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Gilmore Girls

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Me, Myself, and I
This is NOT a band. It is a fanpage for Gilmore Girls fans. Gilmore Girls is a tv show, for those of you who don't know. Here's what it's about:1.01 - Pilot ...
Original airdate: October 5, 2000
~The storybook town of Stars Hollow is home to 32-year-old Lorelai Gilmore and her 16-year-old daughter Rory. Rory and best friend Lane Kim are straight 'A' students at the local public high school, but when Rory is accepted into the prestigious Chilton Prep, the steep tuition forces Lorelai to try to mend the rift with her wealthy parents and ask for financial help.~
It is to soon to heading into its 7th season September 27th, 2006.On the CW.(It may be sooner than the 27th...:o)
Please send me comments!!! I'd love to hear about your favorite episode!!!! |^^^^^^^^^^^^|
| Gilmore Girls fans ! | '|""";.., ___.
|_..._...______===|= _|__|..., ] |
"(@ )'(@ )""""*|(@ )(@ )*****(@
єvєяч gilmore girls faи sнoυld have тнιs . bcuz its wayy awesome

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The Season 6 Chronicles: Lorelai and Luke

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  • ahhhhhhhhhhh

    omg. i know it's been 2 weeks. since gg first aired the 7th season but i am just now having the time to comment about it. Do you want to start with the premiere or last night's?? soo werid..scary..and heartbreaking!!!!!!!!!!

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  • spoiler for season 7 premeire

    Rory wakes up in the apartment, which is still a wreck from the party. She looks around sadly, then walks into the kitchen. She sees a long, narrow florist's box on the counter. She opens it up smiling, then her expression changes to befuddlement when she sees a little rocket in there instead.
    They pick up Lorelei and Chris from after Chris came back into bed. Lorelei hurriedly gets up, telling Chris to go back to sleep. She's talking fast, telling him she has to get home to feed Paul Anka. Chris looks confused, or maybe hurt as he realizes she's pushing away from him. She leaves the bedroom with a look of misery. Lorelei comes home to find Babette sleeping on the couch. Babette rambles about how nodules in her throat make her voice scary, how she fed Paul Anka, how her washer's broken because Morrie washed his boots in it again so she brought over some of her intimates, and she knows about the fight because one girl was in the alley behind Doose's seeing how many Devil Dogs she could fit in her mouth and when they got stuck the other girl went for help and heard Luke and Lorelei screaming at each other (really, it all just flowed together that way). Babette assures her Luke will call, they always do. She somehow takes the hint to leave, asking Lorelei to do a quick spin of her dainties with a Bounce sheet.
    Rory goes to the Yale Daily News offices, and sees a line, along with a sign promoting Paris' SAT prep course. She walks in to see Paris telling a meek, ineffectual girl that her future is behind the corner of a doughnut shop. She tells the mother she'll take the girl on, but has to test them both to see how much of the daughter's situation is her fault and how much is the mother's. Paris and Rory sit down to talk. Paris tells Rory that her and Logan had an "understanding" last time, and look what happened. Rory looks unhappy.
    Lorelei, freshly changed and groomed, walks out the front door to see Luke stepping out of the truck. He approaches her and says he wants to talk about last night. Lorelei said they said it all already, there's nothing left to say. Luke says he felt blindsided last night, but he's ready to talk. Lorelei refuses, tells him it's over, and drives away. Luke watches her go.
    Sookie and Michel are arm-wrestling on the island in the Dragonfly kitchen. Michel is talking trash as he pushes Sookie's arm further down, and she's groaning. She asks how her acting is, he doesn't understand, and then she rallies and smashes his hand on the counter. He complains she cheated. She does a victory celebration, singing the chorus of "We Are the Champions." Lorelei, who entered right after Sookie's win, watches them silently, then gets coffee. Sookie rattles on and on about her amazing wrist strength, that it comes from making whipped cream by hand. She finally notices Lorelei's expression. Lorelei tells Sookie it's over between her and Luke. Sookie tries to dismiss it, saying all couples fight, it's healthy, good for the skin, etc. Lorelei says no, it's really over. She didn't want to have a life separate from Luke's, but it was like he was driving a car and all she wanted was to be in the passenger seat. But he locked the door and kept driving and she was hanging onto the bumper - he didn't have to open the door for her, just unlock it. She was getting banged up and bruised and hurt hanging onto the bumper and she finally just had to let go. Then she tells Sookie about sleeping with Christopher. Sookie says Luke never has to know, and Lorelei agrees. She doesn't want to do that to him.
    Luke is back at the diner, grousing at Caeser about Lane's honeymoon, then getting harsh on a customer. He sees a commotion outside with Taylor, and heads out. Taylor and Kirk are installing a stop-light camera. Luke hates it. Taylor says it'll make the intersection safer. They go round and round. Luke says he'll fight Taylor on this. Taylor says he's welcome to come to the unveiling that afternoon, Kirk says he'll put down Luke and "

