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Non Sum Qualis Eram

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  • Female, 21, Luv 326
  • from United States
  • I am Down for Whatever
  • Profile views: 6,044
  • Last active: 3/22/12
  • www.bebo.com/_J_e_S_s_I_c_A_L_e_E
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
me..well im not a big people person mayby b-cuz theres always someone whos acts like a dumb bratty kid who dont know shit ha but anyway like i always have to tell you i love weed and mayby thats what im gunna stick to depends....im starting to feel and what im feeling is depressed but i know not to make a big deal life goes on.... 21 im going to the club and whoever makes it to my ride gets to come but i guess what people like most about me are my eyes dont need contacts ha im 5'8 and i think thats how tall i might stay....taller than you ron ha my hair was brown a few years back i think and i smoke ALOT of ciggerates yikes chimney..
but other than that im pretty fucking hateful (to people who deserve it)
║ ( o ) ║
Purple haze all in my brain,lately things dont seem the same.Actin funny but i dont know why. scuse me while i kiss the sky
Reality is a crutch for people who cant handle drugs
The Other Half Of Me


*HoLLyWo0d* MoMmY*

whatever sounds good...
Films, shows
horror, comedys, anything interesting
I hate.....
knowing disgusting/funny/prettysad things about people
turning on the radio some of the time........(gay shit) and people who draw on themselves or wear black because its fun and clowns <~(emo kids)
Scared Of
i dunno show me whats scary
besides your......"mamma's titty's" "your face" "that thing between your legs" etc....im scared of when the day my family members starts to fade away
Happiest When
when im with my big sister i adore so fricken much that i wanna take her outback and shoot her with my love bullets X)crazy shit huh jer lol
What i love
Well they baby's of course but also all my family members friends come and go but them assholes will be there forever! :D
your like my first bad habit i cant live without it i cant give you up and even thoe your trouble i always come back for double i cant say enough is enough

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  • stupid ass blogs hello im jessie this is what im telling you

    hello hello i supose everyone is looking at my page by now....well there ya go you sons of bitches alll you need to know or want to know dont know why but i guess you's just have to huh but anyways i know theres bitches out there who wanted to see what my shit was about well here ya go add me if you's dare to say shit but when you do talk shit you should really back it up cuz i dont play around alright im sick of these fucking restraining orders and pigs in blue comming around.....its fucking retarded i dont hide behind no one why should you!?
    but enough of that hi welcome to my page im tryingg to forgive and forget but its hard when theres a bunch of kid brains ya know?
    i dont care about anyone but my family members and fren'z everybody else can just choke on a dick!!
    im 18 ben legal ha ha ha im a nice person when you get to know me i tell a friend when bullshit hits their lives cuz i dont like seeing that... a true friend would tell you whats up right?!? regardless but i also like to just hang out go for a walk smoke a blunt watch my baby sis an neice have a regular life love my parents to bits even thoe their still big kids:D
    love everything ive had or have im not greedy money fucks people up so my checks go to my family for w/e purpose's i want to run this shitty fucking rez i figured out a way to keep them bastards from torching the slides and shit (torch the hoops) if they wanna ruin kid shit then hey why not take something they like away and i would like to also say what the fuck is wrong with you old ass woman talking shit to kids are you fucking retarded we have youth we'll fuck you up ha ha ha ill kick your old ass if you talk shit to me i know that for sure.......to everyone else in that shitty place called a school they only knew me by my name sorry if i didint try to get to know ya's but more than likely i heard some fucked up shit about you ha ha ha but deep down im pretty nice to people who deserve it im not a bitch 24 7 its just so many "childhood friens" fucked me over 1 to many times i have no trust and the way everybody got just saddend me i thought it was bro's b-4 hoes but guess not ha ha ha ha
    if i could go back to them days fucking ayes i would i wouldint mind talking to some of you bastards again before everybody got sickining to one another and if i was i apologise ha ha ha
    have a nice day
    im going to bed
    had a bad day
    and yeah
    hey everybody
    bebo sucks sacks
    add me ill add you
    dont add me i dont care
    hello goodbye
    holy shit
    its hot
    call meh
    write meh
    love meh
    leave meh
    hello kids
    lol its funny how people act (your shit does stink) hahahaha and for all you little prosteens find your own guy damn im sick of hearin that shit fighting over a stupid bastard making him look like he's the shit i dont think so let her have him he's the one whos going to get crabby balls lol herpies etc i know i dont fuck around like that i have a little more respect for that type of shit not because im divorced because of my clients but enough of blogging im afraid i might get ust of but GOODNIGHT KIDS IM VERY CRABBY LONG STUPID DAY

    1 Comment 156 weeks

  • !


