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love my wee adam over 2 yrs now whoooh :D

4/8/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from A Land far far away-(Armagh)!!!!!
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Well GoOd LoOkInG wAt u gOt CoOkiNg :D i love my we adam bby :D xXx
Me, Myself, and I

`*.¸.*´ ♥..Danielle ♥'s Adam bby..♥
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸

>>> ♥♥ "...I Found A Man That Isnt A Bastard And He's The Greatest... " ♥♥ <<<

♥Miss Danielle Calvert

♥19 Years of Age



♥Friends & Family Are My Everything
D and Hannah here!!!! 8.1.10
:) :D :P :L :* Well she owns a bed in my house and no1 else is aloud to sleep in it except her! On friday nyt she is mine bitches :D So noone even bother texting or callin her cuz she is otherwise engaged on dis nyt :P She is the bestest :DD Nd she is all mine :)) xxxxxxxxxx
Amanda :)
well what can i say we been friends for years the she is the bestest everr to work with love going out with her even tho we dont go out that often but when we do its good :D She a good laugh and always winds ya up weve had some funny times hehe!!! love ya xxxxxx
Life :)
Well You Only Live Once Have No Regrets
adam xXx
i luvv dis fellas so much never wanna loose him :D hes the one and only and i couldnt ask after for any1 better :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Other Half Of Me


my sexy lil baby ever love you 2yrs now xxxx

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  • Family tree plz choose xx

    My mum -
    My dad - Stephen A :)
    My brother -Matthew he is my bro :)
    My sister - Michaela :) :)
    My twin - Zoe well she is my twin x:)
    My uncle -Claire W :) :) :L :L love ya xx
    My auntie -Lisa mills my young cool funcky auntie lmao :)
    My cousin -Chrissy whooh :) :)
    My brother-in-law -Ryan M he told me to put him as this lol :)
    My sister-in-law - April R
    My best friend - kim dougan
    My girl friend -PJ :) :) :)
    My bit on the side - Hannah Agnew :) :)
    My worst enemy -
    My neice -Rachel Wilson :) :)
    My nephew -
    My guardian angel - Anna C :) :)
    My sugar plum -Lauren M :) :)
    My personal drinks maker - Jaime S :) :)
    My fairy god mother - Lyndsey :) :)
    My pet dog - Cassie lol :)
    My pet monkey -Ryan Parks :) :)
    My il b ther for you frend -My friend till the end Rachel B love ya :)
    My sexi gal - laura Meston :)
    My god mother -Lindsey Black :) :)
    My god father - Matthew G :) :) :)
    My beautiful flatmate -Chole bloomer :)
    My biatch - Lauren B :) :)
    My chillin bbz - Jenny C :)
    My funky kik ass person - James parks :) :)
    My hot admirer - Stephen :) :) xx
    My super cool person - Matt M :) :)
    My cleaner -Ryan C :) :)
    My scrumseous hunni bear - Stuart P :)
    My krazee m8 - Rachel H :)
    My class mate -Stuart Bell :) :)
    My friend 4 life - Fiona Reid :) :)
    My most random person - Kellyann J :)
    My party animal -Rachel George :) :)

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    5.If u could give me anything what would it be??
    6.How well do u know me??
    7.When woz the last time u saw me??
    8.Ever wanted to tell me something u couldnt??
    9.Are we close??
    10.Would u kiss me??
    11.If u had me for 30mins what would u do with me??
    12.Are u gonna put this on ur blog & see what i say about u??
    13.Anything 2 say b4 u go??
    14.Go on u know u wanna??

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  • Danielle

    hiyaaaa :D

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  • Claudina Mund

    They are giving away mac book air's http://is.gd/DvFBQM

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Nikki Hirst
    Nikki Hirst

    Hello babe :D hows you? xoxox

  • RaChel
    luv RaChel

    Naw Neither Am I, Its Shittt. :L :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kirby Chambers
    luv Kirby Chambers

    :DD xoxoxox

  • RaChel
    luv RaChel

    ;) ) xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Amy Dee
    Amy Dee

    just mess about with friends

  • RaChel
    luv RaChel

    Yeah i knOww. :O Yeah Ive Been Flat Out 2, Wokring & Dng AssignmentS.. :( Awhh Im Finished 4 JUneee.. xxxxxxxxx

  • Gemma Bee Ox 5/18/10
  • RaChel
    luv RaChel

    Good Good.. NopeS, Just Been With Rodgeer & Workiing. yOu Been uP tO Much..?? Yeah I Know.. :O Not GOod.. :( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Fingers
    luv Fingers

    LUV :)

  • RaChel
    luv RaChel

    Imm Okaiii Ta.. Ooows yOUuu?xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • RaChel
    luv RaChel

    :)) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Fingers 5/10/10
  • RaChel
    luv RaChel

    lOveeeee.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxx

  • Amy Dee
    Amy Dee

    ah ya no not much

  • X.Nikitaa
    luv X.Nikitaa

    Im good thanks although pretty tired :( u at much this weekend xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • X.Nikitaa
    luv X.Nikitaa

    Heyyyy ... :) Hows Youu xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • RaChel
    luv RaChel

    :)) Hows yOuuu? xoxoxoxxoxoxxoxo