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Stephaniee Smith


8/7/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 23, Luv 33
  • from North Wales / Manchester
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 3/4/09
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About Me

Had a brilliant Summer =)
Me, Myself, and I
Purpose Of The 'About Me' Section Is To Talk About Me. So We Best Get On With It...
.. Well Im Fun and Crazy (but then again every girl is when shes with her fellow girlies!). I currently live in Manchester (originally from North Wales) because I'm now a full-on tax dodging student partying at the Manchester Metropolitan Uni woooo. Its so good here. The clubs are great, my flatmates are fab and my course is pretty decent too :) Also I of-course love nothing more than just having a laugh and a boogie-on-down with my mates :)

The Girls and the Boys
Nights that turn into Days
After parties
Pretty painted nails
Over-sized bags
Killer heels

Is it the weekend yet?
Kelly Clarkson, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, The Kooks, Zootons, Amy Winehouse, George Michael, Christina Aguilera, James Morrison, Justin Timberlake, The Feeling, Jamiroquai, Whitney Houston, Pussycat Dolls, Timberland, My Chemical Romance, Maroon5, Kate Nash, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Kaiser Chiefs and Faithless..enough yet?
Love Actually, American Pie (all of them) Green Steet, Mean Girls, Casino Royale, Borat! (sooooo funny), Madagascar, Italian Job, Shrek, Mrs Doubtfire (absolute classic) and The Holiday.
Most lookin forward to in 2008
London to watch the Spice Girls- Jan, Uni flatmates turning into our housemates -Sept , Alton Towers, Lots of holidays, My 19th, Holiday to Turkey with friends, London weekend and going to see Girls Aloud!
Scared Of
Losing people!
♥ I Heart ♥
♥ Shoes ♥ Chanel Purfume ♥ My Designer bags ♥ Manicures and Pedicures ♥ Having a tan ♥ Nights out ♥ Holidays ♥ The Bahamas ♥ Photographs ♥ Partying ♥ 'Karma Cocktail Lounge' in Puerto Portals ♥ The Hills ♥ Summer Fun ♥

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Jason Herd vs. Flashlight ft. Jason Heerah - My Girl

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  • Ibiza July 2007

    Myself, Heather, Stevie, Steph.B and Danneka - Ibiza July 2007.
    What an amazing time! suchhhhhh a laugh. non stop laughing.


    Arrive at the hotel, 1st night (early hours of the morn)- decide we go out 4 1 cocktail 2 start the hol.......2/3hours later, we stumble back 2 the hotel very drunk! (ended up discovering the westend!)

    Gettin in at 6am and gettin back-up again at 9am 4 a place on the beach.

    Discovering we'd burnt our bums after being on the lilos in the sea 4 ages! on more than 1 occasion!

    Heather deciding to 'cook' herself on the 1st day! what an idiot! lol

    Es Paradis 'Water Party'. which was such a laugh. we wore hula necklaces! yerrrr we're cool! Also stevie got a black eye from sum1 throwin a flip flop! -suprised it wasnt me actually who got it!

    Being given free Eden tickets on the beach 4 our last night! how ironic though cos we were goin 2 Eden anyway 4 our last night! so even better we got in 4 free! Plus Garlands were there so it would have been 50euros+. goooood times!

    Heather and Myself went on the sling-shot! which may i add wasnt like the normal slingshot that is in a cage. nooooooo the 1 we went on was just 2 seats on a bungee rope! OMG! how scary. got an ace vid though! -chicken! haha

    Heather mysteriously getting a black eye.....turns out she fell over drunk (suprise suprise) and in the process broke her new glasses! = ta daaa- glasses whack eye...eye becomes black!

    Steph's 19th birthday- Went 2 the Indian. great start 2 the night when the owner thought we wanted a table 4 9 people...noooo 9pm u ijjjiot! lol. Oh and we organised a suprise bday cake 2. completely fooled her! well done heath 4 communicating with the 'non english speaking fit waiter'.

