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Kevy D

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Leam Delaney

Leam Delaney

Pro-Haxor from Garrymore

Foo Fighters, Kiss, Swanee River (are fuckin thee best live band in the country), Muse, Kasabian, peter gabriel, Cream, the Zutons, The Raconteurs, oasis, feeder, Queens of the stone age, Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail riders, Red hot Chilli Peps, The Who. led zeplin, t-rex, the beatles, the strokes, rage against the machine kaiser chiefs, franz ferdinand are ok live 2..... thin lizzy, Audioslave, the trips, DA BLUES BROTHERS! cant beat a wee bit o ray charles, flying without wings by westlife, lol, almost 4got Nirvana! razorlight, snoop doggy dog, sex pistols, the Doors, david bowie, jimmy hendrix, jackson united, Pink Floyd, REM, Elton John, Abba and Queen.......and the Osmonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 !!!!!!!! and the answer.
The God father 1, 2+3. Scent of a Woman, The Patriot, HAPPY FEET. Detroit Rock City, toy story, Braveheart, Deer Hunter, tommy, sicko, Aladdin, Blues Brothers. Lion King, Beowulf, Who framed rodger rabbit, Click, ScarFace, rain man, Carlitos Way, Almost famous, Shaun of the Dead, Casino Royale, Borat is brilliant, a clockwork orange, roman polanski's Macbeth, Clover Field, Chuck and Larry, Moulin Rouge, Gangs of New York Angel Heart. and rumble fish
the d's exercise routine
pull sum pints in the pub too keep the oul biceps in shape,

go up the stairs the odd time aswell to keep my sexy man legs toned...

hmmm wat else........

the point is im fit as fuck!
Scared Of
cream eggs
Favourite Childhood TV Programmes
teenage mutant hero turtles, The Dreamstone (can anyone else remember that?) power rangers, keenan and kel, pingu, postman pat, fireman sam, samuri pizza cats, inspector gadget, yogi bear , how 2, art attack, Bucky O Hare, scooby doo, the pirates of dark water, the chipmunks(alvin, simon, theodor
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  • the big chingwa! day 20...ish

    rite, so the last time i posted a blog i was in Tangshan,bout a week ana half ago.
    Left there last monday after i applied 4 my visa. i had all the appropriate forms an all filled out but had no birth certifgate, so i had 2 go bak to Qi'nan i went. to get my b/c sorted out.

    May holiday over here from last wednesday till sunday. Went upta bejing 4 the craic which was pretty mad.

    Wednesday nite in bejing me and me oul Da went out 4 a wee swally to the Den again. My Da went bak 2 his hotel room bout 12 o clock that nite half plumbed, i stayed on 4 a wee while, caught the 1st half of the chelsea an liverpool match there but was shit craic (fulla chelsea scumbags); watched the second half in a bar called The Rickshaw which was bunged and met a few guys from Iceland who were fookin nuts! hit the hotel bar after that! proper sozzled i was!

    7 o clock that mornin i came stumblin bak 2 my room! yeroo!

    spent the nxt cupla nites lukin 4 new bars and stuff. found a strip of nite clubs wer its 70p for any beer or spirit and 1.40 for cocktails. so i was stuck there every other nite.

    bak 2 Qinan again on saturday nite, and got the certifigate sorted.

    Soooooooooo, bak 2 Tangshan yesterday, handed over the certifigate and they told me i need a medical evaluation b4 i do anything!!!! :o so ther i am 10 minutes later givin blood samples, gettin x-rayed, ultrasounds the whole f**kin works !!!!

    get da results tomoro(wed) and if i dont have aids or failed kidneys i should be gettin my visa extended by 3-6 months.

    so ther ya r now! i cud be back in 2 weeks r 6 months.....just havta w8 an see!

    dats all 4 now i fink


    0 Comments 274 weeks

  • the chinese experience day 10

    hello! havent bin on bebo in donkeys cus havnt had the internet readily available since last friday... oh well im here now.

