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Is never letting anyone else in my close circle of friends..made that mistake 2 times to many!

11/1/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 397
  • from Errmm...Luton..Stopsley enit.
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: May 2005
  • Last active: 5/18/11
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About Me

Cant be aving that Mateee.!////
Me, Myself, and I
<--Thats me over there..

Blonde wun! x
Certainly NOT shy.

I .

I hate some GIRLS who u let into your life..and they jus screw u over....she knows who she is...I know who my true mates are...I love u girls
love the girls..with al my heart!!! yeww al no hu ur...nuttahs:D xx
The Other Half Of Me
Louise S

Louise S

What would i do without you eh?

we litreuly dont talk anymore...bt stil love ya
EMMIILLILLYY...well me n u USED to be the biggest blondes in school den u go dye ur hair u gay! lool..na but ur still a blonde inside..int ya! and always will bee...wee av gigles u always make me smillee no mater what..and i fink ur the bravest gal everr..and u deserve a big fat shiny medal:D ! love u
Myy Ickle lau lau!! known u for 5 years yeh! and wee have so many laughs..! like at sleepovers its always us 2 last too sleep...and always giggling hehe and i love it! Memba our 3 legged hamster called tripod lmao! :P ! Love it..x
Lil cutiiee leah...We do have some laughs dnt we:D wee is such gd mates can trust u with absalotee nething..and i no i can always count on u for being there for me..Memba dat time at like 1 in da morning i came knockin on ur door cryin my eyes out lmao...! Bless and u let me stay...Love u 22 muchhhh hunni x.
Dayymm...duno wot id do without u...Hooww much av u liked..looked after me wen im pissed..upset..confused...stu
 ck on exams..The lot..! ur wot u call. a True friendd Babe! knowwn u since we wass soo ickle!:D And still goin strong now..LOVE IT!

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  • Amelia.

    GABBIE:) omgg, asif we havent spoke in agess:O remember meee:) ahaaa wuuu2 babee? wbb xx

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  • luv Ben Johnston

    you cuming 2nite :) x

  • Raymond
    luv Raymond

    love love love love love

  • Raymond
    luv Raymond

    lovee u 2 bby xx dnt even send me da love den

  • Miss Amelia.
    Miss Amelia.


  • Gabrielle

    erm. i dont wana get overmyself thank you..no i dnt just mean myself..come on THINK AIMEE THINK..! whos Man have u slept with recently? hu if i open my lil mouth..ur guna get BATTERD for.!? lol... Oh baby girl i do have a clue..dont u worrrrrrryyy! Blonde fool hahahaa fool? come on now please..stop using words that are blaitently apropriate for yourself. you have no life actually.! thats the thing that tops everything.! so u have to baden up everywun elses so u can av ur fun..cause ur a straight up bitch.. please stay away from ma mates boyfriend? and try and find ur own yeah? and DONT U FUCKIN PRETEND U DNT NO WOT IM ON BWT!

  • Aimeébabyy -
    Aimeébabyy -

    ill message back who the fuck i like baby unless she wants to block me. other peoples boyfriends do that do u mean urself? & i didnt really steal u did i. just bated u up thats all but if some blonde fool wants 2 take u back thats her buisness. u comment on me and my life but u dont have a clue. so what really are u doin? im pleased it makes u smile though. because u do have one sexy smile (Y) now get overself. please

  • Raymond

    shutup man go get used by bare mans init or go sleep with sumwuns boyfriend coz ur the best at doin that...thats for sure..,. your such a loseR? do u not c that? uve lost all ur close mates......haha ur life makesme laugh.......poor amy...my lovelygo get sum self respecttt. dnt message bck gabby

  • Aimeébabyy -
    Aimeébabyy -

    butters thing u was with for how long? i could continue but i wont. in the past heyy my lovelys :) no need for a friend request a tad too far dont you think?? reply to yourself if you want to reply to me (Y)

  • Ryan.

    guess who ............................. its your lng lst friend! ;) soz i dint cum 2 ur 18th babe! x

    10/21/08 via Mobile
  • Raymond
    luv Raymond

    hello baby u ok im gna cum c ya today. n y wud u wna c pics of dat butters ting for ?????? love u

  • Gabrielle

    arrrh aimee ur such a doughnut its unbeilievable!! u jus block me? onli wanted to check out ya pics SWEETHEART!

  • Aimeébabyy -
    Aimeébabyy -

    oh please be serious babygirl