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The Hedrons


9/16/08 | me too! | Reply

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Measured Records Indie Label
Glasgow UK
The Clash, The Jam, Led Zep, The Stooges, The Stones, Sex Pistols, Graham Coxon, Bowie, BRMC, Queens of the Stoneage, Wolfmother etc etc.
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Lock up your boyfriends!
Me, Myself, and I
The Hedrons music is decidedly one part Ramones-esque brawn, one part femme-fatale roar, and one part ruthless guitar-driven nerve. Or as lead guitarist Rosie humorously puts it, “If you listen to us, you wouldn’t realise it was girls until Tippi starts singing – you’d think it was a bunch of big hairy guys playing.” And although the girls would personally describe their sound as the modern love child of the Foo Fighters and Joan Jett, they would also say that the very same is proudly godfathered by Iggy Pop & The Stooges.

The band’s first single ‘Be My Friend’ released in July 2006 on Scottish indie label Measured Records hit the official UK charts as a top 20 Indie Single, selling out of its limited edition vinyl pressing as did the second single ‘I Need You’, released in October and ‘Heatseeker’ released in January 2007 both achieved top 5 indie chart success. The debut album album ‘One More Won’t Kill Us’ was released in February and hit the official Top 40 indie album charts.

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The Hedrons @ Isle of Wight

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  • GIG - Be in Belhaven 2nd Aug 08

    The Hedrons will be playing a free gig at Be in Belhaven on Saturday 2nd August 2008. The event starts at 11am and The Hedrons are onstage at 9.30pm. The event is free!!!

    See you there!!!!

    Date: 2nd August 2008
    Event: Be in Belhaven
    Venue: Belhaven Park, North Drybrough Road, Wishaw
    Event starts: 11am
    Hedrons on Stage: 9.30pm
    Tickets: Free

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  • DJing!

    News Just In…..

    The atmosphere in the recording studio is really hotting up. There are too many creative forces at work in camp Hedron. So far we’ve had tantrums, slappings, broken dishes, smashed drum skins, a smashed drummer and an engineer walk out. Always when we start out, there is fun, laughter and nonsense but after a couple of weeks the tension sets in. It’s our artistic temperament and makes for a good record. Before you ask, we’re no where near finished the second album. You will know timescales in good time. So, sit back, relax and watch us on You Tube or something in the meantime.

    You could of course come along to Café Rio on Hyndland Street, Glasgow and see us (Tippi & Soup) otherwise known as Patsy & Paris spin the steel wheels on Saturday 8th March. The night is called Discology so you’ll hear tracks that inspired us to pick instruments and play in bands. We’ll take great delight in playing tracks that influenced The Hedrons and we’ll also be downright indulgent which we’ll not apologise for.

    You’ll need 3 items.

    A pair of shoes good for dancing
    Plenty of cash to buy us drinks since we’ll not charge on the door
    Your lucky pants

    See you there!

    Patsy & Paris
    AKA, Tippi & Soup


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  • 2007- 2007 - Year Round up of Life on the Road with The Hedrons

    Hi Everyone,

    As most of you will already know, I usually do a daily tour diary when I'm away playing gigs with The Hedrons that are published on my Bebo page and the Myspace. Well, I was asked by a website in America if I would mind doing a piece to sum up 2007, which was a very exciting time for the band. Well, my first ever published piece is up for you all to see! So, if you have a spare 10 minutes please have a gander. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

    Just click this link: http://www.powerlinead.com/rock

    That's all for now!

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  • Courty-Bhoy

    Hows things Tippi??? :) ...

  • Andrew Davidson
    luv Andrew Davidson

    Hey guys how u doin? Is Soup not on bebo??? Im her little cousin and was lookin for her.

  • Nadine Chalmers
    luv Nadine Chalmers

    was introduced to you guys through two thumbs fresh and my daughter Lani- love stop look and listen- could you put it on here so can add to my profile?P.s also grew up watching Hitchcock films , the birds is a classic

    luv JOHN DOUGH

    hey guys new band plz become a fan and leave comment :d

  • Cosmopol

    Hi Guys! Fancy Giving our lovley venue a wee add? http://www.bebo.com/cosmopolglasgow Thanks, Fee x

  • Foreverbroken

    New band in need of a singer please help!!!!!!! Or become a fan!! www.bebo.com/touchstoneband

  • luv Alasdair M

    Hello Girls. How are you all? Just poping by to ask if you will be playing at download this year and ho is the new album going? Cheers in Advance - Alasdair x

  • Arthouse
    luv Arthouse

    Loving this band, and not jsut because ther hot :-) Ryan Arthouse x

  • The Starry Wisdom Cult
    luv The Starry Wisdom Cult

    Hiya;) You totally RAWK! Love "Heatseaker". I'm ashamed to say that i've only just come across you & until now, for some reason i've not heard your music. You'll have to kick Vic Galloway & Jim Gellatly's arses for not airing you enough! I've only been back in the country a couple of years & am kinda out of touch with the Scottish music scene. Pay2Play seems to have gone APE-SHIT since i last lived here! Not sure when you guys are gigging next, but we'd totally love to support you if you're looking for a rocking support! We're unsigned & as is typical with so many bands, unlucky! We're playing THIS SUNDAY 18th Jan@"NO TRIBE"@PIVO PIVO, Waterloo St, Glasgow. If you can make it, it'd be awesome to have you there!;) If you do manage along, come & say hi! You'll easily recognise me, i'm a large ugly skinhead with a goatee that looks like i've swallowed a bear & left its arse hangin out, kinda of a cross between SHREK & a Crimewatch Photo-fit! lol! Cheers! BigMark. x

  • Dawn Lindsay
    luv Dawn Lindsay

    I agree with Cheryl Just wanted to say you girls were fantastic at belhaven absolutely loved it!! im usually picky with my music likes, but gotta say as soon as i heard you's i was already hooked!!! best band out in my opinion!!!

  • Cheryl Lindsay
    Cheryl Lindsay

    What a performance last nite AMAZIN! best band there by far!! seen us at SECC supportin Sex Pistols that had 2 b one of the highlights of the nite!! fantastic band, fantastic performers and amazin muscisians!! xx

  • Ciaran Woods
    Ciaran Woods

    Saw Yous All In Belhaven Tonite - Brilliant!!! One Of The Best Banmds There:D :D !!!!

  • Alasdair M

    Girls, I heard a wee rumour that you are playing Be in Belhaven in Wishy! Can you shed some light on whether this is true or not? Cheers in advance - Alasdair x

    luv BULGE

    Hiya just looking 2 see what 1 of u will be the best 2 PM about gigs??? Cheers

  • Im A Tad Un Usual
    Im A Tad Un Usual

    whats the hedrons lol i have no idea llooll x


    Well we are off to Rockness for the weekend. Will sort something out next week x

  • Stopping Animal Cruelty For Life. 5/27/08
  • The Fonejacker
    The Fonejacker