    G- caring
    L-very sexy
    P- amazing


    B- Wizard
    E- God (ess)
    G-Queen/ King
    N-sex god/goddess
    O-porn star
    Q-chack whore
    R-punk rocker
    S- Jackass
    V-Cry Baby

    Now What Color Is the Shirt You Are Wearing:

    Red- Who Will Do Anything For Crack
    purple- Who Looks At Porn 24/7
    Orange- Who Likes It In The Butt
    Yellow- Who Wants To Have Sex With You
    Green- Who will rock your world
    Pink- Who's Good With My Hands
    blue- Who likes to strip
    White- Who everyone wants to fuck
    Brown- Who Wears Big Sunglasses
    Black- Who likes it dirty.
    Gray- Who gives great head
    None-Who is a beast in bed
    Multi colored-Who is a fruitcake

    7 Comments 295 weeks

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  • luv Jasmine Desiree Smith

    You are a hard person to get ahold of. everytime I call u dont answer and each time Im trying to go get you. LoL. You needa come chyll with me tho.. But what the hell... Did you block or delete me on Facebook? I spent ten minutes looking for you in my friends list,,, nodda. Like dude what the hell? I could jus cry. Jus playn. But call me or sumn. I was gonna put this in your mail being its all long but thats not an option from my fone. lol.

    12/12/10 via Mobile
  • Riku Soma
    luv Riku Soma

    hey... whats up? :D its been awhile huh :3

    12/3/10 via Mobile
  • Mary Czeck
    luv Mary Czeck

    love for u from me and pa

  • Unserkampf
    luv Unserkampf

    Random love to random ppl:DD

    10/21/10 via Mobile
  • luv Jasmine Desiree Smith

    Jessie. Whuddup? You better come chyll again,, seriously that was too fun LoL. But yeah call me bia.

    10/16/10 via Mobile
  • ItzjeLbitch-
    luv ItzjeLbitch-

    Yeah, iMa get My A To School. & whO Said That? bOut Missin More Dayz n Fail 1st Quarter? Thats Fukn Dumb NEway! iDk Thats Fukd Uppp!!!!

  • ItzjeLbitch-
    luv ItzjeLbitch-

    wDup wit yOUuuu?

  • Tisheanaa.

    iam ova right now lol

  • luv Tisheanaa.

    sup jess miss you so here dahh love ~~~~~>

  • luv Cha-Lee

    Haha, I Dont Know Jess, Are You?? jp, But Yea What?? Huh, Wanna Start Something?? You Better Wait Too.... Haha, Ohh Yea, Sorry I Didnt Call U, I Was High......

  • luv Cha-Lee

    Haha, For Now Your The Winner... But Yea, I'm Fucking Bored, Been Awake Since 7 In The Morning, But Have A Heart.....

  • luv Cha-Lee

    I'm Tired, Thought I'd Give You A Heart Before I Go To Bed, Haha, But Yea, I'm Gonna Crash Finally, So Bye Bye....

  • luv NikkiMinaj

    Hello :) Herez a Random Heart :)

  • LeeAnn K. Brown Cobenais
    luv LeeAnn K. Brown Cobenais

    Here U go! ----->

  • Meg B.
    luv Meg B.

    i called your mom :D

  • LeeAnn K. Brown Cobenais
    LeeAnn K. Brown Cobenais

    Man Jess i'm outta the little red heart thingy's but you know we have mad love for you!!! Later!

  • luv Cha-Lee

    Hikes, I Was Gonna Save My Ten Till Today, But I Already Spent My Shit Las Night, So Yea, I'll Be Hurting Today, Haha, Or Unless Your Willing To Fire It.... But Yea, If You Get This Anytime Soon, I'm Jus Saying If You Plan On Calling Me, I Probley Wont Be Awake Till Like 4 Or 5, Cuz Yea, I've Been Up All Night Again.... Haha, But Yea.....

  • luv Cha-Lee

    Nothing Much, Sorry If I Got Back To You Late, I Havent Been On The Computer Much Today, But Yea, I'm Bored, It's Like 5:31 Right Now, Probley Go To Bed In A Few Hours, Haha, I Need Some Stash, Got Ten Bucks Left From Sunday, So I'm Itchin To Spend It....

  • ItzjeLbitch-
    luv ItzjeLbitch-

    No iDid Not Try To Contact yOu. iAsked Charlie For yOur # & Then I forgot to write it down & i fOrgot It .. hahaaa but dayumnnn. . . Who Were yOu Drinkin Withhh?

  • ItzjeLbitch-
    luv ItzjeLbitch-

    Hey Jess! sOrry iDidnt Make It To sChool Today :( My bOy Didnt Wanna Drive to btown w/ his gMa By hiMseLf, So He Wanted Me To Go Wit hiM. . :L But Yeahhh iMa Go 2mrw! Fashooo! :DD So ttyL , Have Some Love. . :)