgѕ gσ ωяσиg,
вυт Just remember,
ℓιfє gσєѕ σи.........</3
♥My wordz of wonder lool♥
Lifes all about making mistakes and taking chances ......... Live life to the max its only worth it in the end! ...... Who ever makes you cry isint worth it.... Who ever lets you down you dont need them.....No matter how hard something is you can do it !!! Keep smiling peepz becuz sum people would love too see you fall !!!

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  • x.x Mi Bby Boy x.x

    Baby u have changed my life so much, u'v brought sooo much love and happiness into my life and wid out u i dno wat i do. im so glad dat we hav a baby on the way 2 i'd neva wna have this child wid ne1 else. ur gna be da best daddy inda world and no matter wat we willl always be together..i love u thomas 4eva x.x.x

    0 Comments 217 weeks

  • ♥My Bby Boi Tom♥

    ♥Tom I Love U So Mch And Der So Many Gud Tings I Culd Say About U......I'd Be Hear Foreva If I Tried To Ryt It All Dwn♥
    ♥U Mke Me So Happi No1 Culd Eva Mke Me Az Happi Az U Do n No1 Culd Eva Mke Me Feel Da Way U Do!!!! ♥
    ♥Wen I Met U I Finally Realised Wat Tru Love Was And Bby Trust Im So Glad I Did Meet U, U Mke Mi Lyf Feel Complete And Wid Out U I Dont Fink I Would Be Anyfing♥
    ♥I Wna Be Wid U 4Da Rest Of Mi Life Bbe And One Day I Wnt Hav Our Own Family, I Wnt Ur Kids So Bad♥
    ♥No Matter Wat Im Neva Gna Stop Loving U, I Wont Be Able To Coz I Jus Love U So Fuckin Much Ryt Frm Da Bottom Of Mi Heart.Da Way I Feel 4 U Iz So True♥
    ♥I Havent Got U Hear Wid Me Ryt Nw But Im Sure Da Tym Wil Go Quick..Hopefuly!! But I Still Love U As Much Az I Did B4 If Not Even Mur! & U Goin Away Wil Probly Mke Us Stronger♥
    ♥I Feel Lonley In Bed At Nyt And Im Sure U Do 2 But I Jus Close Mi Eyez And Think Off U And I Manage To Get Sum Sleep!!♥
    ♥Cnt Wait To Hav U Bk Beside Me, Cuddling Me Bbe Love U And Will Do 4Eva♥

    0 Comments 236 weeks

  • x.My LiL Bro'z.x

    Edward,Westley and Kia i love u all so mch
    im always finkin about u even no i hardly eva see you!!
    ur da best lil brotherz i could eva ask for and you mean soo mch to me love you x.x.

    0 Comments 236 weeks

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  • Vanessa Calver
    Vanessa Calver

    hey babe its nessa how u n babe? get bk 2 me wid ur number asap need 2 talk 2 u hows ur mum n dad? love u lots

  • Vanessa Calver
    Vanessa Calver

    ye gd to hear frm u hun hows it goin just got rid of dat woman beating bloke wel my baby father

  • Vanessa Calver
    Vanessa Calver

    hello hunny long time send me ur numba love you lots and hope everyfing ok 4 u miss u babe n ur still me bestest buddy eva ok luv ya hunny say hello to tomxxxxxxxx

  • Frannie-Lou
    luv Frannie-Lou

    she weighed 7pound15 and i named her savanah-marie

  • Frannie-Lou
    luv Frannie-Lou

    she weighed 7pound15 not bad 4 her length she is a tall baby and i named her savanah-marie n aw bless ya

  • Frannie-Lou

    heya yer ive had her now i had her on the 25th thy induced me . fkn piss take anyway hope u three r ok

  • AmyBaby
    luv AmyBaby

    hey...you wana get facebook...100times better than bebo, every1 on facebook :) ..charlie will be 5 months on friday, he was born on halloween...lol...your lilman is well cute, bless him, can rember wen charlie was dat small...lol...seems time ago now...he 17lb 4 now...lol...hows ur sister?? xx

  • N Y
    N Y

    Happnin lol fs man no spoke 2 u in years! How u doing? U got ur own flat and that noo?

    3/16/10 via Mobile
  • Frannie-Lou
    luv Frannie-Lou

    congratulations with both sets of news im 2 weeks over due !!!! its pissin me off lol

  • Jaydee-Babey. .Xmwahh
    luv Jaydee-Babey. .Xmwahh

    Congratz 2 u n tom... hope babys okay xxxxxx

  • Davey Brill
    Davey Brill

    ur jason manns cusing?lmao ask tom wot he ment bout wot he z 2 j.c in town bout me tryen it on with jade :S:S wtf safe tommy hows u anyways? wb xxx

  • Davey Brill
    Davey Brill

    sikhd toms out 2day :) :) bet ya well haps ant ya :) get him 2 bell me go 4 a zoot or sumfing init xx

  • MeganBabe.

    eya yea im good thanks and jus go on google den imkimie..x

  • Davey Brill
    luv Davey Brill

    sikhd tom out friday isit?? yer boy! tell him 2 bell me when hes out init n go 4 a fat piss up or sum zoots w.e he wants init :D :D eres the love bbe :D

  • KIrsty W
    KIrsty W

    hiya yh im alryte fanx u? wot u bin up 2 aint seen u 4 a bit xx