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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hey finaly Razorlight can be left alone thanks to all you that complaind!

Band Members: Johnny Borrell (Vox, Guitar) Björn Ågren (Guitar) Carl Dalemo (Bass) Andy Burrows (Drums)


Razorlight Rule!!! lol

drop us a comment on wot ya think chow x

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Razorlight - in the morning

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  • The Band

    I am johnny, I sing and write songs for razorlight. I also play guitar and run around a lot on stage. I grew up in muswell hill in north london, so did ray davies from the kinks, he is one of my heroes. He once asked me to sing with him, which made me happy. Currently I'm between places to live so I'm searching for a house, but I'll always stay in north london as long as I'm in england, even if it means that most of my friends are arsenal fans. I love new york city, you can do whatever you like there. When I'm there I like boxing, eating sushi, jogging in central park, getting drunk at night and playing speed chess in washington square. when I am tired I remind myself that 'la vie peut etre triste mais elle est toujours belle.'

    In late 2002, Björn was living in a two-bedroom flat in Camden, with 12 other Swedes and selling jeans to tourists on Carnaby Street. He was the only person in London who answered Johnny's ad in the new music express - "guitarist wanted, no pentatonics." He grew up in an isolated house in the Swedish countryside playing guitar and talking to birds. After chucking his first guitar out of a second-storey window, he got himself an SG and crossed the north sea to London, under the spiritual tutelage of Johnny Marr, Steve Jones, Bob Quine and Josh Homme. Avoiding cliches at every turn, Björn is one of the most original lead guitarists around today.

    This face belongs to Carl and that's me. I play bass in this band. I emigrated from the clean and crispy cold north (Sweden) to dirty old London Town with all its decadence and pubs about four years ago. There I found Razorlight and I had to take a break from my normal life as keeper of peace and quiet and embrace the gutters of Camden and Soho and Seven Sisters and whatnot.
    Everybody has to do it at least once and if you can handle it you're sorted - ish. If nothing else its great fun! Johnny was a great teacher and Björn was my lifeline back to the old country. It sort of feels like I lost my identity a bit on the way though cause I can't really see myself moving back to Sweden not yet at least I do agree with Johnny that New York City is a damn great place maybe the best in the world but live in America? Hmm enough about that enjoy this page and write more messages it's amazing to see that people from all over the world come here and leave us little notes Cheers everybody!

    The young Andy Burrows brought himself a jugs blaster kit at the age of nine with the money saved from his paper round in his home town of Winchester. His early heroes were Ringo Starr, Ricky Lawson and Chris Witten. His first break was in the Hampshire youth brass band where he shocked everyone with his ability on tracks such as drummer's delight and men of harlech. His teenage years found him driving up and down the M3 to London and back with User, Moja, Stag and the Fabulous Rockmen. His drumming is solid, ferocious, natural and powerful.

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  • Gerry Cassidy
    Gerry Cassidy

    where are yous !

    12/20/10 via Mobile
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  • Donna Mills

    X x x x x x happy xmas.

    12/22/09 via Mobile
  • Anger Management
    Anger Management

    Skully from Razorlight was interviewed on Anger Management Therapy yesterday where he discussed how he was on stage only 2-3 days after finding out he'd be in the band, how a roadie nearly DIED on tour, Johnny Borrell and whether Noel Gallagher would be working with the band soon. The interview is available for FREE download at the below link: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...

  • Lucy Harrington

    Hey come see Razorlight when they perform at LIVEstock 2009 in London. They're supporting Friends of the Earth. They r the gr8test!!!

  • R.I.P. Patrick Swayze 9/17/09
  • Bronagh


  • Damian Chapman

    Dont be shy ;) 07888082580 x

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    Jøsh Çrüíçkshäñks

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  • Samsung: Sound Matters
    Samsung: Sound Matters

    Razorlight are playing at the SOLD OUT V Festival this month! Want to win tickets to see the show?! This is your chance! Find out how to enter the first ever battle of the fantasy bands competition! http://www.bebo.com/BlogView.jsp?&am...

  • Declan Khann

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  • Matt

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  • Stacey Dalziel

    Great band xxxx

    7/23/09 via Mobile
  • 7/22/09
  • Heidiee

    Razorlight are great! saw them live at isle of white festival :))

  • A-N-D-R-EW

    razorlight r amazeing saw them perform at t in the park

  • Donna Mills

    :) x x x x

    7/11/09 via Mobile
  • Stacey Connor
    Stacey Connor

    Hey I have 2 T in the park tickets for Saturday ....razorlight are playing! If you are interested add me!"

  • Lola Siriaraya
    Lola Siriaraya

    To All fans of Razorlight b-box , the officcial web-pisode of bebo.com has a pair of VIP tickets PLUS train fares to give away!! to go and see Razorlight live at the Eden Project in Cornwall http://www.bebo.com/BlogView.jsp?Mem... All you have to do is 1. become a fan of the b-box page http://www.bebo.com/b-box 2. write as a comment on the wall, the THREE WORDS that come to mind when you think of Razorlight 3. sit, wait, anticipate, pray, then tune in Thursday 11th in the afternoon, to find if you're the lucky fan! The competition ends at NOON june 11th Hurry! Goodluck +ENJOY! XOXO