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  • Male, 21, Luv 37
  • from newbridge
  • I am Single
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Me, Myself, and I
Why Gaelic Footballers are so loved!!

1)They hav the right touch!

2)They are used to scoring!

3)They can go in soft or hard!

4)They love being physical

5)They know how to use their fist!

6)Skill is definite!

7)Sweating is no problem!

8) They'll play anywhere and anytime!

9)They'll make u scream for more!

10)They can go for at least 70 minutes in 15 different positions
coldpaly dj tiesto basshunter the script akon neyo chris brown anythin really
fast and furious knocked up superbad blah blah
Happiest When
playing football

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  • poems

    roses are nice
    violets are fine.
    ill be the six
    if you be the nine.

    Sky is blue
    Water is wet
    I'll make you cum
    I'll make you sweat
    Pressed up against my body
    Movin up and down
    Slowly but firmly
    We'll move the ground

    Kissing Is A Habit
    Fucking Is A Game
    Guys Get All The Pleasure
    Girls Get All The Pain
    10 Minutes Of Pleasure
    9 Months Of Pain
    3 Days In The Hospital
    A Baby Without A Name
    The Dad Is A Bastard
    The Mother Is A Whore
    This Woulda Never Happend If The Rubber Hadn't Tore!!

    Sex is like math
    You subtract the clothes
    Add the bed
    Divide the legs
    And Pray to god
    You dont multiply

    Roses are red
    Grass is green
    Open your legs
    And I'll fill you with cream

    Hickory dickory dock
    This bitch was suckin my cock
    The clock struck two
    I dumped my goo
    And dumped her to the end of the block

    Sex is good
    Sex is fine
    Doggy Style & 69
    Just for fun
    Or gettin paid
    Everyone likes gettin laid

    Sex is evil
    Sex is a sin
    Sins are forgiven
    So stick it in!!!

    1 Comment 342 weeks

  • Loyal kildare supporter

    Loyal GAA Supporter ....

    A primary teacher starts a new job at a school in South Dublin and, trying to make a good impression on her first day, explains to her class that she is a Dublin fan.

    She asks her students to raise their hands if they, too, are Dublin fans. Everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl.

    The teacher looks at the girl with surprise and says: "Mary, why didn't you raise your hand?"

    "Because I'm not a Dublin fan," she replied.

    The teacher, still shocked, asked: "Well, if you're not a Dublin fan, then who are you a fan of?"

    "I'm a Kildare fan, and proud of it," Mary replied.

    The teacher could not believe her ears. "Mary, why, pray tell, are you a Kildare fan?"

    "Because my Mum and Dad are from Kildare, and my mum is a Kildare fan and my dad is a Kildare fan, so I'm a Kildare fan too!"

    "Well," said the teacher, in a obviously annoyed tone, "that's no reason for you to be a Kildare fan. You don't have to be just like your parents all of the time. What if your mum was a prostitute and your dad was a drug addict and car thief, what would you be then?" "Then," Mary smiled, "I'd be a Galway fan."

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  • build your own junior team

    Goalie - must have 'great goalmouth presence' which is secret code for being fat enough to have his own gravitational pull. Always in the 40-50 age bracket, this is a gent that will almost convince you that he played minor for the county in goal, even though the last time he got his knees dirty diving was at a ceili in 1965 when his version of the Hucklebuck went out of control, with numerous casualties

    Right corner back - the quiet man of the line-up he seems to escape the jokes in the dressing-room just because no-one has ever seen him angry and are afraid of hidden depths. Unmarried farmer with severe emotional baggage. Contact with a woman consists of the handshake at mass on a Sunday morning

    Full back - First started playing football some time in the Pleistocene Epoch. Nicknamed Sledge like "yer man outta U2". Will get a nose-bleed if he passes beyond his own 50 yard line. Utterly, utterly useless and yet is a great hit with the fans. Quite likes the smell of blood

    Left corner back - Has all the footballing skills of a piece of cheese and yet has been known to disappear up corner-forward's arses for days on end. An absolute cast-iron guarantee to be made mark the other team's young and absurdly fast superstar in the making

    Right half back - just out of minor, this boyo is sadly not going to get anywhere near the senior team and yet hasn't missed a training session since early 1989. Selection is basically the manager's way of proving that he "doesn't give a damn who you are, if you're not down training we're not going to give you a game"

    Centre back - disgruntled former senior player, tried to remove senior manager at agm and now has about as much chance of playing senior as he does of playing Hamlet in the Globe. Hasn't been junior training all year and is still absolutely guaranteed his spot on the team

    Left half back - county u-16 star, great white hope for the entire club. About 5 foot 4, he is still told to get under the kickouts and 'take the game to the opposition' secret code for don't pass it to anyone unless your life is in serious danger

    Midfielder - chronic alcoholic who last scored a point in the late 70s and yet reckons he is justified in having a go for a point from anywhere inside the opposition's half. Well-liked character because he always gets his round in at the post-match piss-up

    Midfielder - the full back's older brother, who sports a rather strange looking bandage on his knee - probably hiding teeth marks or something. Prone to making strange guttural noises every time he strains himself. Eats five dinners a day and is a prime suspect for a coronary

    Right half forward - quietly-spoken business-man who hails from the village but is living in Dublin. Drives a flash motor. Lads who live in the pub in the town don't know what to make of him "but he was an awful annoying bollox in national school"

    Centre forward - third of the set of brothers that includes the full back and midfielder. Is the target of all the brother's clearances...ALL of them. Probably the local A.I. man or something, by the way that's not A.I. in the Steven Spielberg meaning of the word

    Left half forward - utterly, utterly useless 25 year old who by some fluke of nature happens to be a deadly accurate free-taker. Tries to avoid open play altogether as he is far too important to the team to get injured. Is basically the team's only source of points

    Right corner forward - happily married man who hasn't played football since he was 12 but has suddenly decided to take up the game again. Natural talent (like his genitalia) completely and utterly over shadowed by his beer belly. Guaranteed to bag a goal or two and gain for himself some ridiculous nickname like "Schillaci" or something

    Full forward - hasn't scored since the end of the war but is captain of the team and an all-out nut case. The line commonly quoted to excuse his complete inability to find the target is "he's a good man to bust up the pla

    0 Comments 349 weeks

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  • luv Shannie'

    stealin me flashbox dere gav? ah yea :L bitta love for yah :)

  • Shannie'

    any love gav? ill give eh bak :DD

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  • Kingerz

    u fightin sam yeah??

    4/19/10 via Mobile
  • Samanthak

    hey how u

    4/18/10 via Mobile
  • Kingerz

    i know ur tryn t be funy mark bt it nt workin 4 ya and anyways what gav says aint half as bad as 'yaaaaa im living in neverland' :L :L

    4/8/10 via Mobile
  • Mark O' M

    Haha oh gav ur so funny!!

    4/8/10 via Mobile
  • Mark O' M

    8888888888888888888888888888888888  8888888888888888888888888988888888  8888888888888888888888888888888888  88888888888888888888888 Invisible bell

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  • luv Mark O' M

    Harsh words bbz!!!

    4/8/10 via Mobile
  • luv Mark O' M


    4/8/10 via Mobile
  • SarahJane'

    Sorry that wasnt me someone was on my page

    4/8/10 via Mobile
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    Quest Warehouse

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  • Niiamhy Lawler
    Niiamhy Lawler

    ere ya go lad Xox a cutee Liggle Darliins Xox

  • Chloe.M.Xo

    Oh janey. . ur d ref!?? And shaunas fella? swish woo never knew Tha! :))

    2/7/10 via Mobile
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    Quest Warehouse

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