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Madina Kate


9/28/07 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Screaming to a galaxy that never cared at all.

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Madina Lake
Matthew Leone
"Physical appearance means nothing.the color of your soul does.vanity carries no value."
River People

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  • amelia xxx
    amelia xxx

    oritee maytee
    remeberr meee?? well yooh shudd do lol
    ant seen yooh in agesss ((well not since emmas last bday, paintballing WHEY))
    cyarr laterr

    Milliee. 3 Replies

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  • I Can't Think Of A Name For It So Suggestions Welcome?

    ok,i would like to know what you think,so be serious.
    compliments and critiscism very welcome (:

    ok so here goes!:

    They always say 'life is like a dream'.
    But when dreams ever become reality,
    What happens then?
    Is this when life is ripped at the seam?

    All that i know is my dream never came to be,
    That dream involved 2,me and you.
    But i guess that dream is dead
    Dead for the world to see

    I loved you like no other could,
    You were everything i wished for.
    But that dark,winters' night
    I watched you leave,straight out my door.

    You said we were meant to be together,
    Deep in my soul,i knew this was true.
    Instead you cut scars in my heart and arms,
    Scars to show me that we're through...

    You meant the world to me,
    These scars will never heal.
    I'm overcome with emotions
    Emotions i thought i'd never feel.

    The night you left me,
    I don't know to you what i've done?
    I've succombed to the pain,
    I feel all hurt and numb.

    So as you grieve upon me today,
    As the girl you once knew.
    You will also be thinking of
    Why dreams never come true...?

    sooo...what you think?

    1 Comment 308 weeks

  • True Love <3

    If I lost it all in a fireball
    Would you be there for me?
    If the money's gone and the future falls
    Would you walk away?
    'Cause my confidence is vanishing
    Will you leave me starving here
    To wither down and disappear
    As you walk away?

    Then just let me go, let me live
    Just leave me alone
    Buried here next to love on my own
    I'll never trust, never feel, never love again
    With this bitter taste in mind
    They always say true love is all you need
    But when true love is gone can we go on?
    They say true love would never leave
    But my true love is gone and I can't go on

    I'm in the catacombs of a broken heart
    Where you used to be when I loved you for
    All the reasons that you hated yourself
    'Cause you were desperate and pathetic
    But just as beautiful to me as the day you left
    And I became just a memory

    Let me go, let me live
    Just leave me to lay buried here next to love on my own
    I'll never trust, never feel, never love again
    With just this bitter taste in mind
    They always say true love is all you need
    But when true love is gone can we go on?
    They say true love would never leave
    But my true love is gone and I can't go on

    Now it's two am and I'm picturing the way things used to be
    But all I see is you looking at him like you used to look at me

    They always say true love is all you need
    But when true love is gone can we go on?
    They say true love would never leave
    But my true love is gone and I can't go on
    I can't go on


    0 Comments 310 weeks

  • gerards engagement [got it off buzznet]

    Alright so we ALL know that Gerard is not engaged anymore....if we don't well...now you do. Norweigian newspaper interview gerard told the the interviewer he was no longer engaged when he was asked about the marriage plans. That doesn't mean they broke up...her myspace still says she's still taken...but from what little i've been able to dig up in the short amount of time that i've had here's what i've found:
    A) The Interview translated:
    It's a transalation from A Norwegian interview.

    Gerard arrived in dark sunglasses, black clothing and black hair to the interview in the backstage-area at Hove. With a becoming, but absolutely not exaggerated arrogance, he told us willingly about the expectations to tonights concert and his relationship to the Norwegian fans.

    -We've unfortunately never been to Norway before, but I think our relationship with our Norwegian fans is the same as with fans from other parts of the world. We care about them, and we owe it to them to do our best. Our fans are intelligent people.

    He promised that the band would deliver on stage too and that he thought it was exciting that so many people wanted MCR to come to the Hove festival.
    He loves to stand in front of an ecstatic audience and to watch how they react when the band enters the stage.


    Gerard Way really wanted to watch the canadian punk-rockers in Billy Talent, who played before them on the mainstage.
    The two bands have been following each other on several festivals this summer, and have become friends. When they play
    on the same place, they always try to catch each others shows.

    -I'm a huge fan of Billy Talent, I've liked them for a long time. I'm watching their show tonight.
    I'm so bad at remembering names of songs, but the first song on the first album I liked right away.

    But you don't remember the name?

    -No, of course I don't. But it stuck to my head, and I've been a fan ever since.


    Gerard makes it clear that he won't answer stupid questions, and he doesn't like it when journalists always ask about
    his hair and other 'silly questions'. So the journalist felt quite awkward when she asked a question about
    Gerard's marriage plans. [He announced the engagement a week ago, his brother Mikey is on his
    honeymoon and could unfortunately not be at Hove, so it seemed like a relevant question], and the reply was:

    -Actually, I'm not engaged anymore.. That's just something that happens.


    After a short and very awkward moment with silence, we might as well ask the ultimate question, that only fans that have seen MCR's dvd would understand.
    On the the dvd, Gerard gets a hamster cage for Christmas and he promises to buy a hamster to put in it.

    Did you get the hamster?

    -That's not a stupid question question at all! No, unfortunately not..
    I had a hamster when I was younger and would have wanted one now too,
    it's just that I'm afraid I'll kill it on the tour bus, he says, and tells us that
    he loves animals, but that he has extreme cat allergy. So a cat is then,
    with other words, out of the question for the American rockstar.

    -I love animals, but I can't guarantee that they get along as well with me.
    I hope so....Gerard chuckles, before he sneaks out with his dark sunglasses
    and agrees to a short photo session with a fan.
    B) The lack of him wearing his ring for the past week or so
    c) late may/early june Eliza made a buzznet and a myspace ( www.buzznet.com/elizacuts ) you can get her myspace off there if you want it she links it...i can never remember the url and I don't have her added. Anyway at first it had gerard all fucking over both of them...like just screaming "hey look i'm engaged to gerard!...oh btw, i'm cutting hair in la if you're interested *wink wink*"
    d) 3 or 4 days ago i was telling a friend about it(who i won't name in the blog because she might not want to be named...if she wants to be named she'll leave a comment) anyway my friend went to check o

    0 Comments 315 weeks

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    Xx Little Laura Xx

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    Amalia Stapleton

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    Rach W

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    hay Check out this link to pimp out your profiles hehe! copy and paste sick-offer.com *muah*

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    luv ChelseaRawr

    Dude you have Bebo ! xoxo Guess who ;]

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  • luv Beth

    Heyy Kaaaaaaaaaaate =] Hows you?? wb Bethx

  • .AiLsa.

    KATE your bebo is *tumbleweeed* :( get comments

  • .AiLsa.
    luv .AiLsa.

    hey kate hope you feelin better :] x x a... have some GETTIN BETTER luv :]