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  • New Info.


    Today I was watcing the previews for CW's NEW SEASON of gilmore girls and you all WONT belive whats gunna happen! I will give you lil hints..but wouldnt want to *spoil* ot for you...and well I love to see you have to wait!

    *SOME1 is peggy in **Stars Hollow**
    *SOME1 else is preggy...but doesnt *live* in Stars Hollow..EXACTLY!
    *The least person you WOULD EVER imagine gets arrested!
    *TWO guys on the show...get down and dirty..and a lil bloody....fight!
    Well I dont want to give out anymore..I know who this is all happening to..but do you?

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  • Lauren.

    if your out on your own looking lonely & so cold, all you have to do is call my name & il be there on the next plane. when you lead i will follow, anywhere tht you tell me to. if you need me with you i will follow when you lead <3 i love the gilmoregirls<3

  • The Sweetest Bitch
    The Sweetest Bitch

    Its a great show. Add me x

    4/15/10 via Mobile
  • Megan Gorman
    Megan Gorman

    I love gilmore girl lorealy is so Funny

  • Anna

    i love the gilmore girls

  •  Miss Sancha Talbot
    luv Miss Sancha Talbot

    I LOVE THE GILMORE GIRLS i want to be just like rory :)

  • The Pretty Reckless
    luv The Pretty Reckless

    absolutely LOVE the gilmore girls!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emma X
    Emma X

    i dont think there is a season 8 but i did hear that a movie is being made x

  • 'Leprechaun
    luv 'Leprechaun

    Luvvv Gilmore Girls

  • Bethanii
    luv Bethanii

    gilmore girls is the best

  • Milo Ventimiglia Loverss
    luv Milo Ventimiglia Loverss

    Please Join If Youuu Love Milo Ventimiglia Who Plays The Amazing Jess In Gilmore Girlss xx

  • luv Chloe Simpson

    do we know if there is ever going to be a season 8? it cnt end like it did on season 7, we need to see the wedding and see if they have a kid etc xx

  • Claire M

    best show ever!!!!! :D i have every one on dvd luke rules

  • Alexis Bledel 7/23/09
  • Katy

    i love gilmore girls :L its my one sad program a day but its great :L i swear my mum is soooo like lorellia and its not always a good thing :L its the weirdest thing when they do similiar things like i do in life love it xxx

  • Rebecah M
    luv Rebecah M

    gilmore girls is class!!! one of the best shows !!! :D

  • Cherry Blossom Charms
    Cherry Blossom Charms

    Love Gilmore Girls!!! :D I found my own Luke(-a-like) LOL!!

  • Rachel

    gilmore girls is beyond amazing [: i've got all 7 seasons ; and omg, the guys are so gorgeous (:

  • Terra Rose
    Terra Rose

    I Love Gilmore Girls!!! I watch it every day!! XD