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Ha the simple bebo life....old times

3/3/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Jodiee.

    hey babe (: it was so lovely to see you even though it was brief made me realise how much i miss you :'( hope you are well and have great xmas next time your down me you + teg need to do something all together like the old days (: love you lots homie xo

  • Tegan
    luv Tegan

    Eithneeeeee im okk... but ive got a mad cough + the voice of like a 100yr old smoker!! not so good. + out show is next week + were doing the angels carol + im a soprano... how im gonna do that i dont have a clue haa how are you darlinggg?? omg definatelyy..miss youu alot. when are you free eithne pleasee tell me. stay mine or something...cinema. just need to see youu :D love youu xxxx

  • Jodiee.

    hullo (: ah fair enough and yes, skins still love em hehe uhh i know im so excited lil baby yay yay yay hmm 20th i do believe? as, we have show on 19th and ive got school all week :| MEH haa oh the joys oh anything nice a la hair? love you xxxx

  • Jodiee.
    luv Jodiee.

    hello eithne (: ah it has been a while really im not so much of a user these days you should be proud ;) im cutting down usage hah im good thanks sweetie how are you? donna is well shes finding getting about difficult cos shes so big now its a bit uncomfortable for her but yes xmas eveee (: aaah yes you must stay over ! give me a jingle when u wanna love you lots xxxxx

  • Pleb.
    luv Pleb.

    Heyyyaaa!!!OMG ITS YOU!!! I am awesome thankyou!!! OMG awesome!! you have to come and see me!! :) Ooooh all good I hope :D hehe thankyou x x x I knowww!!! I still have the picture on my wall!!! Me and BECKY!! HAhA yea I am finding it a bit wierd but loving it as well!! Thankyou you too!! Love you lots x . x . x . x

  • Pleb.

    Helllloo my love Long time no see or speak :s Missing you so much down here!! theres no one for me to nick clothes off!! Lol How are youu doing?? Hope everything is going alright up there!! You'll never guess what we have started ballet in dance, and miss west said to me Claire your not actually that bad! lol I was like ohhh well thanks! I have found myself a new top as well! I now know how you felt , lol bit like a climbing frame. : D sorry : S Becky Noyce Lol. . x shes lovely . . x Lots of Love Your long long ago top Claire X x X x X x

  • Starlet

    Hey Hows london?

  • Jodiee.
    luv Jodiee.

    i miss you too honey. sorry i didn't reply to your text. i had no credit at the time. im ok, how are you? its crazy not seeing you for this long. i've written to you bits & bobs so will post it all soon (: once its accumalated. im at bec's now with tegan, well shes in the shower. but we are babysitting for chloe, as bec has gone out ahaha (: how is conti's going? hope you are behaving yourself. omg omg omg how was the premier? when i got your text i was like nooooo wayyyyy. i wassss gobsmacked. did you meet any of the stars??! eeeek. hope all is well with you sweetie. love you millions & more x x x x x

  • Lanky
    luv Lanky

    hey hun hows my lil london gal????? hows it all goin? make sure u txt me as ive lost ur numba!!! 07756118062 love u loads hun im reli proud of u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jodiee.

    hey suggggar. yes poor old julien eyy. ah geddon babes, gonna be muscle woman soon (; tut tut early night quick thinking batman lmao. i been doing the same though, mine tends to be about 11.30 though. i wake up 06.15 knackered its unreal :\ ah well thats life eh haha. school is alright actually, sixth form is turning out to be quite a laugh, sometimes frees are really boring but other times very amusing (: am learning lotsss indeed, you would be proud at the extreme increase of my vocabulary no joke :D you know what time you're coming into dance on saturday honey? love youu xx

  • Jodiee.

    awh i was thinking about you, the missing space in modern which i have moved over to fill :\ the gap in singing. julian misses you, alot lmao (: his star pupil has lefffft. how gay. emm a few newbies but not many. only 2 newbies that are in singing + musical pro etc. lots of people in street jazz now its so busy its ridiculous! hope all is well in ldn. jodie has school work to do raaa. hows the whole no computer/printer handwritting all of your wrk going darling? lmao bless ya. iloveyouu x x x

  • Jodiee.

    bath bomb things it was lovely jubly indeedy (: wowee have filled up 2 comments with my bloody jibber jabber lmao hope youre enjoying this babes ahaha anyways I’ll stop babbelling now love you lots (L) x x x x

  • Jodiee.

    dance without you was mega weird. me no likey tbh babes, come back? please? becky wants us to take intermediate modern in 4 weeks :| oh my god. we know none of the bloody syllabus. katie was putting on the music and we just stood there looking at each other. and she was like oh dearr girls. so shes gonna try and hammer the grade into us to make us do it in time, who knows what miracles she could make happen? lmao. hope college is going well you essex sounding girl (; told everyone about that. they were like omg eithnee haha. did the wow factor auditions today with BBE (plymouths version of xfactor lmao) we aced it (: the judges were like "wow" ";o mg" "that was amazing" etc. so think we are through to next round! but wont know until like end of the month kinda thing. hmm what else? well, my body hurts like a bitch its actually horrible. i got home from dance yday and was like omg im having a bath and i like, never have baths! usually just shower :/ but was lushh. i like put in all these

  • X.Lily.XmcCoy.X
    luv X.Lily.XmcCoy.X

    heyaaa (: haha i know, that was when you were still in kb massivee :( Oo wickeed, school is alright thanks, same old really. lots more homework which is abit of a bummer but yeahh..Glad your enjoying your new school! (: Is it really diffrent school in London? Lovee xX

  • Joe Merchant
    Joe Merchant

    Be my guest

  • Joe Merchant
    Joe Merchant

    hope not

  • Sam Brooking
    Sam Brooking

    o ok then!!! oh on th weekend we got to do somthing then lol get th old gang bac together lol ahhh wikid , i remember me and u on that lol :s wat a mistake that was lol ye i do fit in thx:( lol thank you i rele am enjoying it bein away from th bitches down home lol wb xxxxx

  • Joe Merchant
    Joe Merchant

    dammmmmmmmmmmmnegdx That will be all then.