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Fraser Pirie

beBo iz cuMin B4k 4eva!

6/18/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
<-- Me and Steve Lovell. Just amazing.

I was born in Aberdeen and hence support Aberdeen Football Club. i moved to edinburgh at the age of 4, and attended Cramond Primary School, which was supreme. Then moved to SMC and have been there ever since.

I absolutly humped robbie hp 10-4 at pro evolution soccer - best night ever. I then took on robbie and robbie in a 3 player pro eveolution soccer battle royale, which i won 6-5. Clearly the best pro ev'er in the world.

Laura is the captain of the ship, of the ship
Laura is the captain of the ship, of the ship
And the captain can't sail, cause Laura is a whale,
Laura is the captain of the ship, of the ship!

Urban Dictionary.com describes me as "very good friend or confidant, best pal or buddy, a sibling" and "A seriously cool dude. One that gets girls wet, and they are prepared to pay for" Pretty Much.


Just accepted my offer to Newcastle University! MENTAL!!
The Other Half Of Me
Matt Henderson

Matt Henderson

It&#39;s such a shame that the Benerderon is a WOM

Lots and lots, mostly rock and guitar.
Can I just say, I hate those songs with really squeeky annoying voices, usually found on dance songs.
Moviefilms + TV
The Shawshank Redemption, Comedies, Horrors Hostel is rank and The Departed is amazing. Borat. Jack Bauer (the show should be named after him), Prison Break, which is even better than 24, Lost, Desperate Housewives...is that straight? I also like Neighbours, now that definitly is not straight.
Football - Aberdeen and the Lochaber Lads, Powerising - I'm really good at it and Locky is a dick, Skiing, Wrestling (see flashbox for more information about where you can battle me) Golf and especially Darts, probably the best, fairest and most entertaining sport of them all.
Attention Matt Benderson (and Laura)
Fraz is blatantly spelt with a 'z' u total pap/perence GRR. Not Fras, but Fraz.
I Enjoy...
when Aberdeen win, especially against the Old firm and hearts, getting drunk, chillaxing with friends, playing guitar and stuff, Borat impressions - "wa wa wee wa!"
My favourite ways of conversing...
Adding to the end of words "age", "alarkey", "worthy", "ment" etc. Russian sarcasm is BAD. Identifying the topic of the sentence, then saying everything else - something which I enjoy. "Yeah, alright" at all opportunities. 'Steve' to all. Throw in a bit of "4 da bants" and "fraser, you require *number below 170*". I also abbreviate lots (tbh, cba) and I bum saying "da" instead of "the".

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  • Robbie's Poem

    M – M is for the MAD you make me.
    R – R is for how much of a Ridiculously bad teacher you are
    S – S is for Scottish, something which you are not!

    C – C is for Chitters, the name which gets me angry
    H – H is for the Hatred I feel when I think of you
    I – I is for Ironical, which is not a word!
    T – T is for a good Teacher, the opposite of you
    T – T is for Torrid, the time we have had with you.
    L – L is for Little, you are very
    E – E is for Elastic bands which I want to ping at you
    B – B is for BURN IN HELL, my wish for you
    U – U is for Uganda, please move there!
    R – R is for Rage, what you all make us feel.
    G – G is for GO BACK TO FRANCE Chitters!
    H – H is for Happiness, the opposite of the way you make me feel!!

    By Robbie Homer-Plews

    ha ha i love this so much - robbie you legend

    2 Comments 337 weeks

  • Definitions

    Jack Bauer, as described by Urban Dictionary
    1.If you wake up in the morning, it’s because Jack Bauer spared your life.
    2.Upon hearing that he was played by Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Bauer killed Sutherland. Jack Bauer gets played by no man.
    3.If Jack Bauer was in a room with Hitler, Stalin, and Nina Meyers, and he had a gun with 2 bullets, he’d shoot Nina twice.
    4.Jack Bauer killed 93 people in just 4 days time. Wait, that is a real fact.
    5.Jack Bauer got Hellen Keller to talk.
    6.Jack Bauer was never addicted to heroin. Heroin was addicted to Jack Bauer.
    7.Jack Bauer’s favorite color is severe terror alert red. His second favorite color is violet, but just because it sounds like violent.
    8. 1.6 billion Chinese are angry with Jack Bauer. Sounds like a fair fight.
    9.If Jack says “I just want to talk to him/her” and that him/her is you… well amigo, you’re f***ed.
    10.Jack Bauer once forgot where he put his keys. He then spent the next half-hour torturing himself until he gave up the location of the keys.
    11.Jack Bauer doesn’t miss. If he didn’t hit you it’s because he was shooting at another terrorist twelve miles away.
    12.If you get 7 stars on your wanted level on Grand Theft Auto, Jack Bauer comes after you. You don’t want to get 7 stars.
    13.When you open a can of whoop-ass, Jack Bauer jumps out.
    14.Jack Bauer does not sleep. The only rest he needs is what he gets when he’s knocked out or temporarily killed.
    15.If you are still conscious, it is because Jack Bauer doesn’t want to carry you.
    16.Jack Bauer has no problem following orders, unless you tell him to do something he doesn’t want to.
    17.Jack Bauer’s gun is actually a water pistol, but the water shoots out in the form of bullets. Why? Because the gun is being held by Jack f***ing Bauer.
    18.Lets get one thing straight, the only reason you are conscious right now is because Jack Bauer does not feel like carrying you.
    19.As a child, Jack Bauer’s first words were “There’s no time!”
    20.While being ‘put under’ in the hospital, Jack Bauer can count backwards from 100 every time. This annoys the doctors.
    21.Jack Bauer can watch all 4 seasons of 24 in 24 hours.
    22.Jack Bauer literally died for his country, and lived to tell about it.
    23.Jack Bauer’s family threw him a surprise birthday party when he was a child. Once.
    24.Killing Jack Bauer doesn’t make him dead. It just makes him angry.
    25.Everytime Jack Bauer yells “NOW!” at the end of a sentence, a terrorist dies.
    26.If Jack’s starring at someone and his eye twitches, assume that person has less than 15 minutes to live.
    27.When life gave Jack Bauer lemons, he used them to kill terrorists.
    Jack Bauer f***ing hates lemonade.
    28.Guns dont kill people, Jack Bauer kills people.
    29.David Spade always says ‘yes’ to Jack Bauer when he wants to redeem his credit card miles.
    30.Don’t ask what Jack Bauer would do for a Klondike bar…

    A male reproductive organ which may be often bent at a perpendicular angle.

    The ol' pirie's a bit sore this morning - the poor thing was bent up against the mattress all night

    Matt Henderson:

    3 Comments 340 weeks

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    sup! hit me up if you wanna get freaky with this gal on cam, my msn is demarkktii@hotmail.com :) bye

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    Hey, TTF, The Legends of Dance are LIVE on stage at Kittys. Gonna be bouncin' on the 5th OF SEPTEMBER!!! Q-JUMPS available from the pre-party @ Styx!!! £7/£6, Doors 10-2am..

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    Mhairi Mackinnon

    hey smelly is it becoz ur reallly bad at texting back!!!! x

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    haaay Check me out here on cam now live, ill give you a free show if you get on now! my names Jeniffer23 www.instant-offer44.com byes :]

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    luv Colin Fisher

    F4r$aZ! hwz it goin mawn? bbz is prper wcked, so is all the football all the time 4eva. You can't possibly keep track of all the football but your best bet is here on sky sports 4! x