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I really wish that lil pathetic girls would just grow up!!!

11/8/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • What his kiss means ....

    ღкiss oи тнє вєlly-----"ℓєтs hαvє sєx"
    ღкiss oи тнє Foreнєad ----"Forєvєr you will вє minє"
    ღкiss oи тнє єar ---"I"m нorиy"
    ღкiss oи тнє Cнєєk ---"Wє"rє friєnds"
    ღкiss oи тнє нαnd ---"I αdore you"
    ღкiss oи тнє nєck ---"Wє bєlong тogeтнєr"
    ღкiss oи тнє Sнσuldєя ---"I ωαит yσu"
    ღкiss oи тнє Lips ---"I ℓσvє yσu" σR "I ωαиt yσu"
    ღнolding нαnds ---"ωє cαn ℓeαяn to ℓovє єacн otнєя"
    ღA ωinк ---"ℓєт"s gєт iт on"
    ღSℓαp oи тhe Buтт ---"Tнαт"s minє"
    ღPℓαying ωiтн тhє єαя ---"I cαn"т ℓivє ωitнouт yσu"
    ღнolding oи тigнт ---"Doи"т ℓєт go"
    ღℓσσking iитσ єαcн oтнєя"s єyєs ---"Doи"t lєт gσ"
    ღPlαying ωiтн нαir on нєαd ---"тєℓℓ mє yσu ℓσvє mє"
    ღArms αяouиd тнe ωαisт ---"I ℓσve yσu тσσ mucн tσ leт gσ"
    ღℓαugнing wнile Kissiиg ---"I αm compleтley Comfoятαble wiтh yσu"

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  • ღ ♥ღ What girls want from guys .... take note! ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღLeave her cute text messages.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღKiss her in front of your friendsღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღTrust her over everyone else.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღTell her she looks beautiful.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღLook her in the eye when you talk to her.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღTell her stupid jokes to make her laugh.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღLet her mess with your hair.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღJust walk around with her.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღInclude her in pretty much everything you do.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღWhen she crys do whatever to make her smile.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღForgive her for her mistakes.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღLook at her like she's the only girl you see.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღTickle her even if she says stop.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღWhen she starts swearing at you tell her you love her.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღLet her fall asleep in your arms.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღGet her mad, then kiss her.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღTease her and let her tease you back.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღStay up with her all night when she's sick.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღWatch her favorite movie.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღKiss her forehead.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღWrite her letters.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღLet her wear your clothes.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღWhen she's sad, hang out with her.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღLet her know she is important.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღLet her take all the photos of you she wants.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღSurprise her with flowers for no reasonღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღKiss her in the rain.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღAnd when you fall in love with her, tell her.ღ ♥ღ

    ღ ♥ღAnd when you do tell her.. Love her like you never loved before.ღ ♥ღ

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  • Samara X
    Samara X

    hey ya honey you ok? xx

  • Samara X
    luv Samara X

    Love you Hunny =) xxOxxOxxOxxOxxOxx

  • Hayley Darling X
    Hayley Darling X

    Its Plain And Simple Lor .... I Jus... Loveee UUuu :D :D :D :D Hope Ur Feelin Betterr... x x x

  • luv Laura

    hiya pickle! hope you had a good bday the other day.. that was a lot of happy birthdays i text you :L !!! hOPE YOU are well babe. xxxxx

  • Samara X
    luv Samara X

    hey ya hunny thanks for the invite to ur meal on ur birthday was luvly and last night was the best ive never been so drunk before, thank you for a brill night. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sian Toms
    luv Sian Toms

    hey hunni hope ur ok. ur mum saiu should be in this thurs??? hope so im working every other one now so will see u more often yey!!! love ya x x x

  • High Fashion.
    High Fashion.

    Owchies!! that gta hurt hun :( hope yu is better soon!! Yea ii am gud thnkoo :) Wubu2? xxx

  • Samara X
    luv Samara X

    hey ya sweet hope your feeling better miss u at work its not the same walking through your room with out u being at ur desk! = ( xx-xx-xx

  • Hayley Darling X
    Hayley Darling X

    I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH :L x x x x x x x x x Times 10000000000 :D

  • Hayley Darling X
    Hayley Darling X

    Hey babe! Give Me A Ring Wen U Get This Love U xxx

  • Jamie.
    luv Jamie.

    Laura :) You ok my love? Havnt seen you in ages :( xxx

  • Sophia

    Hey, yea i had a good night on saturday lol did you? See you at work tomorrow- silly you for thinking we had work today! lol Love Soph x x x

  • Samara X
    luv Samara X

    hey ya hun yea thats kool u know where i live and what house so just come on round:) yea that will be kool to see u that night haha i carnt wait for my birthday or bournemouth woop xxxx

  • Samara X
    Samara X

    hey ya bebe are u still coming on tue if so you can meet at mine at 7:30 or damory at 8 hope u can make it wb xxxx

  • Samara X
    luv Samara X

    hey ya babe im good thankee:) 25th is my bday and im going round town for drinks an wonderd if u could make it i will txt u times if u can joing us would be nice:) and 29th we are also going to bourenouth so i will hopfully cya there lol if u can make the 25th would be great babe xxxxxx

  • Samara X
    luv Samara X

    hey ya babe u alright? are u free on the 25th and 29th of march by any chance wb lots of love xx-xx-xx-xx

  • Jamie.

    Lauraaa ;) xxx