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loves this sunshineee. :)

7/1/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 42
  • from Middleton.
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 1,913
  • Member since: April 2005
  • Last active: 11/21/10
  • www.bebo.com/x___simone
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  • Joey Assirati
    luv Joey Assirati

    ello gawjus how u bin wat u up to x

  • Olivia-Jane Acton
    Olivia-Jane Acton


    4/2/09 via Mobile
  • Shelly Gold
    Shelly Gold

    Hey I was going through peoples profiles, and i think you are an interesting guy, and hot too. I was doing a lil cam show for my friends gettin naughty, hit me up on MSN my names vitapliskin53@live.com baby bby

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  • .

    hellooo! ♥

  • Becky

    lmao I ain't even bin t sleep am not lieing ethier why did u end up in a n e r u ok I came out side liquid at like qauater t 4 but u was being a bum n wouldn't cum outh haa couludnt b arssed going in :P wb babe love uu Xxxxxx

  • Becky

    yesh yesh oooo yay ;) i knooo whats going on there =/ its cos ive onli just started drinkin :P + yea the id im scared of usein incase i get caught lmao safeee mannn were going back to callys after n carryin on drinkin dya wanna cum back wid us ill ask her up t u thou the ladz are stayin in hers thou getin wrecked there while we go out n RAVEEEE :L n u best not keep sayin my name u crank im jade 4 the nyt;) bet u cock up n go sumit like o cmon becky lmao :L + dnt worry i will (: x x x x

  • Becky

    omg u wud u aswell ull b like excuse me dnt serve her shes onli 17 ;) :L good job ill onli b buyin coke dnt think ill b able to handle enymore afa a bottle of sambuka lmao :L liquid omg defo wont b able 2 get in there :| what u gonna do then ring me when ur in oldham it onli stays open till like 3 dun it?? wooooo gonna b top get to c u wrecked ;) x x x x x

  • Becky

    SIMONEEEEEE 2morrows gonna bbb top :P omg if i get caught wid jades id im gonan get dun 4 fraud or summit =/ dya think they will lock me up lmao omg im sacred now :| what club u goin in 1st dude + hu u going wid ill b there wid jusine + cally =] there alryt thy dnt need id there 21 + 23 pfttt wish i was 18!!!!! so the plann is im gettin wrecked at callys b4 we go it will save money ;) then meet use in oldham :D :D rave on man.! cbs becs x x x x x x

  • Joey The Legend Assirati
    Joey The Legend Assirati

    ello gawjus u ok wat u doin x

  • Haylee Baybee
    luv Haylee Baybee

    im sat ere n its 00:52 so yew r nw officially 18 whooooooooooooo geek rnt i haa well anyway Happy Birthday To Yew Happy Birthday To Yewww Happy Birthday To Simonee Happy Birthday To Yewwwwww Hip Hip Hurayy Hip Hip Hurayyyyy Hip Hip Hurayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) hope yew av a gurden luv (Y):) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Becky

    hiya babe nar just mon tues wed why is it always ethier ur in 4 dinner n am not or im in n ur no t>:( shit that init lol xxxxxxxx

  • Becky

    hiya mate aint spoke 2 u in a while whats happen :O u shud cum dwn my end on friday ;) its pritty shit but still i aint seen u :L get back soon love u x x x x x

  • Haylee Baybee
    Haylee Baybee

    yupp it is indeed :) iii am indeeddd inoo cntt waittt gna b verry drunken ;) ha anoo bin like 2 week :O gwddd haaa i fink it will (yn) haaa betta ad b anywayy haa jst ad 2 clear all mi songs off ipod 2 put new ens on cos nt pt sngs on since gt mi laptop so i lost loads of niche :( haa waheyy bring on da beer (H)(D) :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Becky
    luv Becky

    hiya bbe am gurd thanks wbu?? + ye dude i hate college >:( ive been busy 4 once :P workin n going out + i know we shud meet up :) n u gota filll me in wid sum stuff ey bet it bout ur new bf ;) :L well ave sum love and get back soon lv u x x x x x