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Asphyxiated Oblivion

Desperately needs to sell guitar stuff - message me for details

11/16/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

A collage behind my eyes
Me, Myself, and I
The Anthem of Your Existance.

I"m Brendan, call me Brezz or Dangles because i can be. 19, technician manager at Robo's Computers, play guitar alot and do alot of computer work.

Read on or email me to find out more, although the majority of my life involves music or some sort or another, so that"s what this page has on it. If you want to know anything else, Asphyxiated_oblivion_@hotmail
 .com - feel free to add me.

92% of teens have moved onto rap, urban, R&B and general SHIT. If you are part of the 8% that still listen to real music, copy and paste this into your profile.
The Other Half Of Me


Roadtrip, scratchies, hugs, bestfriend =) lovelove

₪₪ Music ₪₪
₪ Psytrance
₪ Rave
₪ Techno
₪ Hard Dance
₪ Hardstyle
₪ Dance
₪ Trance
₪ Hardcore
₪ Industrial
₪ Metal
Life changing.
₪ Noisecontrollers, Brennan Heart, Zany, Proteus, Neophyte, Nitrouz
₪ Hardcore Stage - Insane
₪ Candy Ravers
₪ Phatties and circuitry shirt
₪ Muscles tend to stop working from time to time
₪ Shuffling is harder than it looks - feels so good when it works
₪ Lights
₪ Energy
₪ Lasers
₪ Smoke
₪ Speakers
₪ Special K
₪₪ Live It Up ₪₪
I don't want to get old. If I die young, I'll have lived forever.
₪₪ Noisecontrollers 2009 ₪₪
I know you want to see me fall. I know you'd rather see me lose it all. I was put on this earth to make a difference. The world is my playground. The bird's left the cage, I'm doing things my way now. I'm willing to die for the cause. That's the difference between me and you all. To be the best, you have to beat the best. I'm undefeated, my style is everlasting. And I'll never back down. You fucking clown.
We win.
You lose.
We live.
You die.
The world is mine. THE WORLD IS MINE!
₪₪ LSD, Cocaine, Ecstasy, whatever <3 ₪₪
Follow me to the cocaine bar and LSD island
And we'll dance
A dance of Cocaine, LSD and Ecstasy
₪ Brennan Heart 2009 ₪
Here is one of the moments that you love to hate me and you hate you love me so..
Because everything simple gets complicated when we don't talk no more
And I understand that you feel this way, and I'm sorry for my actions yesterday
But I can't turn back the fucking time, And I can't get it out of my mind, I wish life was like A...a...B...b... Just as easy as 1, 2, 3

Here's what we do, all of us
We come and we go
And the time in between is precious
And it's vital that we enjoy every second granted
Yes, we come and we go
And sometimes life feels like a fucking rat race
But you can't let it get you down
Let your moments be consumed by frustration or hate
Make every moment special
As if it was your last
'Cause we come and we go, all of us
₪ This is the music of my bloodstream ₪
Fly high

This is the anthem
Of your existence
Of your persistence
Your day will come
Our light will shine on
Our souls will burn on
The fight is on now
Till we have won

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Dark Tranquillity - Lost To Apathy

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  • Nerd Update

    WIN. nVidia SLI and DDR3!

    Below is a list of specs for you to browse happily at your leisure.

    Case: Coolermaster HAF 932
    -5 5.25 drive bays
    -Full and e-ATX Motherboard support
    -Maximum HDD and GFX cooling system
    -Bottom mounted PSU for heat extraction
    -66cm high XD

    Power Supply: 1000W Zalman HM-1000 Dual Heatpipe PSU
    -1000W continuous output, 1200W peak power
    -140mm fan for maximum cooling
    -Modular cabling system, including the following:
    - 24pin ATX motherboard connector
    - 4/8 pin EPS/ATX motherboard connector
    - 2 8-pin (6 + 2) PCI-Express connectors
    - 2 6-pin PCI-Express connectors
    - 12 S-ATA connectors for Hard drives
    - 7 Molex connectors
    - 2 floppy drive power connectors

    - 1 X CoolerMaster 200mm Red LED Intake
    - 1 X 140mm CoolerMaster Rear Exhaust fan
    - 1 X 120mm Antec Tri-colour LED fan for liquid cooling radiator
    - 1 X 120mm Antec Blue LED intake fan in top HDD Bay
    - 1 X Thermaltake iFlash Changing colour LED Fan in front of GFX cards
    - 1 X 200mm Top mounted CoolerMaster exhaust fan
    - 1 X 120mm ThermalTake blue LED fan on liquid cooling radiator
    - 2 X 40mm fans on Arctic RC RAM cooler
    - 2 X 40mm fan on CPU Chipset
    - 2 X 80mm Antec SpotCool fan over CPU and v-RAM Chipset

    Motherboard: Asus StrikerII Extreme nVidia 790i SLI motherboard
    - nVidia 790i SLI chipset
    - 4 X DDR3 2000 OC
    - 3 X PCIE 16X 2.0 slots
    - D-Tek Fusion Waterblock
    - 6 X Sata II 3GB
    - 2 X eSata
    - 12 USB 2.0
    - 2 X IEEE 1394 FireWire
    - Socket 775 Intel, 1600FSB, 1800FSB O.C., Support up to QX9650 CPU.

