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Aimee Haynes

L2 was amazing last friday!!! NDUBZ were awesum!! loved itt!!

2/3/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

you cant buy my love!!
Me, Myself, and I
so this is me, im aimee eaves, 18 at last!! had the best birthday eva!! couldnt of gone any better!! thanks to every1 who was involved!!
passed my drivin test a couple of months ago and im loving the freedom!!! love my friends!! u girlies mean soo much to me!! (u no who u r!!) im pretty laid back, just like taking the mick really.lol., people dont always no im jokin tho so i do get myself into trouble sometimes!! my week consists of wrok and the horses and my weekends involve lots of vodka and redbull and ov course my friends!!
im in a really good place rite now!! cant wait till next year wen i go travelling!! just need to start the saving process.lol.
well this is me, like it or lump it!! xxx

spontanious. horny. sexy. high sex appeal. good in bed. rare to find. good when found. outstanding kisser. loves being in long relstionships.

if u wanna chat my msn is - amo72@hotmail.co.uk
The Other Half Of Me


my best friend in the whole wide world! love u xxx

pretty much everyfin!! love the ones u can sing along to thou.lol.
mostly funny ones like, american pie, norbit!!!, ect....
oh me and sophie also LOVE the longest yard, for obvious reasons.lol.
horse ridin!! (love my baby breeze!!!)
atm im lovin vodka nd redbull as duz karl.lol. but put a drink in frnt ov me nd ill pretty much drink it.lol.
Happiest When
wiv my mates havin one too many drinks.lol. out in cam wiv jo nd josh being mongs.lol. or just lazin around on my day off, (i do like my lazy days!!) im also in my eliment wen im horse ridin or just up the yard
favorite people to be wiv
love sophie loads!!! known her 4 nearly 6 years now!!! nd shes been ther 4 me every inch ov the way!! now we've left skl we dnt see eachova as often as we'd like but i love our fridays!!! i litrally had the time of my life wen we went gambia together and i cant wait till we go again!!! love u BINTA!!! xxxxx
love u lots xxxxxxxx

jo jo is quite possibly the funniest person i no!!! we're sucha pair ov nobs!!!! honestly i dont have as much fun wiv any1 else as i do wen im wiv j!!! this girl is like a sister 2 me, we talk about absolutely everything!!! and i really dont no wt id do without u j love u loads!!!! cant actually put it in2 wrds!!!!

jade, dont see alot ov her any more (shes all loved up.lol.) but im happy 4 both her and brian! there good together!! and i cant wait till little pickle arrives love ya chick xxxx
people who mean alot to me!!
JOSH PARKER!!! love this guy loads!!! my fave cuz eva!! love u squillions xxxx

SOPHIE!!!!!!!!!!! already said quite alot bowt soph but she really is my best friend!!! nd im soo glad we've kept in contact afta skl!!!! shes the sort ov person who will tell u if ur havin a bad hair day, not lie nd say it luks fine!!! .lol. nd i love her 4 it!!!! she means the world to me nd i love her loads!!!!!!xxx
CARA!!!! is such a gd friend nd a gd person to tlk to abowt ANYTHING!!! love u xxxx
SADIE!!!!!! so funny she no's how to make me laff!!! love havin a gossip wiv her 2.lol. luv ya bbe xx
-- and just to let all u girlies from skl no i havnt 4 gt bwt u!!! love nd miss u all!!!!

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    My adopted sister-xXx- nelly-x- (i basically live wiv her)

    My ultimate Joka –xXx- nelly -x-

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    My Giggle Chum -xXx- BETHAN!!!!!!! -x-

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    My shoulder 2 cry on –xXx- any1 within ear shot!!!! -x-

    My Guardian Angel -xXx- sophie dungey -x-

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    My Bodii guard –xXx- jade s -x-

    My Prom Date –xXx- bruce-x

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    My speical one –xXx- nelly -x-

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  • Kyle Devaney
    Kyle Devaney

    I just netted $921 in 5 days in my spare time! I love this site - http://x.co/KTKt Your going to be so happy!

  • Josho

    I just snagged $773 in 4 days spending time online! Made it with - http://goo.gl/WDiUZ Your going to be so happy!

  • Ayla Johnson
    Ayla Johnson

    Hello, Im Sophies Mate Ayla. Sorry If I Shouted At You Last Saturday. Bit Drunk :L xo;

  • Butthead

    way, you accepted atlast, thought you never would! how are you? xxx

  • Jay C
    luv Jay C

    alright aimee baby long time no see honey love you xxx

  • Emma

    heyya!!! you ok bud what have u been u to?? wb em xx

  • Cat Allard
    Cat Allard

    hey hey hows it going hows u write bk from cat (cathrine allard) x

  • Bethany
    luv Bethany

    i love youuuu

  • Tommy P
    luv Tommy P

    heeeey weekend plans? footy both days im afraid, which means no drinks.... haha what about you? anything crazy? xxxx

  • Sophie
    luv Sophie

    hey ya dear what have u bin up 2 then tryed calling but u always at work or horses love ya a xxx

  • Nathan

    look at me tatto i got wb x

  • Chubbs
    luv Chubbs

    hope u enjoyed ur bday darlin! here a second happy bday lol as didnt giv u one on here yesterday sorri didnt giv u ur bday prezzi yesterday well ur main one hehe hope u loved it lol u seemed it haah xxxxxxx

  • Will Daley
    luv Will Daley

    thanks 4 the invite but i cant come have a great night anyway n happy birthday. xxxx

  • Bethany
    luv Bethany

    And Again!!

  • Bethany
    luv Bethany

    And Again lol

  • Bethany 11/24/08
  • Toni

    Hey ya.. yh shud be there xoxo

  • Peter Brodey

    I'll see what I can do ;) . xxx

  • Christine

    Hey! Yea i know, last time i saw you was at camelford carni! Yea that nite was pretty funni and i was just a little hammered! Haha! Yea well it was lucky you told me cause he didnt say nethin to me! Typical boy! But neway....yea i will try and get down my love! xxxxxxxx

  • Bethany
    luv Bethany

    Wahoo Newquay Soon!!!!