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Toni Larry

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Defeatdarkness Callkidsline

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i'm pretty sure there is alot more to life than being really really good looking and i plan to find out what that is

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  • Thats Why Shes My Best Friend

    Thursday 7 may

    I have just had thee best day in a long time :)

    Start off with the not so good part.. I BOUGHT NEW CHUCKS AND THEY ARE SMOKING HOT but i wore them today and they cut some big blisters into my feet so i was treadin on my tip toes all day. Took me half an hour to walk to the dang library and back. Man my calves were sore too!! I hope some one had a laugh outta my pain, it would make it seem so much more worthwhile. :L

    And then.. class was good, I did heaps. So the history class was hanging out in the tramwaylane and as we were heading back to college, i see the bus stopping - i think it was the intercity - and BECKY jumps off the bus! How fantastic. I haven't seen this woman in like a month, the first thing she said to me was "your wearing the same jacket as me, im quite disgusted!" i dont think thats disgusting. i think that means shes my best friend :P

    We chatted for about half an hour. I think its thee best thing, when you dont need to talk to some one everyday but we still love eachother and think the same :)

    Countless other brilliant thing happened today but seeing becky really excelled all the other events.

    Love Love Love

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  • "Late Night Shopping" Eh Guys??

    Thurday 30 April

    Just got home from a most excellent adventure XD
    Right. Kimber turned up LATE as usual, so me ness and kimber headed off to a mall.. Hornby (LAME) mall. But the bus took awhile to come. We got there and every thing was shut - good one guys. So we walked around trying to find a bus to anywhere but they all took off as we came towards them LOL sooooo we stopped in Maccas waiting for another bus which took us to Halswell pls note i have not been there in the day so i have NO idea where we were.

    Next thing ya know - the bus driver says "Right Ladies. This is the end of my road." GOD DAMN! So. We're in the dark of a random place... Nice.

    The bus driver takes us to the next stop where another bus driver was chilling out so we jumped on that one and waited to see where that would take us. Victory! Riccarton Road 20 minutes later. :)

    Yay!! And James rang me while we were bussing so that was a nice perk :) Really made me warm and fuzzy in this cool winter night. Gah I'm getting poetic. Stop it.

    Bed time I think.. Its kinda nowhere midnight. How bizarre! Whats happening to me? I'm most definately not getting old thats for sure..

    Right. Prime night ladies. Next time we'll do it with a map or during day :P


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  • Untitled

    Wednesday 29 April

    Hi all! I'm coming off a sugar high. Wow what a night. Actually the whole day was rather splendid!

    K so it was raining. Nice. I stayed in bed, i woke up WHEN my alarm was tunring off... bizarre.. so I got up and tried to watch TV but nothing was on. Ash turned up for a bit.. then i went to class, which did not happen at all. So I left, and waited for half an hour for my sister to pick me up. Yeah she forgot to tell me she'd be late. Nice huh? I thought so

    We tried to go shopping. But there was nothing to buy. Apart from chicken soup for Alicia and fat man pants :)

    So Hannah cooked a delish meal. And then it started. We watched About A Boy.. kinda mega cute! Then Kimber found loads of old music. I wish i could explain what happened to me but i started crying about all the memories of boy bands when i was little and then i started dancing and have way too much fun... way too much fun. I dunno what to say really but today has been one of the best days Ive had in a while.

    Now I'm coming down off my sugar high, I should bend and flex and go to bed. Oh and brush my teeth :)

    Seriously. I have a fun flat. Its about bloody time.

    S u g a r
    ToniLarry :D

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  • Shinead
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    o hurrow :) u shud b able to give luv on facebook :S

  • Princess L É A 2/7/10
  • Xx Hannah Xx
    luv Xx Hannah Xx

    Me love you looooooooooooooooooong time too sweet pea :) xxx

  • Mickeey

    heyy how are youu

  • Shinead
    luv Shinead

    lol 1st comment in 17weeks! woo!

  • CoRhunga

    aw awsum thnx tony thatd b awsum. cnt w8 2 c the video

  • Hannah - Tinka
    luv Hannah - Tinka

    Hey you:

  • CoRhunga

    hey tony hw r ya? u dnt happen 2 hv ne fotoz ov the gig the other weekend do you??? id love some pictures :D

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    haya larry cheek it owt

  • luv No Shit Sherlock

    i know you cant. i took it off because it was actually a complete fuck up. the new version will be up asap

  • Dj Cxl
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    not mch ay its still same old temuka bt i love ths town

  • Dj Cxl
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    i love TKA!! um no don't think so y?

  • Dj Cxl
    luv Dj Cxl

    hey yea nufin mch just same old ay wea abowt u ths days?

  • Tara Burgess
    luv Tara Burgess

    That coment? yup she moved to perth with mum...nd imiss her like crazey...feels like i was only jst geting to no her again nd she gos nd moves away....but all gud im goin over 4 a holliday so ill c hur again....nd umm im still in lil old TKA lol...wbu?

  • .

    LOL Yea.. Im Pretty Awesome ;)

  • luv No Shit Sherlock

    well hello

  • Nessa

    hahaha i like ur saying cracks me up hahaha