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♥That Girl♥

dying of a headache

7/12/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Widniiiiiii !!
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Me, Myself, and I
Loves- *my gurls*my boiz*football*booze*viki park*bargain booze*53 degrees*Clothes*dragons afc*shopping*work*dancing*str
 aighteners*crisps*dr pepper*southern comfort and lemonade*ciggies*spending muny on gay thingz*Hip Hop*Shakin my booty(haha)*Birfdays*Sunshine
 *Redshot*everton*lambo*make up*school*smiling*

Hates-*Getin up erly*boring ppl*greasy food*spots*people hu just dnt kno wen to shurrup*rainy days*homework*being bored*gettin too drunk*druggies*Getting ask for ID in the shop*Arguments*

I’m me♥trust me and die or trust me n be friends your choice be wise♥I love me not to the extent of some people but so what iv I do-problem ??NO didn’t think so♥my friends are my life♥u hate me – dnt worry I dnt hate you I jus think ur sad :D ♥LIFE=BLONDE and wa? ♥Your jelousy is my energy! ♥Love to shop♥ Dnt eva call me stupid I know im not and it wont go down well♥I love Paris Hilton♥
 ppy music*
*dirty dancing*bring it on*save the last dance*flashdance*you got served*barbershop*green st*footy factory*
*cricket*footy*DRAGONS AFC*
**i'm scared of**
*heights*rats/mice*freddy crouger*smak 'eds*bein tickled*
**Fave peeps**
 y ma*my dad*soz iv i misst ya out lol*
♥skater boiz totally rock my sox♥Old enuf to know better-young enuf to not giv a fuk♥bars and tablez are meant to be danced on♥I shake it like jello make the bois say hello♥If you play me I’ll play you too trust me I can do better than you♥I can’t explain my best memories ya jus had to be ther♥I welcome ur opinion♥im paris’s number 1 fan trust me-try me-iv gotta lifesize model in me room kiss it♥I Love Haters ♥ Cause All My Haters Just Make Me Look Greater♥Live fast – Die pretty♥Carpe Diem- Sieze The Day♥Subwayy is soo yummy♥Kisses on the neck send me weak at the knees♥Don’t dream it – Be it♥
My shoes make me fall head over heels sometime literally hehe♥Travis Barker is the sex♥I love accesories♥I was born with glitter in my veins♥I brought sexy back before Justin startin raving bout it♥When people you don’t even know hate you?- you know you’re the best♥I’m one of a kind there will NEVER EVER EVER be another me♥To all you girls-Just when you thought you wer the centre of attention we came n showed you up BOO FRIKKIN HOO♥Don’t play games with me cos u bitches know I can play dem better♥Tattoos on boiz r hott♥Imitation is the highest form of flattery....but don't copy me ♥I hate rules and I never follow them♥I’m crayzee in love♥Macdonalds strawberry milkshakes are my true love – but they make my head hurt ♥

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  • My Bonfire Night English work !! xxxxx


    It was Friday. Not just any Friday this Friday was special. Despite the rain I was still full of excitement, and I just couldn’t wait for undoubtedly one of the best nights of the year to begin. This night only came once a year so we had to make it special. Yes it was bonfire night 2004, last year it was great but that only meant one thing, this year had to be even better.
    The night started off with a bang literally fireworks everywhere, Bottom Park was jam-packed with alcohol guzzling teenagers all giggling and dancing to the loud music from the stereo. It seemed that the night was going to turn out great as it should. Nobody had a worry in the world except of course the park paroling police officers who had a whole night of this ahead of them, nevertheless they weren’t ready for what was actually going to happen that fateful evening.
    We were lucky though they seemed to stay away and not bother anyone for the majority of the time spent at Bottom Park, we were all tremendously grateful. Initially after everybody had drank a generous amount of their alcohol the night got more excitable. Everybody was singing along to the music and laughing, in general the atmosphere was one of the best I could have ever imagined. I was happy, the night seemed to be going well, I couldn’t have been happier.
    Then came the journey upto Birchfield Social Club, we didn’t have a care in the world so we weren’t expecting what happened next. The walk seemed fine everyone was smiling with joy that the night was becoming a great success, inside I felt glee that all my friends were having a good evening, there wasn’t anything that could make the night more enjoyable.
    We were travelling sufficiently fast up to Birchfield Social Club, there was roughly thirty teenagers charging there resembling an army ready for battle, we couldn’t help but walk fast as we were so excited to see the beautiful display of fireworks that were so kindly provided year by year. I could hear fireworks coming from everywhere but I knew the fireworks we were about to see were, by far the most spectacular in the whole of the town.
    I didn’t think anything would change my mood that evening but as I, my friend Lauren my friend Bee and my other friend Sara were walking rather closely to the front of the group we realised something was terribly wrong. A middle aged male was making his way into a taxi I remember vividly the taxi being of a maroon colour, the next thing I saw was our friends , my ex boyfriend, Gerard Unsworth and Lauren’s ex boyfriend Ste Jones, becoming extremely aggressive with the male who was attempting to make his way into a taxi. Suddenly I heard the most piercing scream I had ever encountered in my life; I was worried sick were the hell had this scream come from. I spun myself round to face a house nearby stood at the door was a woman and a young girl I didn’t understand what was exactly happening then the door slammed shut aggressively and the taxi spun away.
    I looked around everyone was quiet, then in a matter of milliseconds everything went back to how it was before all the drama happened I was extremely confused, between all the chatting I tried to ask what exactly had just happened but with no avail. I was totally and utterly gob smacked and at the same time didn’t have a clue as to what or why it all began.
    We were walking now the rest of the way up towards Birchfield Social Club we took the route around the park, in the dark it was frightful and looked like some sort of scene from a horror film. I Stayed with Dennis Simcock he’s a pleasant boy and made me feel like I was out of harm's way. Not once did I feel frightened everything seemed to be going back to the way I wanted this night to be.
    When we finally arrived at our destination, Birchfield Social Club, we felt like the night was finally back to normal and the night would be first-class. We

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    Dan Harvey

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    Luke Fox

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  • Peter Chitty
    Peter Chitty

    ite hun just lookin throug all my mates and saw u lol quite a good lookin girl for a widnes bird lol anyway wb soon lee

  • -LEwis-

    u alright jus passin tru lookin good and if u wanna add me on msn or myspace the links are on my page holla bk x

  • Matty Crowe
    luv Matty Crowe

    miss u 2 hunni :D yea u wud aprove she is great :) hows things wid u??? ya cn av my love back to just today :P k dnt no wen nxt home hun easter time will deffo cum catch up wid ya thou k love uxxxx

  • Paul Crossley
    Paul Crossley

    u got msn babe