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Roll on friday and then roll on monday :) lets go blackpool woooo

7/13/10 | me too! | Reply

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YOU !!!! Get Off My Planet!!!!!
Me, Myself, and I

[[[ ViTal sTatiStiCS ]]]

[ Name ] Pam / Niji / PamTree

♥ Standing a proud 5feet1inch ♥

[<3 Loves Mikey and ALL his retardedness <3 ]

♥ I am obsessed with Bleach!! ♥

[ I love Japan!! everything about it is amazing! ]

♥ I love the weirdest of things ♥

[ Music is the key to my heart! ]

♥ I Love Tattoos and Piercings! ♥

[ I love dying my hair! ]

♥ I Wanna be reincarnated as a Manga chick! ♥

[ I dance like an idiot! ]

♥ I LOVE anime and manga and japanese films! ♥

[If it's shiny and i want it i will have it ]

♥ Hello Kitty ♥

[ Pandas are my thing ]

♥ So are weird hats ♥

[ and odd/ toe socks ]

anything else?


<3 Chihiro Onitsuka <3 Alice Nine<3 Paramore <3 Yui <3 High and Mighty Colour <3 Orange Range <3 A7X <3 New Found Glory <3 Motion City Soundtrack <3 Blink 182 <3 The Starting Line <3 MC Hammer <3 Daft Punk <3 Bullet For My Valentine <3 Lostprophets <3 Disturbed <3 Elvis <3 Nobuo Uematsue <3 Soil <3 Micheal Jackson <3 Tenacious D <3 The Exies <3 Wierd Al <3 Linkin Park <3 breaking benjamin <3 all time low <3 final fantasy soundtracks <3 halo soundtrack <3 bleach coundtrack <3 asian kung fu generation <3 gewn stefani <3 no doubt<3
My Neighbor Totoro / The Cat Returns / Spirited Away / X / Kikis Delivery Service / Whisper of the heart/ Princess mononoke/ Howl's moving castle/ Ghost in The shell/ Bleach/ Naruto/ laputa castle in the sky/ ghost/ black cat / gantz / Origin / Final fantasy advent children / silent hill / dawn of the dead/ run fatboy run/ lord of war/ lilo and stitch/

♥ i love anime ♥

<33 Its Gotta Have Action/ Horror/ comedy/ explosions/ nudity [[ full frontal ]] / violence/ blood/ and lots of random boob shots and im happy. so basically any porn with a horror/ action theme <3
This weeks mission
Is To finally make an attempt at firing ma lazer en route to candy mountain before diving down into the depths of the sea (where its over 9000 and the balls are inert) And finding the snowman and charlies kidney then off to the home of the banana king and collect the rusty spoons that make the red water come out and then get that fish out the oven and sit down to play sims....................... yup sounds good :)
Scared Of
losing important people to me! Being alone lol Not taking the chances i should and regretting life in general. But Hey you know what they say.
if you get a chance take it.
if it changes your life let it
no one said it would be easy
they just said it would be worth it.

and thats how i live my life!
stick it! :P
Most pleased when
<3 Getting inked or pierced <3 having random banter <3 cuddles with mikey<3chatting girlyness wit nemo and Gills<3Drinking <3 Dancing<3 Taking stoopid pics with my friends<3 Bleach! <3 singing to myself <3 Daydreaming <3 drawing <3 writing <3 reading <3 watching bleach <3 or random films :) Taking Pictures on my shiny shiny camera :D <3 Cows that are friendly <3 these are the things that doth pleasith me :)
Random Banter
"Get Down WIth a Nor Par"
"Shes a victim of her own face"
"They bop the achilles heel of their sonicness"
"Its the candy mountain worm made of sugar"
"Ring ring...........nope it aint my card thats ringing"
" Starfish loves you"
" Back to your bridge you evil troll you have no powers here"
"Its over 9000!"
"The balls are Inert"
"you've just driven into fuckville and she's the mayor"
"Oodles of noodles"
"you're so bald i can see what youre thinking"
"Yeah they turned you away coz they thought you were a bouncer"
"She has aids of the face"
"Yeah but there's bamboo on the wall"
"quickly grab onto our tongues!"
"You'll wake the oomoh"
The Other Half Of Me
Ashley Gallacher

Ashley Gallacher

she will bop the achilles heel of your sonicness

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  • random information i want now!

    six things you wonder about me:


    Five things you like about me:

    Four of the things you remember me for


    Three things u dont like about me:

    Two words that describe me:

    One question for me:

    1 Comment 209 weeks

  • my top friends

    Have you ever kissed anyone in your top 16?
    fuck aye

    * Whats your least favourite thing about your number 16?
    she makes fun of me lol

