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Rachel Wiltshire

Ciao Bella, tour '08. (Barca)

4/11/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 127
  • from Bristol =] (now in woko though)
  • I am Single
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Me, Myself, and I
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The Other Half Of Me
Alison Seymour

Alison Seymour

And i-yyee-iii, will always lov-ve yoo-uuu, ooooh

I love music. I like Anything- it varies. All time faves have to be...
Katie Melua; Air Traffic; The Days; Michael Buble; James Morrison; The Musicals; Pigeon detectives; The Kooks.
Dodgeball. Bench Warmers. Baad American humour. Love it. Like a bit of 'Species' as well. The old films are where its at, bring on Dr Zhivago mann.
Stuff that interests me....
Dancing, freestyllle. Feels good. Swimming. Trampolining. LIFE SAVING for life enit. Music. Playing it, hearing it, feeling it.
Alison seymour!
Legend. Absolute ROCK in my often spastic spazzes.
Happiest When
Dreaming. Belting out a song with suey. Grinding with Jess... Acting a cheesy American Arabian. Wakeovers with Alison and the crew. Snuggling up in the cold. On holiday.
Serious Business...
1W2G=TJC=AAA. [One way to God, Through Jesus Christ, Anyone, anytime, ANYWHERE). Sort your life out- I have. Eternity enit. Read the Bible. Come to Carey with me. See what happens. Open for debate.
Best experiences?
-Visiting america in 2002/2006= chipmunks, diners, Abercrombie and Fitch, NY by night on a boat, Statue of liberty, Alcatraz, those HUGE trees! -Greece- best fam holiday everrr!
-Visiting Rome- absolutely adore the colosseum and exploring ruins. aha.
-Eating snails, frogs legs and squid. The latter is disgusting. eww.
-Watching les mis, lion king, mary poppins etc in london- love musicals.-Iceland. Suppperrr.
-Weddings. awesome.-TOUR 08 my BF for life. -Barca

Baptism- especially awesome.

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  • Tali-Cheeks
    luv Tali-Cheeks

    hey rachel! :D just thought id send u a comment cuz i aint for aggesss! :( sooo where r u now?? as u r no longer wiv us holties! :( sniff. :P i thnk tis jks tht i saw u lyk a cuppla weeks ago wen i was wlkn bac frm skl!! haha :L nyc to see u agen! :D soz i cdnt realli stop to chat- bt im always late n my mum gets a tad annoyed wit me! :S oops! lol. :L sooo hws lyf as a sixth former??? wb! hav sum love :D Love you natalie xxxx

  • Sami

    [10:58:39] Hi there! I noticed that you are in the Panic! At the Disco group and thought you might like to know that avenue7.com is having a contest and they are giving away 2 tickets to watch Fall Out Boy at London Wembley 22nd Oct. The contest is free to enter and you can find more infomation about the contest at avenue7.com I hope you don't mind this mini advertisement, I promise it's a one time thing (not like all those stupid web cam slut that gets posted all over the place!) thanks and wb if you have any questions about the contest! :) x

    9/29/08 via Mobile
  • Alice

    Thought id give you something to read when you return :) I miss you but its either 2day or 2moz that you come home and i cant wait! I have some news for you also and with allie away ive literally had no-one proper to talk to bout stuff!! Now when you return you need to get your butt on msn quickly dearest! as we do have something to sort out AND we need to meet up next week... just cus ive missed you. I hope that the 'land of thai' as you call it was most enjoyable im sure you and the fam had bare jokes and ting cus you are clearly all safe as houses! Although i am thinking i will be jealous of someones tan :( But oh my days!!! its like only 17 days until camp!! and 15 days till results! scary and exciting stuff! Camp is going to be brilliant this yr as your wonderful self will be there! yes boi bare jokes all round!! Rachel Wiltshire i love you so much!Come home quick i need the huggest hug as i have been without my raci for far too long! Love, hugs and kisses xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Alison Seymour
    luv Alison Seymour

    My darling, you should check out what i wrote about you on my other half thing. Its a treat ;) Love yoooou xxxx

  • David Munday
    David Munday

    Hey, how are you enjoying your summer holidays so far? Xxx

  • LP'Baby

    Hello My Loverlyy:D i go to cuba on the 30th june:D :D lol im good thanks.. how are you?? Lovee Youuu xx

  • Edd

    Hey, havent spoken in TIME. Was just wondering something... Are you doing your prom with Forest school? wb xxxx

  • Mark O'Leary
    Mark O'Leary

    Hey, soz it's taken me so long to reply- have been bogged down in work and exams. The exams are okay, a little more difficult than intended but hey. How about yours? It's my last one tomorrow and to celebrate the examiners have given me two exams rather than one... (y) Chat soon, perhaps meet up in the Summer x x x

  • Xx Ellie Xx
    luv Xx Ellie Xx

    Here's some love....<3 eventhough u never reply 2 my texts..... biatch x

  • Flabby Two
    Flabby Two

    :O you took 6 subjects! wow!! we only take 3! pfft pretty rubbish like but oh well!! i took drama art and music! WHAT A DOSS! i do nothin in any of them..bar drama..coz its good! and no..i am the baby of the gang..being 14 ..i know i know..pretty young..HOWEVER..i'm very mature for my age (lies)..hahaa,,which is why i get to hang around with the 'oh so very mature' seymours! (more lies) ahh...well...that was an absolute joke! but no..i'm year 10! !how are exams goin etc? revision? ooo i speak like you now!! you know...the 'Reading' vocab! the seymours, very kindly, made me a dictionary of words and phrases often used in your home town?county?village? what is it? its not a city is it? oh well anyway. so yeh.. safe n ting ;) (told ya) oo a god mother! wow! well i've only ever heard good things about those! dont you like help your god child get to the ball ontime?and turn pumpkins into carrages and mice to horses? hows your holiday goin? take care much love bare safe n ting! ;) xxxx

  • Flabby Two
    Flabby Two

    hi there! i'm meg! charis alison alice chrissie and kev's friend :) i figured i should finally be polite and introduce myself and say 'hey' seeing as i have heard EVERYTHING about you!! and shall be meeting you in june sometime!! apparently! so i look forward to that! :) but till then! how are ya?? =] x

  • Jack S

    Have you seen 21? It's great x

  • Xx Ellie Xx
    luv Xx Ellie Xx

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x WILTSHIRE hav a gd wknd my love english lit revision....gna b absolutely immense :p u goin 2 skl monday or not? wb luv yuu my darling x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x p.s. did u like my artistic approach to this comment yh??! :P