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Vicky Bourne

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  • Female, 21, Luv 193
  • from Bussage
  • www.bebo.com/bourneyx
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
♥year 12
♥love all my friends
♥my birthday is the 15th july
♥love to have fun
♥love to piss about
♥bebo edited&made by jo
The Other Half Of Me
Jo Tolley.

Jo Tolley.

goood timesss

Love all my friends

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  • Ray Robinson
    Ray Robinson

    I scored $433 in my spare time being online! I got it from - http://x.co/KTIg Your going to be so happy!

  • Han

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    Jake Wyatt

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  • Tamara.

    hey, i'm Taz, & i'm really sorry but i think my bebo's having a spaz i've got like 8 comments from people saying that i've added them, & i really have no clue as to whats going on. nice to meet you anyway though :\ xxxxxx

  • Meg.
    luv Meg.

    HAHAAH ino ryt bt shhhhhhhhhhh we dnt tlk bout dat ye i js sed 2 ben bout blagin sum boose frm wrk so :/ hopefulyyy HAHAAH shit tho i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate the police so bad x

  • Meg. 9/14/08
  • X.Chlo.X


  • Meg.
    luv Meg.

    haha enit im soo used 2 not avin skl i fink im ach gna diie uhh ye ent 2 bovad bout meetin dukesy tho :/ im hopin 4 a smee repeat mayb ? haha jkss kiinda xcited bout dwners bt lke.. i cn c dat wearin off n den me js haatin it enit haha aw n im gna miss da sunnnn enit :( lool lyyy x x x x

  • Meg.
    luv Meg.

    hahah enit new york = (y) haha ahah o ye shiit miss dukes :S wtf hopin i cn bully er 2bh :/ hws england ? weathers shit i hope ? americas fkin ace lol biiit guted tho cs lke.. nt lng left nw enit :( bt kiinda xcited bout dwners nw so :D bt den agen.. we leave here on lke the 29th or sumin, n we gt back 2 england on the 2nd... so das lke 2 hole days of travelin, n den straaight bac 2 skl.. haha gna lk sooooo ruf enit haha ye n hw ws spaain den ? inabiiiit bbes x x

  • Meg.
    luv Meg.

    awww ye enit i ws accctuly woried bout nt gtin grades 4 dwnfield 2bh aww yaaay n im in ur form ent i ? :o aww das goood evry1s dun sooo gd in r.e enit u doin it nxt yr ?? haha n if not yy not lool lyyyy x

  • Meg.
    luv Meg.

    c - art a - eng lit n science a* - r.e b - rest of themmmm hw u do babe?? x

  • Meg.
    luv Meg.

    doubt it :/ kinda wna go back 2 dat bench 2bf enit :/ x

  • Meg.
    luv Meg.

    tuesssssssssday nyt ? x

  • Meg.

    hahaha niceee ye same im gtin da umm bodicey bit at da top brout in n da botom bit lke shorrtened lol (: hw xcitin x

  • Meg.

    wt did u av changd on urss ? HAHAH eniiit YEEES cnt waait 2bf tlk 2 me on msn bout it yeeee x

  • Meg.

    awwwwwwwww no waaaay is urs lke amaaazaaaannnn nw ?? HAHAH eniiit n den raaaaaaaave ye ;) haha x

  • Meg.

    ahaha niceee um :/ slept off abit of a hangova at liziess :/ HAAH came homeee showeredddd went 2 gt ma prom dress lke.. pinnd into alterrrd place (y) x