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Ultra sound tomorow Im a tad excited

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  • from Melbourne
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Me, Myself, and I
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Once You Relise How AMAZING She Is. She Will Be STANDING Next To The GUY !! Who Already KNEW !
† R·I·P † Dad † Miss You †
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Love of my life~
Beauty && hair academy
My school.
You are the most amazing guy in the world. ¡loveyou so much babe i am never ever going to let you go No matter What. I love you so much. My heart beats for you. My sexyy.......(L) i love you my baby kevin xoxo
Lil Wayne ....(L)
Dwayne Micheal Carter ..(L) love him
<b> KELLY </b>
KELLY Is the BEST Cousin in the World RANGA !!! ..... lol... I Love You !!!!

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  • Do this..

    WhAt WuLd U dO iF......

    1.i`ran away? =
    2.i`strtd smoking? =
    3.i`was addicted to drugs? =
    3.i`swOre at you? =
    4.i`left you lonered? =
    5.i`lieked someone else? =
    6.i`never came back? =
    7.i`died? would u come to my funeral? =
    8.i`lieked ur best friend? =
    9.tomorrow never came? =
    10.today was the last day? =
    11.i`made a song about u? =
    12.i`kissed you? =
    13.i`hugged you? =
    14.i`fucked ur best friend? =
    15.i`askt u to marry me? =
    16.i`was ur wife? =
    17.i`stopped talking to u? =
    18.i`stopped believing in myself? =
    19.i`was missing? =
    20.you loved me but i loved someone else? =
    21.i`started crying? =
    22.i`became EMO? =
    23.i`fell over? =
    24.i`jumped off a cliff? =
    25.i`was sad? =
    26.i`killed myself? =
    27.i`wanted to kil myself? =
    28.i`told u i hate u? =
    29.i`told u i love you? =

    30.if it was the end of the world, what would be the last thing u`d ever say to me? =

    11 Comments 289 weeks

  • my abused life

    Black eyes, bloody noses
    Love and red roses
    You say you love me,
    Yet you beat me.
    When did it begin?
    When will it end?

    Bruises and scars
    Little red cars
    You buy me all these things,
    Yet we fight as if we were in THE RING.

    Sexual, Verbal, Physical
    To the mind, the body, and the soul.
    When did it begin?
    When will it end?

    0 Comments 319 weeks

  • crying abused lifes of beaten tears

    crimson cries
    cant see beyond the hand
    beaten so badly
    she can barely stand

    she goes to school
    and hears everyone ask
    they wouldnt understand
    until they look behind the mask

    teachers look
    not knowing what to do
    they think they know
    but really they have no clue

    with her eye swollen shut
    and her stomach empty from last night
    she gos home again
    to yet another fight

    they yell and scream about
    how shes a total shame
    everything's her fault
    it's always her to blame

    her angel will be here soon
    to protect her from the blows
    and the wounds from which
    beat read flows

    she tells her angel to back away
    nothing should ever touch her pretty face
    she takes the hits 1 by 1 therefore
    soon she will take her angel's place

    she will take her place in heaven
    and stand right where she belongs
    i died so u my angel might live
    now it's your turn to be strong

    1 Comment 319 weeks

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