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Levi Daley

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  • Male, 21, Luv 112
  • from P Town
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 9,584
  • Last active: 9/5/09
  • www.bebo.com/levidaley
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About Me

levi daley-monthly-yearly j denzel i will miss you dearly
Me, Myself, and I
      Levi daley                                        
      shit b !! 9 months already :) ly baby girl 
      ♫ Straight Out The 90s Era ♫ 
The Other Half Of Me
An Inimitable Style.

An Inimitable Style.

my girl :x <3

Levi daley
Problem?                                          Well its your pussy face problem,               i dnt wana hear it !!              Lifes a simple game!!                     Show respect an you'll get some back                      DO YOU NO ME !!!!                            Yes? Welcome aboard,        Leave comments show tha luv,                      You no the score;)                             No? Unless your a fitty wat the hell made you think its acceptable to look at my page?                      Move on son                                   R U STUPID !!!!!!! lol                                                                                     ADD ME!!- levidaley@hotmail.co.uk                            LEFT SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bullet bullet :P                      Dogsthorpe Boys - Top lads                             Untouchables- Big up Asha d ( my cuzin) Joe ( pure jokes) Josh ( truble maker ha) and all the others keep doin wat yor doin!
Basket Ball
Nuffin long
scared of
are u DUMB !
Happiest When
Jammin wid the boys, playing basket ball an spendin time wid that special chick of corse
reggae reggae sub
big up the reggae regga sub
nufin ( foot ) long !
zoop zoop

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  • Mardy Bum
    Mardy Bum

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  • Lewis W
    Lewis W

    hey cuz wen u cumin up 2 ipswich again need 2 beat u at fifa again lol tb

  • A-Y-D-E-N

    yes rude boi were was u 2day ? any wayz u kl yh ? tap bak hold it

  • SuperMan

    well it ent that sick guy levi;) u kl ?? wubu2? safe x

  • Abbiiee-Babbiiee

    Hey Babes You Ok ..?? wot You Bin Up 2 ..?? Wb X-x-X

  • .Ce-Ce.

    yee im all gd hun.. ye from village bout ten mins from boro.. wat u get up to?? xx xxx

  • .Ce-Ce.

    naa was just a random add bbe.. u ok? x

  • Danielle

    Hey you alright long time no speak x

    1/11/09 via Mobile
  • One Two Sparko Blud
    One Two Sparko Blud

    Alright mate :) .. u have a good christmas and new year ? What yuou been up 2 man . aint seen you in ages :O .. anyways rite back soon x Bless ;) x

  • Danielle

    .hey you alright x

    1/4/09 via Mobile
  • K DOt

    al on d bal ting stil, bt off nw til d 4th yo we gta b ovali lean new years fam! an ashas bday!! u home 4 xmas? mery xmas bles

  • luv Sasha-Marie

    OMY levi yu luked bare long n tall today mi love!!! hope all is gud tell lily that i sed hi i ent seen her in ages man!!!! merry xmas b xxx

  • Natasha Jones
    luv Natasha Jones

    hiya levi god havent seen u in ages how is the whole army thing going...good i hope im great cheers how bout u lmao...honestly the whole of my brothers yr think that they are all pimps bless em....they make me laff tho n ive jus been studying really...omg im finding sixth form so hard :( hope i pass in the end well good luck with everything levi n speak to ya soon luv me xXx o yh merry christmas...hope u enjoy it n get everything u asked for n i hope u still believe in santa....lmao u stopped believing in like yr 3 n nearly ruined for ya lil sis u big humbug lmao :D

  • Coxy -Mark Cox
    luv Coxy -Mark Cox

    Eyyyupp :D Yhuu pokii mate?? What yhuuu doing wiv yaslef mate?? Catch up ... ?? .... Defoooo soon :D Check back :D Ly x Bless x