    Processor: Socket 775 Intel Core2 Duo E8400 3.0Ghz, 1333FSB, 6MB L2 Cache, overclocked to 4.3GhZ stable with ThermalTake Bigwater 760i Water cooling

    CPU Cooler: ThermalTake BigWater 760i Liquid Cooling kit
    - 500L/Hr ThermalTake silent pump
    - Support for VGA and RAM tubing
    - Racing designed fin radiator
    - 380g CPU waterblock
    - Watercooling Loop extended to D-Tek Chipset Fusion waterblock on Motherboard Northbridge

    RAM: 2 x 1GB Patriot DDR3 1866MhZ OC to 1987MhZ, 8-8-8-24 Latency
    - Arctic Cooling RC RAM Cooler 2 X 40mm Fan
    - Arctic Cooling Arctic-RC Ram Cooling kit

    - 500GB S-ATA drive for Windows and documents
    - 500GB S-ATA drive for general storage
    - 1.5TB S-ATA Hard drive for music
    - 320GB S-ATA HDD for Games
    -1TB S-ATA for Movies

    Optical Drives:
    - LG Dual Layer Dual Format 22X S-ATA DVD Burner

    Graphics Card:
    Gaming: Gigabyte nVidia GeForce GTX295
    -1792MB GDDR3
    -896-Bit Memory Interface
    -2 X GTX260 Cores, SLI Ribbon Cable between both PCB's
    -Crysis Results: 1900 X 1200, Very High settings, 4 X AA, 16 X AF - 67.81FPS
    -3DMark06 Score 27,320
    - WIN.
    Two XFX 9800GTX xXx in SLI
    - 512MB DDR3 256Bit
    - 74.8Gb/s Texture fill rate, x 2 for PCIE 2.0 = 149.6GB/S!
    - 128 core processors
    - 26.6cm long :)
    - 2 X 6pin PCI-E Power connector
    - Dual slot design, Dual Dual-Link DVI, S-Video, HDMI - HDCP Ready
    - 3DMark06 Score of 23,569

    D-Tek Fusion Waterblock for Northbridge, extend to CPU Chipset and Southbridge with Heatpipe and Plate Cooler

    Future Upgrades:

    2 X GTX 295 1792MB Graphics Cards - Quad-SLI
    Ultra X3 2000w modular PSU

    That'll do you all for now... if there is anything that should be added to the current setup, add a comment.

    1 Comment 276 weeks


    Hannah was on msn, and I put lots of little trippy emoticons!

    And this was the result, which had me cracking up for a long time!!!

    WankSTAIN says:
    *Has Seizure*
    WankSTAIN says:
    WankSTAIN says:
    WankSTAIN says:
    WankSTAIN says:
    My Brain. Just Broke.
    WankSTAIN says:
    WankSTAIN says:
    WankSTAIN says:
    WankSTAIN says:
    ΨAsphyxiated OblivionΨ The truth is asleep and so still it lies... I love you so much Leesa says:
    WankSTAIN says:
    WankSTAIN says:
    ΨAsphyxiated OblivionΨ The truth is asleep and so still it lies... I love you so much Leesa says:
    WankSTAIN says:
    Wow. That Spins Me out.
    WankSTAIN says:
    ΨAsphyxiated OblivionΨ The truth is asleep and so still it lies... I love you so much Leesa says:
    Wow and omg and rofl.
    WankSTAIN says:
    WankSTAIN says:
    No, Its To Late In The Night Time For My Brain To Be Experiencing Such Trauma
    WankSTAIN says:
    WankSTAIN says:
    Im Going To Have A Mental Breakdown Very Soon, I Can Feel It
    WankSTAIN says:
    And Msn Is Starting To Lag


    3 Comments 317 weeks

  • Second Best

    I tried to make you love me, I did everything I could
    I thought if I tried long enough maybe someday that you would
    But there was someone else before me and it's him you're loving still
    And I know no matter what I do I'm only second best
    Only second best that's all I will ever be
    Even though I'm second best you're still first with me
    And I'd be loving you when they fall my hand I guess
    I loved you even though I knew I was only second best

    I guess you tried to love me and I'd hoped you would in time
    But I know that when you held me it was him that's on your mind
    Now I know you can't get over him but I loved you nonetheless
    But it makes no difference what I'd do I'm only second best
    Only second best...
    I loved you even though I knew I was only second best

    3 Comments 326 weeks

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    awk datz undastandable aye bro but tha offer still standz if u eva wanna git ridda it...

  • Choppa-Kunt

    lmao i bet dat sleep waz gud hahahahah awk kewl az...wen i git sum muni an ur not workin, i'll put fuel in ur car an we shud go drivin aye??? an im tryin 2 git muni up 4 dat utha car aye.... waz it $4000??? i jus been relaxin at home an lookin 4 more work lol

  • Choppa-Kunt

    hey bro howd u pull up afta i saw u lmao how r u??? watz been goin on??? an how dat new car treatin u aye???

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    luv Emmfail

    I dont go online much and like never go on bebo

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    Up! Happy, You've got 5 now :P

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    Here is a comment so you stop whinging :P

  • Emmfail 9/24/09
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    Yay me too!

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    Your mean

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    Can too if i jump off a mountain! And i wasnt even trying!

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    Righto my bad lol

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