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Emily Steel

Chelsea are pure scum. Cheating, talentless filth.

4/30/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 23, Luv 20
  • from Wootton Bassett
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 1,896
  • Member since: December 2005
  • Last active: 1/9/10
  • www.bebo.com/emlemon
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I dont really use this much.
But i thought cos i havent updated it in years, it was overdue a tidy up!

Well, Hi, I'm Emily.
At Bassett Sixth Form.
i do English Language, Maths and Physics.
Yes, i am a geek.

I love my music.
I bet you cant guess who my favourite band are? lol
i love gigs. They are the best place to be.

My friends are amazing.
Jess, Jenny, Leanne, Sneha, Tasha and Vicki are all my girls. Well, and Ross too haha.

Drop by sometime and say 'Hi' :]
i like talking to new people.
i'm not as scary as i look. I promise!

The Other Half Of Me


My cowboy Bf and baked bean buddy. Oh yeah.

Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles, BLOC PARTY, Courteeners, Cribs, Foals, Futureheads, The Ghost Frequency, Good Shoes, Hadouken, Hard-Fi, Hot Club de Paris, Jack Penate, Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong, Kate Nash, Late Of The Pier, Lethal Bizzle, Libertines, Los Campesinos, Metronomy, Milburn, One Night Only, Operator Please, Pigeon Detectives, Pull Tiger Tail, Shy Child, Vampire Weekend, The View, We Are Scientists, Wombats
I admit i love a good cheesy film that makes you feel good about yourself and you can sing along to.....thats why i like High School Musical and Hairspray. =]
I dont do sports really.
Abit of tennis now and then.

But i do like watching sports.
I love football.
Liverpool FC are the best.
And i'm not just one of those glory supporters - i actually know my stuff about football!

And me and Leanne have got hoocked on Ice Hockey lately.
Swindon Wildcats are ace.
Scared Of
Happiest When
I'm with my friends.
Or at gigs.
Or even better, with friends at gigs.

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  • Soundtrack to my life

    1. Open Your Library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
    2. Put It On Shuffle!
    3. Press Play!
    4. For Every Question, Type The Song That's Playing!
    5. When You Go To A New Question, Press The Next Button

    Opening Credits:
    Anything can happen in the next half hour - Enter Shikari

    Waking Up:
    Last summer - Lostprophets

    First Day At School:
    Downing street kindling - Larrikin Love

    Falling In Love:
    Send in the boys - Milburn <--hahahahahah

    Fight Song:
    Molly Chambers - Kings of Leon

    Breaking Up:
    Sunday - Bloc Party

    Song 2 - Blur

    Life's OK:
    The future freaks me out - Motion City Soundtrack <--ironic!

    Mental Breakdown:
    Tell me baby - Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Magick - Klaxons

    Fix up, look sharp - Dizzee Rascal

    Getting Back Together:
    She never even told me her name - Air Traffic

    You know i love you - The Pigeon Detectives <---awwwh!

    Birth of Child:
    The curse of curves - Cute Is What We Aim For

    Final Battle:
    Knights of cydonia - Muse

    Death Scene:
    Parallel worlds - Elliot Minor

    Funeral Song:
    We were lovers - Bloc Party :* [

    End Credits:
    Recover - The Automatic

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  • Vicki
    luv Vicki

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK EM! dont you think we make a cute couple? HAHAHA im joking im joking lol its OBV that the boy loves you! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMNIT i cant believe we did that. VERY good times! ttyl LOVE LOVE LOVE x x x x x

  • Rebecca L
    Rebecca L

    [15:00:25] Hi there! I noticed that you are in the Panic! At the Disco group and thought you might like to know that www.avenue7.com is having a contest and they are giving away 2 tickets to watch Fall Out Boy at London Wembley 22nd Oct. I know its not entirely relevant but I thought u might like to know anyway.. The contest is free to enter and you can find more infomation about the contest at avenue7.com I hope you don't mind this mini advertisement, I promise it's a one time thing (not like all those stupid web cam slut that gets posted all over the place!) thanks and wb if you have any questions about the contest! :) x

    10/1/08 via Mobile
  • Amelia Fairbanks
    Amelia Fairbanks

    hahahahah...just seen the amount u actually have! christ! the webcam lovers do love u! lol there is one called amelia too! its not me! hahaha x x x x x x x x

  • Amelia Fairbanks
    luv Amelia Fairbanks

    hahahahahahah loser :P yes, i can see u r bored ;) i just went to next and got a top and then went to starbucks to have a chocolate cream...mate i thankyou for introducing me to them! lol thanks...i like this skin too...but now i know u like it, i think i might change it! hahaha jokes! :P :L omg! i havent had one of those weird webcam thingys yet! i feel left out! i dont want one tho! lol....they are like on everyones page...its a bit freaky! dont worry...i attract freaks too....i mean..look at u for starters! haha jokin my dear ;) omg i have missed our chats and drinking seshs and chips at 11pm :P hehe im glad u love me so much that u just cant get away from me! lol :P i love pointless comments! they are the best :D im playing tennis tonight! sexy ;) thinking about meeting up again this weekend btw...fancy it my dearest dear?:P spk sooooooon :D have missed u! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x have my love gay boy ;)

  • Amelia Fairbanks
    luv Amelia Fairbanks

    signed onto msn earlier...and my mate says... 'u were in the paper?' ..... YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS EMILY! ...yerp! our pic was distributed throughout swindon! lol....o my! hahaha...i actually looked like a horse in that pic! o dear :L lets face it...WE R FAMOUS NOW! :L nxt time we r in that starbucks...we will be sat by the window..and everyone will be like...o yer ;) those two ladies :L gosh..i make myself laugh! :P spk soon :D x x x x x

