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Suzanne Linney

;) Click "Mee Too" If Your SINGLE!!!! ;)

6/26/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 61
  • from Fleet
  • I am Down for Whatever
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  • Last active: 6/23/09
  • www.bebo.com/xXx__Suzi__xXx
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Me, Myself, and I
♥Gotta Problem...Solve it♥
♥Think Im Trippin...Tie My Shoe♥
♥Cant Stand Me...Sit Down♥
♥Cant Face Me...Turn The Fuck Around♥
♥Think Im A Bitch..Try Me♥
♥I Use Brains...I Dnt Give Them♥
♥Luv Me Gd...Hate Me Even Better♥
♥Think Im Ugly--Dnt Look♥
The Other Half Of Me
Amanda Bennett

Amanda Bennett

Best Friend Ever !! Love you xxxxxxx

Xx Music xX
Lost Prophets, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance i like evrything really
Xx Sports xX
I hate sport !! Well table tennis is a laugh
Xx Scared Of xX
The dark !! I think i got ova that now though !! Im not a big fan of spiders either well the lil ones r ok !!
Danielle, Charlotte, Amanda, Emma p, Emma c, Gemma h, Sam, Emma k, Sara, Rebz, Hannah p, Gemma d, Chloe, Pip, Hannah b, Aj, Vikky, Alex, Chamai, Robert, Katie r, Lisa, Jenny, Dean, Linda, Karen, Jess, Katie m, Carrie !! And anyone else im havin a mind blank now
Xx Danielle and Charlotte xX
These to are 2 of me closes buds i luv them both to bits !! :-) !! Mates 4eva !! XxXxXx
Xx Manda xX
She the bestest buddy anyone could ever wish 4 and she my best friend that makes her even more speical !! :) I can tell her anything and luv her soo much XxXxXx

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  • Steve Whatever
    Steve Whatever

    Hello babes,how r u? xo

  • Emzies

    Hey babes hows u wubu2? wb xx

  • - Kayleighh
    - Kayleighh

    Suzzii I Love You Babeee :) . -Ox.

  • Sara

    hey suzz gess what i got a job in woolworth its so fun bt i dnt get pand untill 6 weeks wb sara xxxx

  • - Kayleighh
    - Kayleighh

    I Love You Suzi :D You Got A Problem :o You Starting Mateee :o Jokesss With Your Sister !! :L Love You -Ox.

  • Danielle
    luv Danielle

    Hey thanks for coming the other night, it was really good to see you!!! We'll have to meet up sooooooon. XX Love you lots XX

  • Dulce Doyt

    check this out Maeko Bebo is being stupid! I cant upload my pics for some reason. =o( Hit me up on msn messenger jane80red@live.com xoxo jane

    8/6/08 via Mobile
  • Vicky .
    luv Vicky .

    Hello. Aint spoken to you in ageees. You alreet my lovely ? Ohhh, and basically; H A P P Y // B I R T H D A Y ! Hope you have a goodun. See you soon hopefully. Miss you. Love you. xxx.

  • Sara
    luv Sara

    hey thanks for liveing a comment wb sara xx

  • Danielle
    luv Danielle

    Heya, how r u? How's college going? XX ly XX

  • Sara
    luv Sara

    hye babes what you be up to wb luv yu xxxx

  • .Emma Babes.
    .Emma Babes.

    Heya Suzanne :] I havent Spoke To You In Ages :( Miss You Lots Girl Remember Maths & Everything :L Anyways :P Hows You :] TappBakk-Ox Emma x x x x x

  • X-Pagey Poos-X
    X-Pagey Poos-X

    SUUUUUUUUUUZE havent seen you in for-EVER reaallllyyy aahh cinema raves in guildford...all looking like chimmneys outside reaaallly...yes indeed!!! you been alright? wb x x x

  • Sara
    luv Sara

    hye suzanne i love your pic luv sara wb xxxxxxxx

  • Vicky .
    luv Vicky .


  • Vicky .
    Vicky .

    My bebo has gone SPAZZ. Wont let me have unlimited luvs but every1 else gets it :[ :[ It's well depressing lol. But i'll return it 2moz reet. And you can make sure i do when your round mine when we get ready and all that jazz lol. CRAB PINCHERS ! Lol you and the chlamidea [LMFAO HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT WORD?!] hole. I like nearly weed myself laughing @ that yesterday. Haha i love you ! And im sharing luv when my bebo stops being silly lol. See you tomorrow @ half 12 @ the sun n moon lol. LOVE YOU xxx.

  • .Emma Babes.
    luv .Emma Babes.

    Suzanne Suzanne♥ Suzanne♥♥ Love I like havent spoken to you for a long time :O :O Omg lmao You can have my love babe. Love you.! Emma ♥

  • Vicky .
    luv Vicky .

    I LOVE YOU! See you tomorrow. I dont start till 12 matee. xxx.