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Miss. Lex

im well fit lol

10/1/08 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 47
  • from warwick
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: July 2006
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About Me

xxx i am truely in love its madness xxx
Me, Myself, and I
ⓦⓔⓛⓛ ⓦⓗⓔⓡⓔ ⓣⓞ ⓢⓣⓐⓡⓣ

ι тнιηк ι'ℓℓ ѕтαят ωιтн му σηє αη∂ σηℓу נαмєѕ:
нє ιѕ му gσ∂ ι ∂ση'т кησω ωнαт ι'∂ ∂σ ωιтн συт нιм
ι ℓσνє нιм ѕσ мυ¢н ιтѕ υηвєℓιєναвℓє
ι нανє ηєνєя ƒєℓт ℓιкє тнιѕ вєƒσяє ι ¢αη'т вєℓιєνє ιт

ησω αвσυт мє:
ι нανє вℓα¢к нαιя
gяєєη єуєѕ
ι'м α νєяу ѕнσят ρєяѕση вυт ι ƒιт ρєяƒє¢тℓу ιη נαмєѕ' αямѕ :)

тнєяєѕ ησт мυ¢н мσяє ι ¢αη ѕαу:
αραят ƒяσм ι ℓσνє му ѕρє¢ιαℓ gιяℓѕ тσ ριє¢єѕ уα'ℓℓ ησ ωнσ уσυ αяє
The Other Half Of Me


she is the muts nuts lolxxx

ωαяиιиğ: тнιs ραğε ιs εxσтι¢ [&&] мαy ¢αυsε ƒαs¢ιиαтισи, α sтαтε σƒ ∂εsιяε, [&&] αвиσямαℓ [&&] εмσтισиαℓ εx¢ιтεмεит, sσσ тαкε yσυя нαи∂s συт σƒ yσυя ραитs [&&] ρυт тнεм σи тнε ∂αмм кεyвσαя∂!!
му ѕтαтѕ:
ηαмє: Alex Floyd
αgє: 16
нєιgнт: short
ωєιgнт: not alot
¢нєѕт: that would be tellin
ωαιѕт: 6/8

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  • grade moi xx

    which one wud u give meee:

    F = damn ur ugly
    D = ur just sum1 i dont wanna talk 2
    C = ur ok lookin but u need work...
    C+ = ur just average
    B- = ur kinda cute and ur cool i guess
    B = ur cute nd a pretty interestin person
    B+ = pretty damn attractive id meet u
    A- = ur extremely attractive nd awesum
    A = Gorgeous
    A+ = DAMN UR SXC!!!!!!!!!!!
    A++= SO HOTT will you marry me

    12 Comments 323 weeks

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  • slut

    hi clopper,do you want a ladel so you can stir more shit u dirty sket.is jam still fat? has his performance improved?(70 seconds).

    Luke Sangha 0 Replies

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  • Product Of Warwick
    Product Of Warwick

    Hello I kno this sounds well dodgy but i remember you from joe williams party lol it was like ages ago but ya kno lol What you been up to holla back x

    12/30/08 via Mobile
  • Boibakes

    GdGd x Ye everything good thanks hun just doing 6th form aint it :) x x

    10/10/08 via Mobile
  • Boibakes

    Well Well hello stranger x Hows things going x x

    10/6/08 via Mobile
  • Carlie Lawrence
    luv Carlie Lawrence

    yer im havein it i live with ma boyf 2....we have bin 2geva a year an a half about....so were both happy....how long u bin wid ur boyf? x x xw/b x x

  • Carlie Lawrence
    Carlie Lawrence

    hay u....u ok? wot u up 2? gess wot im pregnant..... hows every...? w/b plz x x x x love yuu x x x

  • Miss.Sarah

    i no u didnt mean 2 but u did lol i didnt ova reat thank yhoo lol awww thnx bbe ly x x x x x

  • Miss.Sarah

    haha lol yea of course u are lol haha noooo course not lol i cant belive u n jam upset me thou a small thing like tht lmao awwww thnx bbe its jus iv neva dne it b4 scaryyy lol && how u no u havet seen me drive or nout lol ly x x x

  • Miss.Sarah
    luv Miss.Sarah

    haha lol thnx bbe lol awwww bless yah bbe awww i wuldnt leave u on ur own hun im not tht mean i no i can b a bitch but im not tht bad lol sister bondin lmao i gotta drive sum1 bk 2moz im gonna b brickin it lol help lol Luv yhoo x x x

  • Miss.Sarah

    SLAPPER lol love yhoo cup cakes lmao thnx 4 last nyt hun i really needed u there thnx bbe luv u x x x x x x x x

  • X-Insane Affection-X
    X-Insane Affection-X

    Good Afternoon Miss Floyd... How Are Thee??? HaHa Boom Boom :D just wanted to say that it was really nice to see you at anni's birthday, had an awesome night and i'm glad you came. hopefully i will see you again some time take care babes love ya xxx

  • Miss.Sarah

    aww cheers bbe wot the hell does it make u thn :P lol luv yah x

  • X-Xjugzx-X

    nat dip!!!!!! you what you what ha ha xxx

  • Dollface.

    ello! ello! You what! You what! :D xx

    9/15/08 via Mobile
  • Joe

    hello alex :D lolz howa u doin aint sin u in a while what u bin doin latley ? wb xx

  • Miss.Sarah

    Congrats hun!! smart bitch lol ly x

  • Dave P
    Dave P

    my cars fine its all done now im aint been doin much really wb