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woop woop

10/10/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 42
  • from Colne/Nelson
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 1,063
  • Last active: 9/2/10
  • www.bebo.com/kayomayo
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About Me

Hate Me Or Love Me Biatch
Me, Myself, and I
hiiiiii =]]

There Is Only One I And I Am That I.

I Am 17 Years Old And I Try To Live Life Proper.

I Can Be Very Sarcastic But It Makes People Laugh...

I Smile And Laugh At Everything!

I Have The Best People In The World To Back Me Up, Love Em!

Im Random But, Nahhh Mayte, Not Scene.

Top Bananaaa

^ ^

I Love:

-Posh Cocktails

I Hate:

-Judging...I've Learnt Me Lesson!
-Bloody OCD!

I Have The Most Original Set Of Friends But
We Make It Cool =P

[[If I Could Change I Would.
Take Back The Pain I Would.
Retrace Every Wrong Move I Made I Would]]

[[My Favourite Waste Of Time]]

Top Bombin

[[I'll Bring You Flowers In The Pouring Rain]]

Add Me On MSN If You Wana Chat More:
Myspace = munch_fox@hotmail.co.uk
The Other Half Of Me


If You See This Person... Smile.

Peaches, Funeral For A Friend, Papa Roach, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Panic At The Disco, Bon Jovi, Blink 182, MGMT... Anything With A Reyt Good Dirty Drum And Bass Beat!! And Thats Jus A Few... Theres More =]
Favourate Film: GREEN STREET!! <333
Nahh Mayte. I Have Enough Balls To Play With At Home Tarr hahahaha
Scared Of
SPIDERS Definitely!!
Happiest When
In bed... =P
In Potential Rain...
best fwends are:
I Don't Have Best Friends Anymore... I've Got Something Better... I've Got Amber, Rachel and Pratt =] If You Met Them You'd Know. Don't Need Anyone Else.
my heros are:
Whoever Inspires Me.. =]
"My Momma Used To Tell Me Lifes Like A Box Of Chocolates... Ya Never Know WHAT Ya Gona Get"

"Cruslie Guaranteed Ta Beat Ya Muslie"


"Im Forever Blowing Bubbles, Pretty Bubbles In The Air, They Fly So High, They Reach The Sky, And Like My Dreams They Fade And Die, Fortunes Always Hiding, Iv Looked Everywhere, Im Forever Blowing Bubbles, Pretty Bubbles In The Air!!"


"Face Down In The Dirt, She Said This Doesnt Hurt, She Said, Iv Finally Had Enough"


"Come on and shoot motherfucker!"


"Yet I'm nothing more than a line in your book"


"Who was it that said
That great things come to great men
Well that fucker lied to us"


"Use me as you will
Pull my strings just for a thrill"<33

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  • Amber Marie Barker
    luv Amber Marie Barker

    I just read my little i've got amber bit up there ^^ :) xxx

  • Potter

    ello how r u :)

  • Loki

    Well i can walk round it easy enough u wally. It was ment to be a run hahaha Its better for you outside, wanst that cold if you were running hahaha xxxxxxx

  • Loki

    Na i didnt, felt like crap lol As if your gonna wipp my ass. U fookin wish lol Will be a giggle + amber thinks she will beat me aswell hahahahahahaha Ooooo this will be a laugh lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Loki
    luv Loki

    wooooooow 6 weeks since i last posted on here lol see u most days so prity pointless haha Woop cinema on wednesday hehe Im all hyper coz i been on the skittles again hahahahaha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • LuciieGallagher.Ox

    Happy New Year :) x

  • Paz
    luv Paz

    i like smiles (: x

  • Loki
    luv Loki

    i know, 6 whole days!!!! hahaha Ye JCD tld me bout it. Mite b best if i diddnt cme, coz id try 2 make u laugh infront of every1 hahahaha Nt sure wat little doin yet, rang her lastnight bt she didnt know lol xxxx

  • Loki
    luv Loki

    £30 will be enough 2 get me some drinks lol And i beat u @ pool u fool. Ha that ryhmes lol Bak @ work 2moz :( dnt wanna go bak lol xxxx

  • Loki
    luv Loki

    Boooored. U up 4 the pub again on friday? And yes u do talk in riddles lol xxxx

  • Loki
    luv Loki

    u tried askin leah wat? u always talk in riddles? haha and paul is a good m8, u saw him on sat night u wally :) xxxx

  • Loki
    luv Loki

    askin who wat? lol i went round pauls 2nite will do cinema some time soon :) xxx

  • Loki
    luv Loki

    hahaha Ull have 2 ask her 2 cme out sometime. Nt spoke 2 her 4 a while actually lol xxxxx

  • Loki
    luv Loki

    ooh lady???? lmao will u get me a balaclava aswell, can use it 2 scare aimee haha u shud know if ive brought her out or not, coz im always with u n jonny when i am out u wally hehe xxxxxx

  • Loki
    luv Loki

    TAAAAAART hehe wat u been up2? not seen u 4 bout a week now lol xxxxxxxxx

  • Loki
    luv Loki

    ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!! how very dare you hahahaha im not ignorant, i reply 2 every1 else. hahahaha i see u nearly everynight anyway lol xxx