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jonas on tuesday.

7/21/08 | me too! | Reply

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I'll go and give my love to someone else, ♥2.27.08♥
Me, Myself, and I
Once in a life time; i'll time this later (:
Music is my life (:
Jonas Brothers; Miley Cyrus; Jordan Pruitt; Demi Lovato; Metro station; Ryan Cabrera; Forever the sickest Kids; The Used; Joe Brooks; Katelyn Tarver; Jordan McCoy; Jordin sparks; Chris Brovvn; The Last Goodnight; Ashley Tisdale; Vanessa Hudgens; Avril Lavigne; Boys Like Girls; Brie Larson; FM static; aand; basicaly any music (:
The Notebook; Camp Rock!; Knocked Up; Disturbia; Juno<3; and i love those "movie days" (:
softball; basketball; baseball; track; cheerleading; vviffleball<3; backyard redneck baseball; pole vaulting (:; golf!; svvimming is fuun; soccer; horse racing ( it makes sara cry); aand; idk, i pretty much like any sport.
♥(J) (O) (N) (A) (S)♥
the boys that basically complete my life <3. i love them through anything and everything. let's just say... life's been through A LOT vvith them in it.. and i vvouldn't trade it for anything else in the vvorld. their music; oh lordy their music is vvhoa inspirational. <3 life (:
The Other Half Of Me


mm. Hannah.. lol

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Remembering Stephanie Gotz

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  • Just Something

    Illinois! We just stopped at Metropolis. I got some cool pictures. Yeah... so... um...*sigh*. well this is a short note. All i see is tress. & farmland. how not interesting. Well the other notes will be longer than this . oh. yeah, Superman& wonderwonman told me to tell you hi. So Hi! Sorry its so short. i just aint got nothin to say.

    Yeah, im in Kentucky. Won't be here very long. It takes like 1 hour. Ok, the states i have ever been too are Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolnia, Illinois, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Washington, and i think thats all. My favorites were N. Carolina and Wash. Well. sorry this is so short.

    Hey! im in tennessee. It is really boring. It takes the longest to get thru. This state is a really long state. sight i just saw that said. "instead of mornin breth, have chiken breth!" wierd. dont know why they speeled wrong or what it means. So, how was school Friday? I am sooo bored. Ummmm. DOnt know waht to say. We are in Knoxville & might stop at Metropolis to see the superman stuff. ok better op.

    I'm in North Carolina! There is a bunch of snow! Yeah, it's fun. I am on a mountain! It is colder in MO than it is here. The mountain road is twisted and is only 1 way. I dont know what to tell you. Oh yeah, we went threw 2 tunnels. It was fun. We ate at this place called Fatz. It was really good. So. hmmm. *sigh* We saw some tracks in the snow outside teh front door that are probably a coyotes. Saw some fox, deer, rabbit & i dont remember what else tracks. ok, I better go..

    Jamie J.

    0 Comments 287 weeks

  • Hollywood

    As time was ticking, we were winning. It all was going as planned. Politicians, stand between The lines of making headlines, street signs, saying your going the wrong way. Fading, faster now.
    You can try to break us, and make us fall apart. But the fires in our hearts. Reminisce on memories cuz' we're gone. Don't forget to, hold back your thoughts and live like robots, cause we all know what goes on. Reminisce on memories cuz' we're gone.
    Fallen soldiers, all around us. But we're still standing strong. Embarrasing and contradicting. Cause now we're making. Headlines, primetime saying what a story. Billboards packed tours don't forget.
    to Chorus**
    Game over your done. Outta left field we won. Pack our bags yeah we'll run. Hollywood here we come.
    to Chorus**

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  • PART of "Games" by Jonas Brothers.. I LOVE THIS SONG

    Waiting for you right outside
    The place we first locked eyes
    (OH) I feel like we're both losing sight
    We don't get to do this twice
    and i wonder....

    Will you care, when i'm gone and it's done. and i've really had enough?
    and i'm sorry
    for the summer
    has been costin' us so much
    Spinning twice gettin harder to do what you wanna
    I'm so bored with these Ga-ames(Ga-ames), Ga-ames (Ga-ames)

    The last time i ever left these steps
    Was after our first kiss
    I wonder why you haven't shown
    I've been leaving here a-alone
    and i wonder...

    Will you care, when i'm gone, and it's done, and i've really had enough?
    and i'm sorry
    for the summer
    has been costin' us so much
    Spinning twice gettin harder to do what you wanna
    I'm so bored with these Ga-ames,(Ga-ames) Ga-ames, (Ga-ames)

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Dude how come like no people even use the super comments?? I think that it is cool...Grrr PEOPLE SHOULD SO USE IT! Lol
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  • joe <3
    joe <3

    yah joe jonas...total cutie...yeah baby! lol...the concert was totally worth it even tho we had to wait in the rain lol...

    shy [[is like whoa]] 0 Replies
  • Fantastillistic

    hehe!! I used Joe's famous quote--boredness... and as Hannah says, Let the Gayness begin!!!! I'm babysittin PJ and he's watchin Barney so that ain't kewl... so i'm bored..!!!

    Kaitlin 0 Replies

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    luv Tanner Temptation

    n2m...actually a lot... call me

  • Tanner Temptation
    Tanner Temptation

    sorry! call me, well try it agen

  • Tanner Temptation 4/13/08
  • Natalie Reilly
    Natalie Reilly

    yeah...:L :L mhmm me too. :/ i dunno what to say now cos we're talkin on msn sooo.......yeahhh.lol. Hi :D lol <3

  • Natalie Reilly
    Natalie Reilly

    i got a blood test before but i was like seven or something. oh right, we dont have them over here. yeah, kinda noticed.lol. <3

  • Natalie Reilly
    Natalie Reilly

    omg, i hope you dont either :( whats a German Fest? and yeah i guess thats a good thing =] <3