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Plain Old Slick .

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  • Male, 25, Luv 975
  • from Prestonpans
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: April 2005
  • Last active: 12/6/11
  • www.bebo.com/the_original_slick
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Probably the most chilled cat you'll ever meet.

...and I mean cat in a "black soul singer" kinda way.

Not the kinda cat that will rub up against your leg when they want attention then ignore you when you actually want to pat them.
The Other Half Of Me


Looks better dressed down

If it can be listened to, appreciated, and in most cases annalysed. It's in my good books.

End of story.
Things I enjoy
Writing songs and lyeing in the sun.

Eating sushi and things that remind me of being young.
Scared of
Never working out why people actually exist.
If you enjoy chatting - Add me :]

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  • Me and Robbo's new podcast :]


    Click the link and check it out. (y)

    2 Comments 229 weeks

  • Stolen from cuntface

    the shoes you wore today: white and black hi-tops
    your eyes: Greeny brown.
    your hair: dark
    your weight: Pure fat as fuck
    you height: 5ft 10
    your fears: Polterguist

    what is:
    your most overused phrase on msn: "Hello m'dear"
    your thoughts first waking up: Fuck off sun
    the first feature you notice in the opposite sex: Personality
    your most missed memory: School summer holidays.

    you prefer:
    pepsi or coke: coke.
    mcdonald's or burger king: Burger king rules
    single or group dates: single.
    adidas or nike: Nike for the win
    chocolate or vanilla icecream: vanilla.

    do you:
    smoke: not very often.
    curse: a lot...
    have any crushes?: suppose.
    who are they: ;]
    want to go to college: College is for wankers.
    like high school: Loved it.
    want to get married: If the right lady comes along..
    get motion sickness: Na, not at all.
    think you're a health freak: Naw pal.
    get along with your parents/guardian: Except for a few occasions yes.
    like thunderstorms: Love them

    have you ever:
    missed school because it was raining?: Yuh hu.
    told a guy/girl that you liked them?: Lots of times..
    cried during a movie?: Notebook and big fish.
    thought an animated character was hot?: The little mermaid (y)
    had an imaginary friend?: Can't say i have.
    cut your own hair?: yes siree.
    had a crush on a teacher?: Quite a few....
    shoplifted?: Got caught.

    the future:
    age you hope to be married: like... 30.
    numbers of children: 2.
    descibe your dream wedding: Everyone dressed as pirates on an old wooden ship.
    I'd be the captain.
    how do you want to die?: Whilst doing something that i can be remembered for..
    what do you want to be when you grow up?: Yer da.
    what country would you most like to visit?: Tibet

    number of:
    people I could trust with my life: There's a few
    piercings: 10.
    tattoos: One of a wolf fighting a bear
    times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: Quite a few.
    scars on my body: 2 accidental, one purposefully.
    things in my past that i regret: Putting so much effort into certain things

    fav colour(s): black and red.
    day/night: night person.
    summer/winter: summer.
    lace or satin: satin.
    fave food: chilli and jalepeno pizza from marios.
    fave sport: rugby.

    right now:
    wearing: Boxers and a T-shirt.
    drinking: Pepsi
    eating: Nowt.
    thinking: I need my bed..
    listening to: The knife - like a pen.

    in the last 24 hrs:
    cried: Nope
    worn jeans: yes siree.
    met someone new online: Na.
    done laundry: I'v ironed a shirt.
    drove a car: Na, don't have one :[.

    do you believe in:
    your friends: some of them.
    santa claus: yes.
    tooth fairy: Mine was a stingy cunt
    destiny/fate: i'd like to.
    ghosts: yeah.
    UFO's: yeah.
    God: yeah
    heaven: State of mind.
    hell: State of mind
    reincarnation: not really.

    friends and life:
    do you ever wish you had another name?: Yep, second name... hate it.
    do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: Na, i'm single and looking.... Any decent girls add me on msn yeah? Thanks babez. :]
    do you like anyone?: Theres this girl i kinda like... her names most definately not caro.
    which of your friends acts the most like you?: I'd like to say nic, but that would make him grumpy... We probably have most in common so.
    are you close to any family member?: ...I'm closer than a lot of other people are to theirs..
    what's the best feeling in the world?: That first ever hit of smack... Better than any cock in the world.
    what time is it now?: 4.49am :[ I can't fucking sleep.

