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  • Male, 21, Luv 225
  • from Ibstock
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 3,307
  • Last active: 9/5/12
  • www.bebo.com/velocity152
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
My name is Josh.
My gingerness kicks your ass. mwhahaha
I dont really do alot just on the computer or ps3 and sometimes go out with my mates :D who are all sound as baby!

Got my six string on my back
Don't need anything but that
Everything I want is here with me (here with me)
So forget that fancy car
I don't need to go that far
What's driving me is following my dreams, yeah(8)
The Other Half Of Me
Dom Dom Dom Dom

Dom Dom Dom Dom

he is like theeeeee legend

Indie :D :D Anything really especially ARCTIC MONKEYS !!, SUM 41 and KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES
Dont really play alot.
VALENTINO ROSSI!!!!!!!!!!!! biggest legend ever mate :D
My friends are the soundest people in the world. They totally kick your guys asses :D

Dom, Jay, Alex, Dan, Chris, Megan!

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The Offspring - Pretty Fly ( For A White Guy)

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  • me!!!

    We are__________

    You make me _______.

    You should _______.

    Whats my best feature_________

    Someday I will ______.

    You + me =________.

    I would build a _______ just for you.

    I would get your name tattooed on my __________.

    If I could sing you any song it would be _________.

    We could __________ under the stars.

    My love for you is like that of ____________.

    Love From,

    4 Comments 327 weeks

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  • Jerry Springer
    Jerry Springer

    Haha I just watched the Jerry Springer show.
    So thought i'd draw this for you.
    This girl was sleeping with her cousin!!!

    I might get changed and go for a run.

    Love youuu

    Chloe. 0 Replies
  • Mr Cool :)
    Mr Cool :)

    The thing in the middle was my attempt at the cows I saw that looked like horses. And the rest I just got bored so decided to make it colourful:)
    I think the normal magnums are my favourite but orange jubblys are way nicer, I like ice poley things better than ice cream I think. =/
    They're y...

    Chloe. 0 Replies
  • VR :) <333
    VR :) <333

    I got bored.
    No one who I have actual convos with is online.
    So I thought i'd leave you a present.

    Donington, Hopefully another win(Y)

    Love You Mr.Cool

    Chloe. 0 Replies

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  • Murielle Stetson

    They are giving away mac book air's http://alturl.com/ycosj

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • luv MegFace'

    WHERE ARE YOU? have you disappeared off the face of the earth or what? i havent spoke to you in AGES. WHAT IS GOING ON!? :O :O :O :O i miss you bitch! have love. ♥

  • Shawty

    kendoooo :) u alrite babe? Aint seen u since u wer very bery drunk i dont think ;) chatback babe x xx

  • luv MegFace'

    im sure i saw you somewhere this weekend. im sure i did. eh, if not, it's just me. :P chippy?

    5/18/09 via Mobile
  • luv MegFace'

    ahh im not so bad darling. not really had the best of days but not much anyone can do now. eeeeek, cedrick - the ex maccies worker (H) ahahaha. how was your day? xox

    5/7/09 via Mobile
  • luv MegFace'

    OMG. KENDO JERKS OFF TO SNOOKER :') ahahahhaha. sooooo funny tbh :')

    5/4/09 via Mobile
  • Kirsty
    luv Kirsty

    Omg where the fuck have you been josh kendrick! :O lol! Omg why were you there at that time?/ Its hanging good thanks, what about youu ? i knoow let me know when your free seeing as your always busy!! Your never on msn nowadyassss Peace,safe init xxxxxxxxx

  • luv MegFace'

    CEDRICKO (H) shit man, i would sing 9 to 5, but its 8 til 4 :P lmfao, my brothers shouting ''helloooo'' through my door :L ahh, tis hanging slightly to the left babe, and for you? xox

  • luv MegFace'


  • Chris Mccrea
    Chris Mccrea

    Kendo you sexy biaaatch you out later?

  • Bekar-Boo.

    k then babycakes :P xxx

  • Kirsty
    luv Kirsty

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG who is this i am speaking to do i know you?!!! I amm onn just never at the same time as youuuu :( Yeahh okayyyyy:) I am good thanks,in bed atm:D yayayayay, im hungry though so gonna go get my brekky in a min Omggggggggggg that soonnnn ! Thats well gooood:D 3 months til i can start driving *rolls eyes* Hows schooleoooo? xxxxxxxxx

  • luv MegFace'

    babe! nailed me french exam! xD eeeek.

    4/27/09 via Mobile
  • Kirsty
    luv Kirsty

    Lmao what you on aboutt? Long time no speakk! You okk? Oomg you should ;) it is the bees knees! :D Corrie for life mate! xx

  • Bekar-Boo.
    luv Bekar-Boo.

    wel wel wel,, josshy my ginger twin.. you must come see me one time!!!!!! i miss you joshua xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv MegFace'

    no problem darl. i have all this revision to do and mum decides she wants totry and make me look all girly for this wedding tomorrow. umm, not gonna happen. now my stepdad is being a wanker because he wants me to empty his car when he's lying in bed. what the actual fuck man. xox

    4/24/09 via Mobile
  • luv MegFace'

    mr cedrick. i would like to inform you that.. you are in me favourites on msn (': though i just told you. this is formal. ohh yeah. xox