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Dunnes Stores

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About Me

Better Value Every Day
Me, Myself, and I
Dunnes Stores is thee amazing force of Irish Retail, which many of us have benefited with a job if not then all those better value savings through out Grocery and Drapery

Pleaz feel free to leave a comment + tell other staff about page, also if u've any photo's or funny videos clips from ur wrk, let me know... by leavin a comment and I'll contact you. And again please tell other's about page, as page is steadily heading towards 1000 members !

So Remember Customers, Thats Dunnes Stores For Even Better Value Everyday !!!

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Dunnes Stores

Always Better Value

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  • Official Dunnes Bebo Page

    Need new excitin ideas for the Dunnes bebo page, for poll, for blog, for web blog, for videos's !!! An ideas more than welcome, pleazzzzzz. Nearly 16,000 views hav be achieved and nearly 600 fans of Dunnes bebo page, so can say the page has be a success.

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  • Dunnes is ....

    Dunnes is ___________.
    Dunnes is like a _______________.
    If I had to go to Dunnes for hours i would __________.
    Dunnes makes you thinks alot about __________.
    Dunnes needs ____________.
    Dunnes will never need_________.
    Dunnes can__________ my __________.
    If i could describe Dunnes in one word:_________.
    I ___________ Dunnes because _____________.
    If Dunnes had a ________ she would________.
    I hope Dunes never _____________.
    When I think of Dunnes , I think of ________.
    Under the stars Dunnes and i would _____________.
    I think Dunnes should _____________.
    Dunnes has a sexy ________.
    Together me + Dunnes can ___________.

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  • Best Customer Complaint

    Danny Boy by Danny Boy
    I had a pure "cracker" the other day.

    Oh I just bought two tubs or roses the other week and when I got home it turns out my grandson had eaten half a tub.

    Can I bring them back and get a full tub again.

    No. This is not our fault.

    But, but, well technically I didnt eat them, so its not my fault and I paid for them.

    This went on for some time. Typical old people.
    0 Replies 293 weeks
  • Best Department in Drapery ??????

    Kirker by Kirker
    Who can state which department in Drapery is best to work in !!!!! With reasons !!!!!
    10 Replies 313 weeks

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  • Ellen

    I Dunnes Stores :P

  • ImQueer

    dunnes hav gud aul bread. fresher den ur mas gee

  • James Martinez
    James Martinez

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  • Darren

    dunnes blesso rules when she left she cried like a baby

  • Darren
    luv Darren

    Go on the dunnes handy job kip bu still money money

  • Jonny Major
    luv Jonny Major

    sorry baby, im the only rockstar you no!!!!!!. what a tune !!!! greetings from dunnes connswater

  • Kevin Maughan

    The music is TORTURE! I was in Argos in Stephens Green and the same music was being played there! At least it aint just da dunnes crew that has to put up with it! Keep da head dunnes crew!

  • Cheryl Farrell
    Cheryl Farrell

    i love working for dunnes stores the management are lovely and lots off wrk buddies ya the music aint tat gud but other than tat its a gud placement

  • Kevin Maughan

    Paul I detect some anger there!!!!!!!

  • Ailish Weir

    shithole!!!! and yea that music is TORTURE!!!!!!

  • Paul Allen HD

    Childers Road has killed Parkway in Limerick City. They're only 400 yards apart. What WANKER suggested they build on a soccer pitch across the road from a place that was there Fucking twenty odd years. Total Fuck up once again by Head Office.. Well done pack of dicks. Dunnes managers are evil vindictive CUNTS (apart from a few sound out ones obviously) that will burn in Hell..

    7/16/09 via Mobile
  • Paul Allen HD

    London Town, that song makes no sense.. Also that song about the guy whinging singing as if he's demented and when she left he cried like a baby... For fucks sake i know the bastard words, those songs are Shit, pointless and have no meaning.. They must use music that everyone hates. If that was the case throw on some hard house euphoria, it'd liven it up anyway

    7/16/09 via Mobile
  • Paul Allen HD

    Dunnes needs a new playlist, plus they'd rake in more money if they turned their cafe's e.g timepiece into a nightclub, sure the security would be the bouncers so theres no problems there. Dunnes Nightclubs, not St Bernards, that'd make a mockery out of it.

    7/16/09 via Mobile
  • Kevin Maughan

    I really hate dat song with da violin! I want 2 kill when dat song comes on! Why cant we get i102-104 played???!!!!

  • Danny M
    Danny M

    the guy below is rty fs the music is so shit fs the worst think about it i no all the words of every songs fs

  • Dermot J.R. Campbell
    Dermot J.R. Campbell

    Seriously. Get new music! If I have to listen to London Town or any other crap for the 10000th time I'm gonna lose me mind. It's mental torture, same shitty song's every day.