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Rolo Matarto

Aint been on here for a while...

3/26/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 81
  • from Teh Chipmonkingly-Llamafied estate of Teh Twistedfied Poniville estate of Damn that rocks!
  • Profile views: 3,556
  • Last active: 8/13/12
  • www.bebo.com/burntheprettythings
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About Me

sorry ='(
Me, Myself, and I
Me, My Life, And I??

er... no thanks.

-xo♥ox- I suck -xo♥ox-

♥ღ*Goes By.. Loulou, Rolo, Small
♥ღ*Fell From Heaven.. All Saints Day o.O
♥ღ*Looks Through.. Hazel Green eyes
♥ღ*Brushes.. Red hair.
♥ღ*Stands At.. 5 ft something
♥ღ*Status.. Taken Taken... TAKEN!
♥ღ*Colour.. reds and blacks and pinks and stuffs
♥ღ*Lives For.. Rock n" fkn Roll
♥ღ*Nicknames.. Lou-Lou, Poni, Peppi, Rolo, Geekmo, Star, Dustbunny, Squirt, Phang, Fuzzie, Ripper, Lil" Axl, The Chavtastic One, Loser Kid (I emphasise on that one), Bubbles, Stripes, Small.
♥ღ*Eats Most.. chocolate and chicken!
♥ღ*Would Die Without.. my Smelly Bean, friends and music!
♥ღ*Shop.. Hard Edge, HMV
♥ღ*Summer Or Winter.. Winter
♥ღ*Night Or Day.. Night
♥ღ*Love Or Lust.. Lust
♥ღ*Hugs Or Kisses.. Hugs
♥ღ*Smile.. xDDDDDDDD happy now?

My friends list is in no particular order.. so don"t whine if you"re last: someone had to be...
I luff music. It rules. Metal andd stuffs... s'gotta be loud.... yeh... I <3 Furore
Dusk 'til Dawn, Finding Nemo, POTC!!!
Skateboarding... Football... Basketball... Mountain Biking... BMX... Xteamity? Hell yeah...
Scared Of...
Lots of stuff... but I'm not posting it on here!
Happiest When...
With my Puddin' x]

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Heaven is a Halfpipe... Ooooh yeah

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    5. x'(

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  • Okay.. ur being chased down the road by a savange rotweiler... do you...

    1. Run like fuck n' hope it doesn't catch up.
    2. Stand there completely mortified and await impact.
    3. Run at the dog and either jump over it or roll under it depending on what it decides to do.
    4. Stand your ground and wait for it to jump, grab its front paws and throw it in someones garden.
    5. Go to the nearest house n' hide behind someones couch.


  • Whats better????

    1. Internal water feature through your loft.
    2. Puking right outside your bedroom door.
    3. Internal water feature through your bedroom ceiling.
    4. Having to get off the bus early to puke down a drain on Hexam Road.
    5. Spoiled for Choice?

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  • Fool For You.

    What’s the reckoning that,
    I’ll do something else wrong,
    That I’ll mess this whole thing up,
    And then we won’t get along, anymore.
    I already feel the cracks in my heart,
    Getting further apart,
    As I’m closing my eyes,
    I wish that I could disguise,
    Everything that feeling.

    This is not a love song,
    And I’m not saying goodbye,
    I wanna hold on tightly,
    To life we began.

    But I’m a fool for you,
    I let you get away,
    With all the things that you do.
    Cause I’m a fool for you,
    I know I’ve done a lot wrong,
    That’s why I’m singing this song.
    But I’m a fool for you.
    I always lose the words,
    To say what I want to,
    When we’re sitting in silence,
    I’ll be thinking them through,
    I’m a fool, I’m a fool, for you.

    2 Comments 286 weeks

  • >.<




    more screaming



    0 Comments 288 weeks

  • ARRRGH! (MEGA lolz)

    Oh my god she looks sligthly like me!

    Scary much.


    Oh how I pity us both.

    Peace x

    0 Comments 292 weeks

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