    After a few nights of going out u get sick of the PR's tryin 2 get u 2 go in their clubs n bars e.g. 5 euros 4 2430984 shots and 23974 bottles of champagne...Moi comes up with a not so brilliant idea ' I know why dont i pretend 2 be deaf?'...P.R-'yerr love i knw ur not deaf, u might be a bit slow, a bit special but ur not deaf!' haha fucker!

    Going on the booze cruise! what a laugh. Me and Heath were the 1st girls to jump off the top wooooo. however Stevie, Danneka and Steph decided not 2 jump off at all! puffs! ohh sorry stevie was up 4 it.....yer just as he said we're leaving! so she ended up not jumping off! she timed that on purpose! :p Stevie u missed out. it was soooooo fun! We drank half the sea in the process and heather flashed but apart from that it was ace! haha

    Having a night on the beach n meetin some Londoners - which naturally fell in2 drinking games! followed by a splash in the sea in our bikinis and whatever the lads wore..probably nothing! dunno we were drunk! ohh and running in2 a rock and almost breaking my toes! but i bloody knew it was there cos i warned stevie about it! god im soooo stupid!

    Heather gettin drunk and going boogyin in her sexy pink night dress (which we were meant 2 wear on a fancy dress night) complete with yellow shorts tucked in...classyyyyy! glad i never joined her tht night. how embarressing! haha.

    Danneka gettin stuck in a lift just as we were checking out. hahahahaha.

    Asking a few local lads 2 take a pic of us in Eden....little did i know he wanted a 'gift' 4 taking it. yes i said theres ur gift...and pointed 2 stevie....then heather! hahaha. sorry! :p

    Haha 'Lion King Boy'- danny dyer is my cousin! haha watever!. wonder if he ever made it home? - danny dyer is my cousin! haha watever!

    Telling some lads we met on the beach on our 1st day (that decided 2 stay with us alllll day) that we were having a party in our hotel room 306 in hotel Sunset Playa at 9pm! .....we lied! n they were really up 4 coming. bless it wasnt even our hotel hahaha, we made it up. wonder if they did turn up?...they seemed very up 4 the party! haha.

    Sooooooo many more happenings but i dont wanna go onnnn and onnnn!

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    hey big sis u ok? hows manchester? when u home ? ill give u love cuz i have got more than u :P love u................ not smithy10 xx

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    Dom Yau

    wt is up blood haha!make room for us cumin up out on the piss friiiiiii! xxx

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    sup! :S how are you pimp out your profile with this site its sooocoool :P copy and paste sick-offer.com pz

    8/9/08 via Mobile
  • Bleddyn
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    Happy Birthday

  • Bleddyn
    luv Bleddyn

    Nah its pay back :) but ill get the right car im not a dumb blonde :L Out in town hey u rebel. Im not doing anythink ya bro allways on the X BOX bloody geek isnt he :L . Lol u allways with them lads ;) When u getting a new car? Wb Bledd xx P.S u dont have much love i feal sorry 4 ya so ill give u 1 :)

  • Bleddyn

    Hey steph. I carnt belive u bullyed that corsa. I carnt wait till i c ur boy car in a car park. What u up 2 this weekend. Wb bledd x

    7/25/08 via Mobile
  • Dom Yau
    Dom Yau

    yep fink ill b !!joinin ya ull probs hav 2 ring n ring 2 drag me outta bed im not drivin im gonna have antha 3day weeke!nder bender hahaha yep ull hav 2 let me knw bout ur bday sort itout!!xx

  • Richie

    'work' was nice n easy thank fuk haha ryan finished 2nd his best result of the year, so i put it all down to me haha. erm ye im up 4 goin 2 oulton got nuthin beta to do. we goin sunday morning? w/b x

  • Richie

    u have gd nite on friday? wer did u go? w/bx

  • Dom Yau
    Dom Yau

    wens u n vich goin oulton park?? n wts hapenin for ur bday?