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About Me

Me, Myself, and I


 kristian thomas,
      i love you so much<3



      dexter muduma

   ami elizabeth & becki rose

Baby your my world more than i could ever dream of the best girlfriend ever please stay mine forever i love you baby until my heart stops beatin x

The Other Half Of Me
Mr K.T.Stuart

Mr K.T.Stuart


ohhh yesss i have justt hacked youu:P . bet you dont realise and when you do you wont know its me lmao:L . this proper extra cool sexy boy;) lmao :L
loveyouuu <3

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  • Ami Elizabeth and Becki Rose♥

    omg i love these two like too much ;) tbh we have the best memories alreadey and i've not been close to them that long. They've just shown me some great nights and i can be totally myself around them because there kindaa nutters too :/ . we chat aload of bolocks tbh but we love it. i spend like evrey weekend with them, and look forward to it all week. proper bad influences, i mean drinking at your age ;) ha! no i love it :D . i get told off for laughing :-| paha, but then i just end up laughing like more of a tard, FUCKING SNORTS AMI!! :L Spent some really amazing nights with you two and looking forward to more sexies :) . we've got to be friends always, because me and becki are well gonna take over the world one day ;) you wait. i love you both millionsss.
    love it love it love it i want you in my bucket, cus i feel like a KFC
    wouldn't you wouldn't you, like to have me in your bed[8]
    beckis got wind, shes got issues issues issues :L
    lmaooo, i can't right em all down :L just some classics;)

    Knowlesy, Farcalhousan + Cliff♥
    MY BOY.dexter muduma.
    i love you, bestfriends always, you are my world tbh, your my rock, i've always relied on you. we can talk about anything and always help each other out ;) waking up in the middle of the night because am sad, bless you. your amazing babe. so many good memories and i know they'll be SOO many more. we'll never leave each other right (yn).

    emily elizabeth hough
    we're bestfriends! it's not a phrase, it's a promise. we might not spend evrey minute of evrey day together, but thats how we work and we couldn't be closer. nothing will come between us, cus tbh we wont let it. we have some right nights, we must be two of the funniest people alive ;) lmao cus i can never stop laughing when am with her and shes always there for a good bitch when am angry or upset :L but tbh she never lets me be upset, she always makes me feel better. i love you mellimooooo♥


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  • <3

    2009; my life is the shit.
    my friends are amazing, you can't beat em.
    i ♥ being the centre of attention!
    i am constantly laughing.
    i love my mummy :D
    i text ALOT.
    gossip obsessed!
    i want to start seeing more of my family.
    i'm too immature ;) in a great way ;D
    little things please me (h)
    my aim; to get MASHED evrey week lmao.
    i'm going to keep all the people i'm close to at the moment cus there so special to me.
    i want to try do better in school.
    hair and makeup obssessed, but i don't love myself!
    theres alot of insecurities.
    I eat paracetamol like sweets ;L
    i'm kinda simple minded.
    my hair needs doing SOON.
    i have a phobia of lollypop sticks ;L
    I always have to make sure evreybody can hear ME!
    evreyone loves a few compliments, right?
    i'm dead vunerable.
    i can't wait for summer!
    i love the parties..
    just the general nights..
    and the tans ;)
    i know i'm not perfect, but i don't aim to be.
    i'm not still at the pathetic kids stage like some people..
    i need to be rich when i'm older!!
    i want a new phone (n)
    i can be proper unpredictable.
    i like to sing, well shout proper loud ;D
    holidays are the best.
    my auntie lynne is just like, my favourite person in the world.
    i actualley love quiet nights with the special ones.
    i am a proper loving person, my downside i guess (n)
    but atm, i love life (:


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Mr K.T.Stuart

is a looser lmao nah hes actualley amazing tbh. we dont go a day without talking, sometimes i think he knows me better than i do. hes a funny'un (: and properrr vain but i love him. basically hes just like one of the best people ive ever met and i never wanna loose him. i love you babyy xx

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Tinchy Stryder Ft Amelle Berrabah - Never Leave You

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  • Macey-BimboTime.

    OMG... this girl is topless on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on NikiaHoskynsgkvyu@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Macey-BimboTime.

    I pulled in $557 in 2 days being on the web! It came from - http://bit.ly/bdhgcw You will love me for this!

  • JAmmy.
    luv JAmmy.

    i love youuuuu (L)

  • Knowlesy.
    luv Knowlesy.

    i my cuz tbh, yes yes i doo:) im watching a giraffe been cut up unoo, not niceee because im having an omlette soon :L :L ! awelllll I LOVE YOU

  • BarbieGirl.
    luv BarbieGirl.

    my bestfriend:) i love you lots! hmm, havnt been on here in a while. so im going to leeve you an extra long comment to make up for all the daily loves. you like? yes i thought you may! yanoo, we actch do have the best times, i was just about to think of something to write but i cant because there are too many things to choose from and im not the decision making type. so instead im just going to ramble on. what would you do is you were asleep right.. and you heard "its dot, im under your covers, rude and nude, ive been watching you sleep olivia, ohhh yes" wouldnt you just jiz? or would you wee wee the bed with excitment. or, like most likley option, SCREEAMMMM, and maybe shit the bed? or in my case "trump" the bed? i wonder. anyways im rolling out. inabizzle ma nizzle the the fizzel miss shizzle ;)

  • Dexter

    hello stranger haha i love you too :) xxx

    7/15/09 via Mobile
  • Knowlesy.
    luv Knowlesy.


  • BarbieGirl.
    luv BarbieGirl.

    we like to steel crisp's :P

  • Lauren Bottomley
    luv Lauren Bottomley

    .;'# Love For You, Because I Think Your Amazzing Tbf. x

  • Knowlesy. 7/12/09
  • BarbieGirl.
    luv BarbieGirl.

    you siadddd it ;) WAKE+SHAKE danceee, you know! brapp were sooooo cool like. agreed? yes i thought soooo:) iloveyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu x

  • Knowlesy.
    luv Knowlesy.

    yahh yahhh :O

  • -Matty-
    luv -Matty-

    hiyaaa livvvvvvvvvvvvv hw is u still badman ye ahh ahh wb have some love x

  • Mr K.T.Stuart
    luv Mr K.T.Stuart

    i Love You Fuckin Loads :))

  • Mr K.T.Stuart
    luv Mr K.T.Stuart

    bobby banana :O :L :L funny stuff I Love You xx

  • Knowlesy.
    luv Knowlesy.

    love for my cuzz, mannn i love you x

  • BarbieGirl.
    luv BarbieGirl.

    must be love, love love [8]

  • Mr K.T.Stuart
    luv Mr K.T.Stuart

    you thts who :) but its okie coz i dont stress over it like you :L I Love You

  • Mr K.T.Stuart
    luv Mr K.T.Stuart

    yeah who doesnt leave who love now !!!! :)

  • Mr K.T.Stuart
    luv Mr K.T.Stuart

    do you like pina colada yeah ;) i do :)) I Love You xxx