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BabyGirlcharlie Xx

wow been years since i came on here, my lil girl is now 3 and im due with my second end of july :) x

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9/1/09...Love You Aden ... Amy-Leigh My Baby Girl...x
Me, Myself, and I
names Charlie never forget that...you will need to know it when you bitch bout me....


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LOVEYOU; NatalieEastwood
hiyaa babee, ahahaa; i aint gonnaa say ooo i'm hacking your bebo, cause i'm sat withh youu ;) i thought i'd right to say, you mean so much to me, honestly babe your such a good friend your always there for me when i need you, and you give Fandabidosi ADVICE, and That i'm here for you NMW, Throughout thick and thin i'll always be here, even if i'm sexually engaged ;) you can talk to me about anything, Seen as i put my boob in your face ;) TENT, wass amazingg we have so many amazing memories, friends Forever babe; iiLOVEyouu :) hugs+cuddles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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;Aden Bby ♥..♥..♥
Well where to start..?.....aden is just the best boyfriend i have ever had...and i know im going to be with him forever.. i love him sooooo much he means so much to me...and now that we are having a baby girl it has made our relationship stronger....there is nothing and no-one that will ever split me and aden up.. we love each other way to much to be apart for a long time so yes it will be hell in the army but we will get through it... i love you forever Aden Lee Nixon forever and always..xxxxxx
The Other Half Of Me
Aden Lee Nixon

Aden Lee Nixon

One In A Million Baby.Love You Forever..09/01/09 ♥

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  • Jessica'S Daddy
    luv Jessica'S Daddy

    hey its ok :) xxx

    Feb 9
  • Lisa S
    Lisa S

    hey chick how long since we been on here r u really pregnant again wow xx

  • Latrisha Rougeaux

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    8/13/11 via Mobile
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    Draklord Mofotro

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  • Smiles

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  • Sammie Nixon
    luv Sammie Nixon

    your baby amy leigh is sooo pritty i just love her i still cant belive i have a neace lmao xx loveyou hunnie xx x

  • Tifa Lockheart
    luv Tifa Lockheart

    hey hun aden sed u had ur lil girl just wntd 2 say congrats hpe u enjoy bein a parent :) gd luck wiv everyfin lv chaz x x x

    11/20/09 via Mobile
  • ShaunaMoseley
    luv ShaunaMoseley

    ohh gooo you , have you moved into the house yet then ?. x thats alryt then have you got the pram and then ?. when is it ur due ?.. x tahh for the love x x

  • ShaunaMoseley
    luv ShaunaMoseley

    Good to hear use are doing well , have you found a place yet to settle in ?x , && good ule have to bring the baby into college wont you ,x and , yeh let me no when your baby showerr is and ile definatly be there lots of prezzies Ayy lucky you x x have you bought anything for the baby yet bbe x?. love for you charleen, x (cant evan spell ur name)haha x Love you x

  • ShaunaMoseley
    luv ShaunaMoseley

    heyah bbe , x im great tahh x how are you and bump doing , im not evan gonna see you am i seen as tho your having a year off college x gonna have to meet up so i can see the baby , :D and not been up to much really , bored , w.,b love you xx

  • Sammie Nixon
    luv Sammie Nixon

    hiiya xx im good ta thanx and well i aint been up to much i will have too start coming to see you more im missing you ly xxxxxxxxxx

  • Natalie
    luv Natalie

    i'm dead good thanks baba, are you? :) THE PARTY WAS DEAD GOOD, WISH YOU'D DANCED THO! :/ LOVEYOU BEAUTIFUL! LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY :) xxxxxxxxx

    7/13/09 via Mobile
  • Dan Mcgurty 6/27/09 via Mobile
  • El Nino
    El Nino

    Hey am ok u. Mn u. been hospital 2day :( howcu wb xxx

    6/27/09 via Mobile
  • TweetyypieeBethh Xx
    TweetyypieeBethh Xx

    Heyy hunn :) x youu ok ? .. hows youu// and bumpp ? lol x wuu2 ? x write bkk soon love youu :) xx