  • Amelia Fairbanks
    luv Amelia Fairbanks

    well hello there emily! :D i was just gonna write u a comment...and i thought i would read tashas first...OMG!my driving is much better than his! haha...sorry :P anyways...guess which sexy beast is playing at bassett on tuesday...yerp...thats me! :P woopwoop! :D im expecting spectators haha o my! im still tired! and u have disappeared from msn..so im guessing u have gone to bed! lol...or ur having ur tea :P spk soon chicken! :D xxxxxxxxx

  • Natasha Sidwell
    luv Natasha Sidwell

    Heya Emz! I'm all good thank you, and urself! How was the party...did u enjoy urself..what did u wear in the end loL! DETAILS! any gossip..hehe! Milles driving was very good..we were laughing so much wen she was driving down threwthe car park, she didnt realise there was a barrier she couldnt get threw i was like MILLLE and she was like OMG, and had to quickly break! loL! Made me chuckle soo much! loL! Twiggys dirving d ook mu better, hehe! ONly joking! Anyways, i am doing a 9-6 shift tomorow in the bakery..so i shall leave u too it! Chat later my sweet xx

  • Vicki
    luv Vicki

    OH MY BAH JESUS! emily dear i DEMAND we have a msn convo SOON! if the worst comes to the worst then i think it shall have to be phone call times. im soo excited its actually embarrassing =/ who knows what we are going to be like on the night! well THEY will know mwahaha and we must make sure they will never forget ;) ok ok ok so speak soon alright. oh yes btw HAVE U SEEN TLSP NEW VID? if you havent then theres a spazz attack waiting for you XD . . .GOOOD TIMES indeed. HEAPS of love x x x x

  • Amelia Fairbanks
    luv Amelia Fairbanks

    well hello there ;) omg...i bloody love u... 1. u made my love go to 100 lol...(yes im sad) 2. u make me laugh 3. ur emily steel! ha! ...wouldnt that be a reason to hate u ;) haha jokes yer...that sex on the beach was well nice!i took mine slow tho! :L and the wierd craving for chips at like 11.00! haha...made me chuckle in the car. i liked friday night...i think theres talk about going out for a meal on friday night..cos i think everyone has finished their exams by then. good luck this afternoon...im going to tescos in cirencester with my gran...haha..fun times! then me and tash are going on a photoshoot thing tomoz in london lol...i need all the makeover i can get! lol...just taking advantage of it really! lol as u can see..i have left talking about my french exam till the end of the convo lol...hmmm it was erm..interesting...ok ok...BLOODY HARD :L o my...deffo U! lol... good luck good luck and good luck! have my love back batch! love youuu x x x

  • Vicki
    luv Vicki

    OH MY!! how long is it now? OH HOLY MOTHER OF ROOFS! im actually going to marry that bloody brilliant boy!! sorry its a rather late reply =/ ,i never ever ever ever ever EVER come onto this bebo rhubarb. MESSAGE TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok then.Thats all. RAVAGING TIMES! just thought id add that one in for a rofl moment HAHAHHA love love love love love x x xx

  • Natasha Sidwell
    Natasha Sidwell

    Hey my love! i have worked ALL day today and my feet just feel like there going to fal of..yes, i actually worked hard today! haha! Um, my long weekend is going good thank u! Its been coursework most weekend though..but itsbeen good hope u enojyed the footy and talk to u later my sexc ginger! haha! muh love! xxx

  • Mutsehebeng Spunkmeier
    Mutsehebeng Spunkmeier

    alright sorry for taking ages to reply...i never get round to it on these things as you found out ages ago on myspace lol that physics trip...well in summary of it all i guess it was nice to spend some time out of school...but im sorry to say the whole thing went straight over my head lol well those kids were unreal...never seen anything like it in person! there like a stevie G club! x

  • Natasha Sidwell
    luv Natasha Sidwell

    moop de moop de scoop de hoop! Hello my sexc little ginger!- Hope ur hols is good! Mine is soooooooooooooooo busy! Family down, coursework, media filming lol! But i dont mind! See u at jens party eh?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Anyways, i shall be of my love ciao x x x x x x

  • Vicki
    luv Vicki

    woooo holidays!!!! alright well how about . . . errr . . .friday night at some time. its the best i can do. if not then i shall text text text =D . You must tell me that thing miss emily, i neeeed to know!! ummm after six on friday. i cant think ermm ...whens best for you? LOVE love love lol xxxx

  • Vicki
    luv Vicki

    o.o reeeeeeeeeally? dooo tell,the suspense is actually killing me and it would suck if i like died and then we wouldnt meet up atall!! BAD TIMES! i did see that one night only video . . .two words . . .GOOD TIMES! hahaha. easter hols em= meeting up BIG time,not small time. msn sesh indeedy. hurrah love love love love love xxxxxxx

  • Vicki

    HEY!! LOOK,IM WRITING YOU A COMMENT!!! YAY ME! sooo emily isnt this exciting , i forgot what i was going to say. oh dear. oh yeah EASTER HOLIDAYS !!are you thinking what im thinking? . . . .OMG I SOO HAVENT FINISHED SPAZZING OVER THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS .hahaa. oh my.this message sucks. ever so sorry. talk soon byexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kristian Mansfield
    Kristian Mansfield

    yeh i doooo there living legends i no them threw hockey which is always a plus :) im amazing you

  • Kristian Mansfield
    Kristian Mansfield

    yeh i did! you where in the ch ch changes thing lol being frineds with my friends and i thougt wow shes seems cool ill add her lol