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Marcus B Fantasticus

Some things are best left unsaid.not this though...FUCK YOU ALL!!!

3/19/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Bored

    Wow, this is like the second time this year I've wrote here. Its a stupid fucking blog anyway,although I'm bored and may start writing to it more.

    Oh yeah the computer made take some stupid kissing quiz and then it called me a chipmonk...what the fuck is up with that? The computer these days think they're all high and mighty, well they're not. I remember in my day when a computer got updated from DOS and it was happy. Win96 was a fine specimen for any computer to have. But alas those days are gone. Now we live in a world where computer just refuses to work unless they have the newest updates. And when you give it to them they just throw it back in your face by calling you a chipmonk. Today my friends I shed a tear for the world we've made for ourselves.

    I'm much too emotional to contine this blog.... ;-(

    0 Comments 277 weeks

  • ??????????

    Fuck me, I havnt been on bebo in ages. It still sucks.

    I HATE YOU BEBO!!!!!!!

    0 Comments 284 weeks

  • Harry Potter

    So I now know how Harry Potter ends. Its quite good. I've never read any of the books and dont really care much for it so I was thinking of just posting it all up here, but I think I'll wait until I meet people who are really looking forward to it and then I can do it in person. I want to be close enough to taste their tears!!!!!

    0 Comments 314 weeks

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  • Andrew Richardson Jul 10
  • Dice Lady
    Dice Lady

    I scored $429 in my spare time being online! I got it from - http://x.co/KTDV Dont say I never help anyone!

  • Gabrielle Delarosa

    sawp I was going through peoples profiles, and i think you are an interesting guy, and hot too. I was doing a lil cam show for my friends gettin naughty, hit me up on MSN my names radarglade@hotmail.com bye bye

    11/10/08 via Mobile
  • Caitriona Giblin
    Caitriona Giblin

    hey. i'm havin my birthday party on saturday 25th oct. it's an alice in wonderland themed fancy dress party. it's in my apartment. hope you can come grace us with your presence.

  • Nona Vanderford

    sup! how are you doing cutie, i was just thinking of you and wanted to get on cam and all, hit me up on msn my names tamiefnbo@hotmail.com Peace

    10/13/08 via Mobile
  • Caitriona Giblin
    Caitriona Giblin

    hey. party in mine on saturday. you comin???

  • Second Best Man
    Second Best Man

    my god your a cunt

  • Jeanie Cushman

    hey2u I've been lookin for you, thought you may wanna check me get freaky on cam, just copy this link and lets get started! local-dating-cams.com xoxo bye xoxo

    8/15/08 via Mobile
  • Ciara Norton
    luv Ciara Norton

    There, I unblocked you! Happy now?! :) I had forgotten that I had anyway . . .

  • Caitriona Giblin
    Caitriona Giblin

    hey. havin my housewarming on friday. call me!

  • Jack Murphy
    Jack Murphy

    Ya that's about right!!:D at least you're left with a goos story!! no news really off for two weeks should be studying on bebo instead!! playing lots of football, going out alot life is good!!:L

  • Jack Murphy
    luv Jack Murphy

    Isn't it meant to be "looks like someone...". Mistakes like that is why I always had to be the brains of our operations!!:D any craic?!

  • Jack Murphy
    Jack Murphy

    Alrite Mark!! let me know the next time you're coming down south again!! We might even jam the next time?!! I'm telling there's a really good drummer in me somewhere trying to get out and having not practised in about two years it's bound to happen soon!!:L

  • Second Best Man
    Second Best Man

    i didnt even finish the course and im unemployed! I blame IADT and Animaniacs!

  • Second Best Man
    Second Best Man

    im alright, back living in ireland these days, thank god! england aint all its cracked up to be! Hows life with yourself? 1 2 3 4 HIGH 5!