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:D x

1/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Well Hey There Bellend!! [: Xo
Me, Myself, and I
Bebo's got extremely boring! :\

I'm sorry my name is Gemma
and i'm pretty much a big deal! (Y)

-- my girls ;;
you mean the fucking world to me ♥

-- & the lads ;;
you mean more then alot (:

love you all so much! Ox

Join;; www.tqmodified.co.uk


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  • </3

    If you see me walking with someone else, it's not because I love him. It's because you weren't brave enough to walk beside me. If you see me smiling, it's not because I've forgotten you. It's because I'm tired of crying over you. If you see me living again, it's not because I want to get back at you. It's because I want to get back what you took from me. But most of all, if I fall in love with someone else, it's not because i want to ..it's because you wasnt there to catch me.

    0 Comments 220 weeks

  • Me n Stephaniee!

    Me: I'm Stupud
    Steph: Stupud? Don't You Mean..
    Steph: 'Stupid'
    Me: SHUT UP!
    Steph: SHUT UP? Don't You mean..
    Steph: Shut Up. !
    Me: :( I've Lost My Brain
    Me: And My Pet Sheep.
    Steph: Well I Saw Some Sheep In A Field Just A Few Miles Away.
    Steph: Maybe He's Wondered Off To Join His Fellow Members Of Baa Land.
    Me: Maybe :(
    Steph: We Shall Find Him. If It's The Last Thing We Do In Like
    Steph: Life*
    Me: Like? Don't You Mean..
    Me: Life! :D
    Lmfao :L

    Me: Did You Pull My Hair Today?
    Steph: No (:
    Me: Oh Fort It Was You? Wonder Who It Was Then :|
    Me: Weird.. She Looked Just Like You.. Must Av Bin My Mum.
    Steph: LMFAO.. Swear I Saw Her Today.. It Must Av Bin Her! Makin Sure You Washed It This Mornin.
    Steph: Checkin You Washed Out All The Shampoo.. N Left no Dry Patches.
    Me: Thats Nice Of Her Init. Wish She'd Say Hello Wen She Does These Things.
    Steph: Yea I No.. She Can Be Quite Ignorant Sometimes.
    Me: I No She Tries To Hide Herself Too.. By Dressin Up Like You N Stuff. Wats The Point?
    Steph: I No Shes A Pleb Really
    Me: Oh Well Ill Sort Her Out Later!
    Steph: You Do That!.. Punch Her Pleb Juice!
    Me: Fuckin Right!

    Me: I Need Summit To Do.
    Steph: My Nans Free (:
    Me: Yess! Ill Ring Her Now!
    Steph: No Wait! Shes Just Finishing Tea (Y)
    Me: Nice One! Thanks Mate (Y)
    Me: That Was Close.
    Steph: I Know! She Wudda Spat Her Alphabetti Spaghetti All Over The Floor When She Heard The Fone Ring.
    Steph: I Swear To God She Neva Gets Used To That Ring Tone!
    Lmfao :L

    Steph: What Time You Goin Cinema?
    Me: Gettin Picked Up At Half 8
    Steph: Who By? My Nan?
    Me: Yeaa She Said She'll Take Me If I Give Her A Pound. Better Than Walkin Init. (Y)
    Steph: Spose So.
    Steph: Shes Tradin In Her Quad Bike Soon For A Granny Ped.
    Me: Duuudee!
    Steph: I Was Like..
    Me: GIVE US A LIFT!!
    Steph: Lmao!

    Steph: Why Don't We Buy Her A Stress Ball.
    Me: Lmao I Think We Should.
    Steph: Or A Banana Like Liams.
    Steph: Which Is Lost :(
    Me: John!! Where Are You!?!
    Steph: Lets Send Out An Appeal.. Go On TV And Stuff. Haha
    Me: Lmao
    Steph: John Please If You're Watchin This.
    Steph: Pic Up The Apple N Phone!
    :L :L :L

    0 Comments 270 weeks

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  • Stephanie.
    luv Stephanie.

    Just sharing the 'luv' ;) xx

    12/10/12 via Mobile
  • Ohh Im The One
    luv Ohh Im The One

    Have some morrrre cos i forgot to say i cant belive you were on here like 3 weeks ago lol.

  • Ohh Im The One
    luv Ohh Im The One

    have some beboooooooo luv lol.

  • Scott Parsons
    luv Scott Parsons

    Bebo whore!! FACEBOOK FTW!! :P P.s... i should deffo be higher in your top friends! x

  • Xx Shorty Xx Legend Xx
    luv Xx Shorty Xx Legend Xx

    Random love returned lol x x

    8/13/09 via Mobile
  • Ohh Im The One
    luv Ohh Im The One

    boo. y was i never in ur top friends meanie xxxxxxxx

  • Ohh Im The One
    luv Ohh Im The One

    luv for youuuuuuuuuu xxxx

  • Dan . Smith
    luv Dan . Smith

    i dont use bebo anymore though ! but okay just for you ill take time out to change all my bebo :) x LOVE YOUUUU :D x have some love too

  • Dan . Smith
    Dan . Smith

    i know bebo never gets used anymore but come on... sort you pic out and the top friends :) x x

  • Dan . Smith
    luv Dan . Smith

    hellloooooo :) nice pic << hahahahaha