    * Whats the best memory you have of number 9?
    most of the ones of our first flat together

    * Whens the next time your going to see 4?
    in about three seconds :P

    * Is number 7 pretty?
    fuck aye

    * What is your first impression of number 8?
    shes crazyyyyy

    * What do you like most about number 14?
    the banter lol

    * How did you meet number 3?
    online lol

    * Do you think 12 could kill someone?
    oh aye

    * Is 11 your best friend?
    no but shes a good friend :)

    * How long have you known number 13?
    a few years

    * Have you seen 2 naked?
    loadsa times

    * Do you think 5 has a crush on you?
    i fucking hope not

    * What is the last thing you did with number 8?
    got drunk lol

    * If you could give anything to number 6, what would it be?
    an orgasm lol!!

    * Would number 2 and number 16 make a good couple?
    no no they would not

    * If number 11 was a crayon, what colour would s/he be?
    smouldering red

    * Have you ever been to number 3's house?
    ive sat in a car outside it :P

    * Have you ever slept in the same bed as number 7?

    * When is the next time you'll see number 5?
    prob next week some time

    * Are you real close to number 10?

    Have you ever kissed 16?
    no lol

    * Have you ever been to the movies with number 6?
    nopes :(

    * Have you ever been angry with 12?

    * Would you ever make a move on number 10?
    lmao i have

    * What do you and number 4 talk about the most?
    men and sex lol

    * Do you ever talk to 6?
    most days

    * What do you think of number 1?
    i luffs her very much :)

    0 Comments 227 weeks

  • do the blog peoples lol

    1. what's your name?
    2. Are we close?
    3. What do you think of me?
    4. Do you have a crush on me?
    5. Would u kiss me?
    6. Describe me in 3 words?
    7. If u Had Me for 30 Mins what would you do?
    8. What was ur first impression of me?
    9. Do u still think the same?
    10.. What reminds u of me?
    11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    12. How well do u know me?
    13. What do u like best about me?
    14. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?
    15. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    16.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?
    17.Anything 2 say b4 u go

    2 Comments 241 weeks

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  • Pixie
    luv Pixie

    a cant find yer panda !!... but have 2 of mines xxx

  • Jackie Stevie Stewart

    hey missy, hope ure good, im only usin facebook now so hope to catch u there xxxxx

  • Dr Octagonapus
    luv Dr Octagonapus


  • Kris D
    luv Kris D

    hey can u tel mikey im workin friday, wot did he want anyways??

  • Dr Octagonapus
    luv Dr Octagonapus

    Aids. It could be just round the corner. Same with Chlamydia.

  • Paul Stewart

    Hey pam, hows tricks down in ayr?

  • Katie Douglas
    luv Katie Douglas

    how u feeling hen xxxxx

  • Dr Octagonapus
    luv Dr Octagonapus

    But is it made from candy floss??? That is the question :D

  • Melody McRoberts
    Melody McRoberts

    Mery Christmas Chick :DD N All The Best For 2010!!!!!!!! Love :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Forever In Darkness
    Forever In Darkness

    Am lookin forward 2 it 4 logan but am not that big on xmas lol

    12/24/09 via Mobile
  • Forever In Darkness
    luv Forever In Darkness

    2 much of it lol but it fun :D hows u anyways

  • Melody McRoberts
    luv Melody McRoberts

    Furys!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  • Dr Octagonapus
    luv Dr Octagonapus

    Ashiteru yo! wtf is teh pic btw omg lol

  • Wee Janine
    luv Wee Janine


  • Forever In Darkness
    luv Forever In Darkness

    have it back fluff brings me out in a strange rash whereby i start sweatin pancakes ...................yup

  • The Official Furys Ayr
    The Official Furys Ayr

    Fury's Rocks Pres. THE COMPLETE STONE ROSES **Exclusive Set for 20th anniversary debut album tour** 7PM-11PM FRIDAY 30TH OCTOBER + Support from Band Wars 2009 Comp. Winner Tickets Online: www.tickets-scotland.com Tel: 0141 204 5151

  • Forever In Darkness
    luv Forever In Darkness

    dammit am usually stealthy like a ninja, well if ppl didnt want me eating there garbage they wouldnt leave it outside for me :P

  • Dr Octagonapus
    luv Dr Octagonapus

    Your nose hair ... That is grey ... Is in my eyes ...

  • Dr Octagonapus
    luv Dr Octagonapus

    O.O i love you O.O :D i do :D lots :D :D happy face :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Forever In Darkness
    luv Forever In Darkness

    u are a sandwich monkey ave seen u ...jumping in n out of telephone boxes u jump in ....then out holding a sandwitch so i know its u