    well the the last week has bin funfunfun. went to bejing last friday 4 the weekend, did a bit of sightseein and took a few foties. went to chinese opera that nite which was a bit of a surreal experience to say the least, very interesting..... i'll try an get the fotos up asap. after that i went back to my hotel room and raided the mini bar, drank everfing, watched a bit o baseball on espn, which was kinda borin, so i went on the hunt 4 a wee shop to get a mighty C.O. bumped into 2 guys from liverpool Steve and Gavin they were called. They just landed in bejing that day and wer lookin 4 a bar to go 2. so i took them to the Den, which is the place 2 be and the liverpool and fulham match was on so we sat there happy as larry and got pished, loadsa mad shit happened to but i'l tell yas wen i get back....... :)

    the next day i went to the bejing hotsprings which wer indeed hot and springy.... in fact they wer fukin boiling, good craic tho........very relaxing.

    unfortunately 4 u people there is no fotographic evidence of this experience and me in my daniel craig style speedos :(

    later that day i went to an aeroplane exibition which was mad craic as u could probably imagine :Z stacks

    that nite went the biggest kareoke joint about...believe it or not the place is actually called Party World lol, no joke.
    was pretty shy at first singin in front of people i didnt kno but after 6 bottles of heineken i was singin like i'd won the x factor. then bak to the den that nite... yipee!

    met my da in the den the next day and had a laff. Bak to Qi'nan that nite and had an early nite 4 a change after fonin half of ireland and scotland :) u no who u r.

    Monday and tuesday did sweet F.A cept watch dvds read books and eat.

    Bak ta bejing on wednesday. went to a football match: Bejing Gouan vs kashima in match 4 in group F of the asian champions league which was funny as. loadsa fotas takin of it aswell. try 2 get them up soon.

    stayed over that nite in henry foo's apartment, which was shit..... nice apartment an all, just no food, water or t.v so read trainspottin 4 about 2 hours then hit the hay.

    bak 2 the sticks on thursday.

    in tangshan 4 the weekend. headin out 4 a meal shortly and hav a few pinty's. :)

    good times! thats all 4 now so until nxt time............ hiya :)

    1 Comment 275 weeks

  • the china experience.......day2

    hello. arived in the mighty chingwa yesterday after a good 26 hours on the the long hawl. everyfing went as smooth as a babys' hole, which is good. heatrow was mad craic aswell.... bought a litre bottle of morgans spiced in the duty free for the measily fee of 10sheets (10quid) which was a plaesant purchase to say the least. the in terminal 3 i went 2 o'neills irish bar a pint or 2...........or 3 which was good craic and foned handsome amy, cool hand luke and the duke, and then ran out of credit.

    had the worst seat on the plane unfortunately; rite bang in the middle. fuckin people climbin over me every 5 minutes to go 4 a shite and the like. i flew with china airways so all the movies wer in chinese. stacks of craic. so i had 2 get the wine in me to get a bit of shut-eye.

    got picked up at beijing airport and went straight to the pub (the den its called), 4 sumfing to eat and a wee drinky. then anaw 2 hour drive to Quin' an (chin an) which is where im stayin. durin the week.

    away to bejing tomoro 4 the weekend. goin to the hot springs to get all hot and springy and then goin to hit the kareoke bar 4 a laff 2moro nite. plus my hotels a 5 minute walk from the den so its gonna be messy any ways u look at it.

    i'll not have the internet up there so i'll keep u nosy bastards posted wenever i get back

    :) toodlepips :)

    2 Comments 276 weeks

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    Fun House, It's a whole lot of fun, prizes to be won. It's a real crazy show where anything will go. Fun House, it's a quiz, it's a race, a real wacky place. Use your body and your brain, if you wanna play the game.

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    Hello back at you Kevin!!! ";) any craic with yourself? Have you started your new course yet?

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    have you started the access course yet? stay pro :P

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    U survive work okay mate?.....did you make it to work?? ring of fire, never again fs. Get ur finger dick out!!!

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    Photos are up =) lol your hilarious !!