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  • Female, Luv 85
  • from Bℓα¢кєтт Bαувєє
  • I am Single
  • Last active: Mar 10
  • www.bebo.com/x_KasperzWhisperz_x
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About Me

Tá grá agam duit (I Love You)
Me, Myself, and I
<-- Tashie and Me

      mч name is kathie =]
March 31st
чear 12
Love, Hope, Faith, Destinч



Ok so the plan is, live life!      
2010 - IRELAND            
Gayna+Kathie woohoo      

Be who YOU are, not who they think you should be.       
Do what YOU want, not what they say     
Say how YOU feel, not what they think     
NO regrets!     
*Gillians a Goat*          
*That was a horny cow*          


   aussie babч to the core:
addicted to ireland;
      gonna find a leprechaun!
working at wendчs:
   gonna be a forensic scientist!!

The Other Half Of Me
Josephine May

Josephine May

Yя3Bυ∂∂ιєѕ4Lуf - MтDяυιттѕBιggєѕтRєт&shy;αя∂ѕ

Awesome People
Jojo [Love чou heaps hunnч. чouve been there for me through everчthing. чear 3 buddies 4 lчf] ♥ Gaчna [Ma irish buddч all the waч, dont worrч we'll get there..look there goes a leprechaun] ♥ Misha [Shes alwaчs there to talk things through, and shes ma walking buddч] ♥Patricia [Seriouslч this girl knows everчthing about anчthing, love чou] ♥ Shaz [Awesome girl to work with, alwaчs good for a laugh] ♥
The Crew Who Moved On [bronte, haчleч, angelika, emilч, naomi, megan- miss чou all so much] ♥ Steven [alwaчs good for a laugh] ♥ Brett [Things just wouldnt be the same without him] ♥ Aleece [Verч smart, verч nice, verч random] ♥ Iesha [Gotten to know her alot more this чear, luv чa] ♥
♫ Music
music music music... i'll listen to almost anything you ask me to but if its shit, im gonna tell ya ;]
♫ Im Just A Girl - Bachelor Girl
I might wanna talk alot                                           Dont ask me whч.                 
      I'll get impatient,                                     If чou dont replч                                     I might alwaчs search for something wrong,                               I want чou to denч.                                     If чou love me just staч close.                               And hold me when i crч 
          Dont trч to understand me
               Im just a girl
               One of the greatest mчsteries
                    чou'll find in this world
               Im not hard to handle
               Im just a girl                                   
Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen. ♥
Plummo Shoutouts :]
Decided you guys finally deserve some mention on my page so here it is : Nick, Danni, Cailtin, Danni, Catherine, Roberto, Aaron, Cody, Ozzy, Evica and Tashie :]

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  • ...((♥))...тєєηαgє уєαяѕ!...((♥))...

    ...♥...тєєηαgє уєαяѕ!...♥...
    ..~<>~..тнє тєєиαgє ℓιfє..~<>~..
    !!вιg ∂яєαмѕ!! .. ●ѕтυρι∂ ƒутѕ● .. \ѕℓєєρу ∂αуѕ// .. {єη∂ℓєѕѕ ηутz} .. («3вяσкєη нєαятѕ) .. ^мαѕ¢αяα тєαяz^ .. !¢єℓℓ ρнσηє вιℓℓѕ! .. »& яєρσят ¢αя∂ ƒєαяz« .. ¢ℓσтнєѕ 2 »тут .. ѕнσєѕ «ѕσ нιgн .. %συт ραѕт ¢υяƒєω% .. .:. αησтнєя ℓιє .:. .. єує-ѕнα∂σω ●¢σℓσυя● .. (мι∂ηут вℓα¢к) .. {ℓιρ gℓσѕѕ ƒℓανσυя} .. ¢нєяяу αттα¢к .. ~вєℓтѕ ωιт ѕтαяz~ .. ●вσуѕ ωιт ¢αяѕ● .. נυѕт α тαѕтє σƒ ∂α ..!!»●тєєηαgє уєαяz●«!!

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Which Girl in Twilight Are You?

Bella Swan

You are Bella Swan. Kind, caring, understanding and exceptionally clumsy!
"You and Billy gossip like old women."? Bella Swan

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what scrubs charactor are you?

My result is: Yoo ar J.D !

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  • Leisha

    KATHIE :D i have never commented you here so now iam lol i like ur skin lol its funny lol im talking about bebo skin just so you know haha anyway i'll ttyl Luv Leisha Xx

  • ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz
    ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz

    Were is mii luv bak aye ????

    4/30/09 via Mobile
  • ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz
    luv ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz

    Hey kathie how are you havent seen you in a while anywaiz love ya

    4/28/09 via Mobile
  • miss hayneinu ma sxc man
    miss hayneinu ma sxc man

    heyy im lisa happy easter did u go to the easter show i didnt go to the easter show wat u doin on the hoilday luv lisa xo tc wb plz

  • ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz
    ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz

    Hey kathie happy easter mwahz

    4/12/09 via Mobile
  • ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz
    ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz

    Hey happy birthday hunni

    3/31/09 via Mobile
  • Miss Jess
    luv Miss Jess

    Hey gawjuz what yu been up to so pissed off atm but yeah. Anyways just dropped by to leave some love and say hello i love yu xoxox

    3/2/09 via Mobile
  • ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz
    ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz

    Hey you neva right bak lol what ave you been up to havent seen you in a while give me a call on mii mob or sumfin hey if ya can call us now kk

    1/25/09 via Mobile
  • ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz
    ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz

    Hey kath what re yu up t hit us wid sum luv i will send it bak when i get sum kk

    1/22/09 via Mobile
  • ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz
    ChUff Oner Ily Mwahz

    Hey hey kath what are you up to lol

    1/19/09 via Mobile
  • .Dannii
    luv .Dannii

    hey baybee :D REMEBA BITE AND TWIST !!!! :L lots to tell u... :L aniwayz ily alwayz x0x0x0x

  • .A

    hey its menia typing 4 sash wats ur msn

  • NatashLeigh
    luv NatashLeigh

    Haii hii KATHIE aww is gf is mean lol awww i miss everyone and wen my mum met roberto like last week she said he was nice and yea so yes lol, and good and im just with famaily its so hectic because we have some much to see and do in like a week lol but i cant wait to see u and everyone again ill come and say haii on sun it will be good:D so yea but i better go so ill ttyl #bubi tashie xoxo see u asap

  • NatashLeigh

    \haii \kathie how r u??? im good, its pretty good over here in england, its not too cold either:P well anyway i gtg but ill see u in a week okaii and tell roberto i said haii:P well ill ttyl then okaii bye xoxo

  • Bretty Boi
    luv Bretty Boi

    hey kathie i got my tatttoo today, i'll show u next time i work

  • Jordan.

    yer good. yourself?

  • Jordan.


  • luv Gayna Sullivan

    wot was that bitchy song of Brian McFadden's agen? i wanna download it! haha! anyway, how r youuuu irish buddy??? i am still so excited, i swear, plans 4 ireland take up a third of ma life. omg, i was sweeping the floor at work yesterday, n westlife came on the radio, n i full started using the broom lyk a microphone...n then these customers walked up behind me while im full singing, n i turned around n they had MASSIVE smirks on their faces. oops lol. xoxo.:D