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Brian Mountford

www.myspace.com/kundalinirisingband Remade Beyond the Veil (i uploaded the wrong version)

9/11/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 26, Luv 88
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About Me

Swing on the Spiral Of, Our Divinity, And Still be a Human..
Me, Myself, and I
"We are a multidimensional consciousness that has no form or existence of itself but is formless and infinite containing all forms and experiencing them subjectively in a predetermined separation and exponential unification across all spaces times and forms." - Brian Mountford

"Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow steady vibration, there is no such thing as death, life is just a dream and we are an imagination of ourselves, heres tom with the weather." - Bill Hicks

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UFO Sighting Triangle formation caught on tape Spain 2-11-2009

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  • 100 Things About Me

    001: Name - Brian
    002. Nickname - Brian?
    003. Single Or taken- Single (woop woop)
    004. Zodiac Sign - Saggitarius
    005. Male Or Female - Male
    006. High School - Botwnnog (like years ago)
    007. Psp - wtf?
    008. How Many Buddies On Your List On Bebo? -Dont know, Dont care
    009. Screename - Pure Intention Juxtaposed Will Set Two Lovers Souls In Motion
    010. Hair Color - Brown
    012. Hair Long or Short - Short
    014. Eye Color - Hazel
    015. Are You Health Freak? - HAHAHA HAHA
    016. Height - 5''8'
    017. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? - Nope
    018. Do You Like Yourself? - Sure
    019. (gay)Braces? - Nope
    020. Think Your Awesome? - Always
    021. Piercings? -None
    022. Tattoo? - Yep
    023. Righty Or Lefty? Righty

    ___Your 'Firsts'___
    024. Surgery? Nope
    025. First Piercing - Nope
    026. First Best Friend -Dont remember
    027. First Award - Singing
    028. First Sport You Joined - Judo!
    029. First Pet - Cat
    030. First Holiday - Wales
    031. First Concert - None
    032. First Love - Lindsey

    033. Movie - Being John Malkovich
    034. Favorite Tv Show - South Park
    035. Colour - Purple, Red, Black
    036. Music - Everything
    039. Drink - Cuppa!
    040. Body Part Not On The Face - Downstairs mixup
    041. Sport To Play - None
    042. Favorite Piece Of Clothing -Tshirt
    044. What Do You Sleep With? - Pillows?
    045. Favorite School - High school prolly
    046. Favorite Animal(s) - Thorny Devil
    047. Favorite Books - Dunno
    048. Favorite Magazines - None

    049. I'm Eating -Nothin
    050. I'm Drinking - Cuppa!
    052.Thinking About - Cuppa!
    053. Listening To - Tool
    056. Watching - Sexyness
    057. Wearing - Trousers and a Tshirt

    __Your Future___
    058. Want Kids? - Maybe
    059. Want To Get Married - Not really they would have to share common interest
    060. Careers In Mind - Musician

    __Which Is Better With The Opposite Sex__
    068. Lips Or Eyes - Eyes
    069. Hugs Or Kisses - Hugs
    070. Shorter Or Taller - Shorter
    072. Romantic, Spontaneous Funny - Dependable
    073. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms - Stomach
    074. Sensitive Or Loud - Mixture
    075. Hook-Up Or Relationship - Depends on the person
    077. Trouble Maker Or Hesitant - Err..

    ___Have You Ever___
    078. Kissed A Stranger - Yea
    079. Drank Bubbles - Wtf.. in my pepsi?
    080. Lost Glasses/Contacts - Nope
    081. Ran Away From Home - Sure
    082. Broken A Bone - Prolly my toes (everybody breaks their toes)
    083. Got an X-Ray - Yeap
    084. Broken Someone's Heart - Sure
    085. Turned Someone Down - Sure
    087. Cried When Someone Died - Nah

    ___Do You Believe In___
    089. God - Yep
    090. Miracles - Yep
    093. Aliens - Yep
    094. Magic - Yep
    095. Heaven - Yep, Many
    097. Sex On The First Date - Of course
    098. Kissing On The First Date -Course
    099. Angels - Yep

    ___Answer Truthfully___
    100. Is There Someone You Want To be With Right Now? Nope

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Brian Mountford's aura is:
Your aura is purple. You're eccentric with your style and do not like to conform. You seek great things and significance in life and are a natural born leader.

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  • Wendy Scrivener
    luv Wendy Scrivener

    Brian, did you know that the BBC has disallowed copying of their videos from YouTube? Buggers, I'll draw my own Inuit igloo. Wendxxxxx Plus, mail.

  • Wendy Scrivener
    Wendy Scrivener

    Brian, mail in a little while, Wendxxxxxx

  • Wendy Scrivener
    luv Wendy Scrivener

    I'll drop you a line, okay? Wendxxxxxx

  • Wendy Scrivener
    Wendy Scrivener

    Hi, Brian, I need to ask you something - I think I'm seeing UFO's right now....would it be okay if I tell you? Wendxxxxx

  • Rhyn Williams
    Rhyn Williams

    no worries man, you can always come to cardiff, only costs around £15 if you book a month in advance, but ye, saw ur pics on facebook, lols :D and I hope you are coping!! talk soon pal

  • Rhyn Williams
    Rhyn Williams

    hey brian i havnt heard from you 4 ages, was such a shame that i didnt get to see ya :/ oh well, how are you anyway???

  • Dan Holden
    Dan Holden

    wow woo wooo wwooowsh Brian Wakestock was excelentA. I'm still not 100% YET AND IT'S been finished since sunday!! By the way dude, I left my Combat shorts in the back of your car!Gayness, Cos I wanted them for wakestock. I'm glad I didn't take them now because t hammered down with rain. Watch something called 'Strawberry Shortcake', it's FUCK-----Ed up. later dude.

  • Dan Holden
    luv Dan Holden

    Hey Brian, I can't get in touch with you dude. Can you e-mail me your new numbers and stuff. later dude.

  • Kate Owen
    luv Kate Owen

    i'd be more apathetic if i werent so lethargic :)

  • Kate Owen
    luv Kate Owen

    course :)

  • Rhyn Williams
    Rhyn Williams

    cool man :) , meet up soon then :P

  • Wendy Scrivener
    Wendy Scrivener

    Is that for real? Triangle formation. Wendx

  • Rhyn Williams
    Rhyn Williams

    whey! il come down to have a drink there at some point, hey ill be staying in tudweiliog in the summer so if you wanna come visit u can, but ill still be goin to see gareth n stuff, so ye cant wait till you work hard on your songs

  • Dan Holden
    Dan Holden

    Cool dude a job.Doesn't tax suck? are you saving for your new PC? Dude would you be up for going on a trip abroad for a week somewhere? an adventure. Obviously not in the wilderness, but somewhere exciting and different. We must do something sometime. Like actually do something rather than just drink. taa bree-an.

  • Kyle A

    hi bri. how r u? i am finally gonna get my provitional coz ive just turned 17 so ill be takeing lessons soon hurray. c u soon

  • Dan Holden
    luv Dan Holden

    Yooooooooo BrEEEEE--An. Aka Brazza!!! How is it going? Dude I haven't seen you for ages, man. Get back soon. Dude xbox... have you got one... Love Dan

  • Rhyn Williams
    Rhyn Williams

    haha nice one, common if you just wait haha, im good mate how are you??? im coming down 4 summer :)

  • Wendy Scrivener
    Wendy Scrivener

    Mail coming up, Wendx