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Natasha Joslin.

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  • miss list.

    amber wrote one, and i thought i would too, seemed like a pretty good idea :D
    i miss..
    i miss days up music.
    i miss the old year 11's.
    i miss when you were called either a chav or an emo.
    i miss when jools & luke were together.
    i miss the old group.
    i miss plot 39!
    i miss pratting about on the grass up music in the sun.
    i miss taking pictures everyday.
    i mis dragonfly boy.
    i miss ridiculous hair colours.
    i miss when you either had or wanted stripy hair.
    i miss wednesdays in Cottle Road park.
    i miss arguing over the swing!
    i miss going to char or beths after school everyday.
    i miss going out or wandering around in stockwood in general.
    i miss when it was warm all the time.
    i miss drawing on eachother for no reason.
    i miss days in the sunshine.
    i miss going to kats everyday.
    i miss staying at kats every weekend :L
    i miss going out with josh & gibby all the time.
    i miss when lauren was at broadlands.
    i miss doing our hair and makeup every lunchtime.
    i miss talking to josh matthews.
    i miss marie & tashie days.
    i miss taking awful photos of oursleves because we thought they were good at the time.
    i miss talking to dan haighway eveyday.
    i miss camping in kats back garden.
    i miss smoking whilst being on the look out for every second of it.
    i mss eating all the food at beths house.
    i miss stealing beths mums vodka with beth, amber & em.
    i miss amber kat & tashie days.
    i miss days in keynsham.
    i miss guitar hero at brads.
    i miss going out with mads, chloe, james ect.
    i miss making pizzas at ems.
    i miss facemasks at eveysleepover, without fail.
    i miss staying at scoobs.
    i miss when geener was always happy.
    i miss when everyone could keep it in their pants! :L
    i miss science lessons with lauren, brad scoob & jen.
    i miss having heart to hearts with ambie.
    i miss before everyone was so insanely bitchy.
    i miss sitting on ambie's wardrobes writing all over her walls.
    i miss trips to the monkey tree.
    i miss summer 2008.
    i miss sitting in dan's house & locking scoob in the conservetry.
    i miss being happy 24/7.
    i miss looking at old photos & laughing.
    i miss when louis thomas used to come round & make me laugh.
    i miss having random sing alongs.
    i miss random little fires at the monkey tree.
    i miss walking through old reds nearly everyday with em.
    i miss barbeques at my house.
    i miss going into town with a big group of people.
    i miss when i strectched my ear.
    i miss seeing random people when we were out and having long conversations with them.
    i miss laughing at liam bealing getting stoned in the park.
    i miss trips to jess's and playing with the puppy.
    i miss when the puppy was a puppy! :L
    i miss chilling at ambers.
    i miss sneaking down her stables to have a sneaky fag.
    i miss watching movies in bed with amber.
    i miss laughing at how wierd kai was.
    i miss eating chips from the chippy in shannons backgarden.
    i miss when shona was a tomboy!
    i miss amber's 14th birthday party.
    i miss when me & em used to stay at lucy's.
    i miss being close with luke thomas, tom watts & ben palmer.
    i miss when we used to hang around in that little courtyard by the art.
    i miss when i had long, pink hair.
    i miss wearing those huge rings i had.
    i miss guy spotting in the park.
    i miss going out whatever the weather.
    i miss how everyone used to be.
    i miss the apricot tree in my garden.
    i miss when we all actually did pe.
    i miss beths white sunglasses
    add anything i missed. (:

    1 Comment 224 weeks

  • bored.

    So, here's how it works:
    1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
    2. Put it on shuffle
    3. Press play
    4. For every question, type the song that's playing and the Band
    5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
    6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool...

    Opening Credits: 7 weeks - Gym Class Heros
    Waking Up: So Glad - Ne-Yo feat. Chris Brown
    First Day At School: Dead and Gone - T.I feat Justin Timberlake
    Falling In Love: The Prayer - Block Party
    Fight Song: Cry For You - September
    Breaking Up: Attack - 30 Seconds To Mars
    Prom: So What - Pink
    Life: The World Should Revolve Around Me - Little Jackie
    Mental Breakdown: Leap of Faith - Hadouken!
    Driving: In Love - The Kooks
    Flashback: She's Like The Wind - Lumidee
    Getting Back Together: Always Where I Need To Be - The Kooks
    Wedding: Faces In The Hall - Gym Class Heros
    Birth of Child: That's What You Get - Paramore
    Final Battle: Pressure - Paramore
    Death Scene: So You Can Cry - Ne-Yo
    Funeral Song: We Cry - The Script
    End Credits: The Thong Song - Sisqo

    2 Comments 249 weeks

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    sound biatch

  • Jack Grreg
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    hey xxx

  • Shannon.
    luv Shannon.

    Shannon is thinking that tashie needs to tell her how monday went ;) ? (: i'm home noww (N) :( :L the kittens have grown and all :L they're tails are too big for 'em now, and they're getting taller :L loveyouuuu xxxx

  • Bloomfield
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    i ave been out wid jack when you coming out up stockwood im house sitting for 4 days again x x x

  • Shannon.
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    LMFAO :L :L :L !! rusty :L :L that made me chuckle :L i knoww, i do :L they best be! :L orotherwise i´ve missed 2 vital weeks of them growing up :´( :L :L :L bless 'em :L they'll be fine tho, fody & megan's lookin after 'em (: :L loveyouuuu xxx

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    shup tashiiee :P :L xx

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    im good wubu2 then tb x x x

  • Crowtoess. 7/30/09
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    love 2

  • Mickey Jones
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    love 1

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    alright bbe hows you aint seen u in time tb x x

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    it was your dp

  • Shannon.
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    :L awhh bless lmao, how long you staying wit lauren for then :L ? awhh yeahh, fordy & megan said wehn we rang back that there was a lot of rain :L i miss the kittens :( : they´re gonna be enough big when we get back :L i promise when i get back you will be coming to stay over mine for a bbq like promised ;) :D loveyouuu xxx

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  • Jack Grreg
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    someones sexy atm x