    0 Comments 252 weeks

  • The blackbird - by Alex Hodgson :]

    Monologue of a desperate blackbird

    As I sit here, in the branches of my spiralling home,
    In the distance the not so familiar sound echoes,
    Crashing and smashing and flutter of screams fly up,
    Destruction follows, tipping those which have stood for decades,

    The sweltering sun hits the middle of the sky,
    And the kafuffle dies to a distant murmur,
    Calming down, the rapid heartbeats fade,
    And again I’m left with contentment,

    Huddled up in the woven safety of our nest,
    The ones dearest to me lie in wait for their feast,
    Not yet able to take flight but yet more awake than me,
    They impatiently squawk for the necessities they need,

    With the instinct born into me I flap my tired wings,
    With the knowledge of my surroundings I head for food,
    With the squirming maggot in my mouth I feel it struggle to survive,
    With the luck of a good catch I head for home,

    The usual rush of adrenaline after a catch is present,
    And the air no longer feels thick against my movement,
    As the pride of a loving family drives me home;
    To where I’m needed. Where I belong.

    Gaining altitude I realise below me the change,
    Previous seas of green are reduced to piles of mash,
    Familiar places are reduced to nothingness,
    And the adrenaline I feel is no longer the thrill of a hunt.

    Home gets nearer as the destruction follows the same pattern.
    Dropping the lifeless mess from my grasp I flutter onwards,
    Entering the once tranquil nest, my ears ring,
    Youngsters now squealing. Flapping madly. Deafening torment.

    Roaring nears, treetops collapse, animals flee, I panic.
    Leaves flap and spin past as I spread and take flight,
    Fear smothers any emotion of doubt to my actions,
    Till darkness falls.

    Monologue of a baby blackbird
    Opening my eyes, the sun outlines the shadow of mother,
    Straight away my stomach churns for food,
    I open wide and squeal for what I need,
    The shadow drops from sight allowing light to pour in

    Silence reigns as her absence is apparent and we sit in wait,
    A rumble, a noise like a thunderstorm,
    Fills my small ears and I scream out for my mother,
    How her silhouette would be much appreciated now.

    Minutes pass, alone in my huddle of brethren.
    As helpless as me in what we are, our noise is muted,
    By the deafening roar of the monsters below us,
    The shadow of our mother approaches to save us.

    Waddling towards her figuire as one mass of fluff,
    Our cries are rejected as the shelter of safety takes off,
    Flies off in a furious display of desperation,
    Left alone, by ourselves. The rumble gets nearer.

    Vibrations fill my body as the world shakes,
    Wide eyed and trembling as some fall out,
    I cling on for all its worth,
    As we plummet to the sea of darkness.

    2 Comments 267 weeks

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    Blunt-Force Trauma.

    Ken man, I've saved it to my favourites...

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    Blunt-Force Trauma.

    You don't suit your beard, you hairy bastard.

  • Blunt-Force Trauma.
    luv Blunt-Force Trauma.

    Dae you no like ma face or su'hin? You fuckin' ken am familiar.

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    its made of awesomenees and sexy time! mmmmm lol i bought the exact same sandwich yesterday :D cuz its sooo gooood mmm x

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    :O my stickers are cool! don't diss bitch! lol how's you? xxxxx

  • Blunt-Force Trauma.
    Blunt-Force Trauma.

    I had a dream that you lived in a big glass house beside Goolwa, and I was wrecked and came to your door with just shorts and a vest on.. :L & you told me to sleep on a couch, then you folded it in half with me inside it. Maaahahaha. :B Then Craig & you carried me to Goolwa & I met my other pals... It was weeeeeeeird. xxxxxxxxxx

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