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  • Female, 21, Luv 46
  • from United States
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: April 2005
  • Last active: 10/2/12
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Me, Myself, and I
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we're chicken people. <3

Shawna Weisinger♥
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♥...best movie in the world.
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  • Corey Haase
    Corey Haase

    I just racked $941 in a weekend in my spare time! I love this site - http://x.co/KTL4 Remember who hooked you up!

  • Brady Berryhill 8/10/09
  • Corey Haase
    Corey Haase

    haha. well dont worry because what am i gonna do without you. who am i gonna laugh at and make fun of :P but yeah you told me you hate work your first day lol....and im excited for my party too...but thn again im not excited because that just means its my last saturday of freedom...its like im going back to school again....but your right you are my favorite sister cause your the only one lol jk....i will talk to you later

  • Raee.

    Heyyy Critta Bash!!! What it doo?.. well... Last nyte definatley would have been funner if me and nathan didnt get sick!!! And if it didnt rain!!! Bahh!!! Soo Sorry that me and nater ruined it lol... But newho..... funn Times out ryans window lol.... But Baha... hope u remeber that to lol.... ...... ...... ..... ... welll Later Whore =]

  • Knights Era
    luv Knights Era

    i've loast talk with all you mates on bebo, pla do write back

  • Brooke Kite.
    luv Brooke Kite.

    Hah, wow thats good times. =]]..i think i still have those vids. I'm in track and im sorta still grounded. I have a boyfriend. And my dads letting to loose up. Cause i get to hang with him tonite. I lost your number i need it again. Hopefully soon we can hang out. Only 2 months, and so days till i get my liscenses. A week before you. I love the memories though. =D....I'm going to the keokuk dance tonight. Kinda excited, Kinda not. Well Miss you buddy.

  • Brooke Kite.
    Brooke Kite.

    psh me a freak,, right lol....i will most deff call. hopefully its in the next month or so. i misses you buddy,, we lost touch wen i moved,, and i was oh so sad. welp...im still about 9 days older then you. hah sooo blah...jkjk. we need to party togeth. ttyl.....much love.

  • Brooke Kite.
    Brooke Kite.

    i was so at that thingy, in the video lol. p.s. i did cheer. you guys did great. =]]].

  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones

    Nice video :P

  • Kyle Hammel
    Kyle Hammel

    christa i havnt talked to u forever,,, hows it been?

  • Justin Stewart
    luv Justin Stewart

    what it do?? hey. im bored. and guess what? my phone's screen went black.. yeah.. so now i can't text on it or even see anything that i'm doing when i have it on.. im kinda mad.. its been doin this for like a week now.. but its been off for like 7 hours now.. it sucks.. so hows xmas even going for ya? it will prlly be xmas when u reply to this so u might as well tell me how xmas is treatn ya too. sooooo im boored so im most likely gonna go to bed.. and get ready for 2mrw.. gotta get in the xmas spirit or whatever... my parents are all excited n shit like i was when i was lil.. n now im just like whatever.. so call me tomorrow. i won't know that its u calling me, b/c i can't see it.. but i can still receive it.. so .. u do that.. ill be waitin.. much love.. ttul

  • Jamie E
    luv Jamie E

    how you doing im great i guess you how are you doing at warsaw i miss you guys alot jamie

  • Brooke

    Game 2nite woohoo.scary

  • Justin Stewart
    luv Justin Stewart

    is that a good thing i look dif? i miss talkin to you im not gonna lie.. you need to call me when you get this! or text me. gnite.

  • Brooke
    luv Brooke

    Tonight Kyle told me he dosent know if he can stay. he is going to try really hard to convince his mom. im like NO. u cannot ruin this PerfectNess.lol. Tonight was pretty fun. its christies bday so we all had to ya know.sing her happy bday and what not. princess freakin got kyles hat and was chewing on it. YEAH the illinois hat.Omg.lol. she chewed the top of it off lmao. it was so sad. i feel bad, but u know, it will all be better by xmas right. 2moro i hafta remember to bring my bag to school so i dont hafta run home b4 the bus leaves. cuz i just wanna stay at school. the game is gona be fun cuz not that many people will be there, like kyle said hes not even going. i wonder if trav is? is he? u probably know. i kinda hope not. cuz then that will convince kyle to go lol. i think trav kinda just made up the whole -Him and kyle gettin totally brain frozen b4 we come over. bc kyle was like. What?. lol he didnt know wth he was saying.haha. but u know kyle. well il cya 2moro botch LOVEYA

  • Brooke
    luv Brooke

    THis weekend was Awesome I loved it .Woohoo. Even tho im Extremely Tired It was all worth it NEXT WEEKEND>> Will be 10x's Crazier!

  • Brooke

    Lmao.Wise? We We The Wildcats The Wildcats Haha iLoveYa <3

  • .LoVely Tia Jo.

    hey what's up?

  • Brooke

    i wasnt nervous at first .but now i deff am i really really really hope kyle dosent go but i bet he was there last game =\ i didnt think ppl really stared u down or ne thing while u were cheering lol but i guess they do? ..weird watch the damn game! lol

  • Johnathon'S-Gurl

    mkay kool would u lyk ta hang wit meh n all dem nikkaz lol cuz i really dont wanna g0o. by mi self!!