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im pretty danm confused about life and im tryen to quit smoken ciggerets and well peaple are pissen me off

5/11/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from United States
  • I am It's Complicated
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About Me

welcome to the jungle
Me, Myself, and I
im a junkie and a jucier...in other words im a drug addict and alchohalic enyone who noes me noes its true... i jest got out of a rehab center and im sober still smoken those god dam cancer sticks...besides that im not in school...probly going to job core...like it says on my thing its complicated with the relationship thing...i got a sister named nichol and my baby sister elizibith...i got a brother named nathaniel...im pretty chill guy smart when i want to be... i love to eat blast music...shit bike around and hang with friends...my emeals valdez-superbeener@hotmail.com...and by the way im a horriable speller
i listen to everything from jappenese hip hop to metelica to motzart not to big on country tho but somes all right
im big on the world of warcraft, final fantasy, and geutar hero are my favorites
football all the way
Scared Of
losing the peaple closest to me iv allready lost alot of peale i couldent imagine losing more
Happiest When
sleeping eating and being with peaple who generaly understand me and talking lol
its complicated and to be honest itl probly nothing at all soon
i hate
fate, being in my head, nightmares, and being hungary and not knowing whats going on with the peaple i love

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  • you no what i jest relized

    lol looken back on my past blogs brings up alot of memories my life was pretty choatic and ya it sucks i missed out on alot i want to say sorry for all those peaple who put up with my bullshit but ya its wierd it was a calamity of life and well now things are different its way different kinda scary if i think about it like iv lived life as a convict and a drug addict i meen i was a real junkie... when i ran from treatment i went got high and well i ended sleeping in a cold shack if eny of u no were the key bank is in eagle river its right next to eagle river elementry i slept in some shacks behind there and that was horriable dont ever want to do that again

    1 Comment 272 weeks

  • im out mother fuckers hahah

    what everyone im not dead jest a little crazy after treatment but out hahahah ready to couse trouble and plot devious plots to take over the world hahah lol like i said im a litle cray but thats all gravy couse im jest me beeing me lol treatment sucked thats all i have to say about that

    0 Comments 272 weeks

  • hey

    dam its been awhile sence iv been on well enyways im goin to rehab for 4-6months so il b back then i guess peace u all miss fuckazzzz

    0 Comments 292 weeks

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  • yo

    dude hi halen!!!

    Veena Shea S 0 Replies
  • YO

    hahah yo halen waz up well just wanted to say hi and how are u well comment me some time this pic is for you hope yo u like it laterz i well call you

    Nicki 0 Replies

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  • Sid

    i am 1 of sams friends and i umm was w/ u when u and sam and brittany were all hanging out and u were running on ice and u fell

  • Alisha Charis

    hello Amos This hot chick with huge tits is showing on cam! Hit up jane84red@live.com on msn messenger before she gets off. Shes crazy!

    8/5/08 via Mobile
  • Stephanie Vlasoff
    luv Stephanie Vlasoff

    hey i really miss you kinda need to talk to ya soon havein issues AGAIN not sure what im suposed to do ur the only one i can talk to right now love you and talk to u soon.....= (

  • Kasi Michelle
    Kasi Michelle

    Yo! long time no talk! Wats been up?

  • Beemer

    sup man! Add me. Tis beemer wit enternet finaly!

  • Veena Shea S
    luv Veena Shea S

    i don't have a my space..or internet for that matter T.T

  • Halen

    hey guys i jest got a myspace (halens_myspace@hotmail.com) check it out or add me

  • Veena Shea S
    luv Veena Shea S

    hey beener boy u shuld totally chek ot the poems on my bebo and tell me wat you think...pweez? lol

  • Veena Shea S
    luv Veena Shea S

    Dude you totally rock!!! XD hows you been beener?

  • Kasi Michelle
    Kasi Michelle

    Lol thanks!! haha

  • Kasi Michelle
    Kasi Michelle

    Yo! Hey let me know AS SOON AS U FIND OUT wen ur commin bak kk?!?! I realy want to see u before ur gone gone :'(

  • Kasi Michelle
    Kasi Michelle

    SMILE!!! BE HAPPY!!!!! ..... or i will KILL YOU!!! MWAHAHA!!! lol jk jk jk

  • Kasi Michelle
    Kasi Michelle

    thanks. Ur profile is so depressing it makes me sad. Ur too pestimistic

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris

    hey man, wudup???

  • Kasi Michelle
    luv Kasi Michelle

    Yo ur profile makes me depressed! Im realy sorry bout all the shit ur goin throgh. Im always here 4 u an if u need to talk give me a call im always home an as u no my phone is always on. Srry again

  • Kasi Michelle
    Kasi Michelle

    HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !! Carlie says HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mandy says HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Trumbauer
    Ryan Trumbauer

    dude you are a special little shit