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Omg! so much blood, feeling sick.. D=

10/31/08 | me too! | Reply

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Ha ha! ..No.
Me, Myself, and I
Oh. Okay.
Pink Lemonade; is just great.
"Geography is NOT going to be fun for you anymore." "You can't write those kind of things on your exam paper, you could be sent to jail." "De-facing your exam paper is not good. Devil woman said if she saw that in the real exam, she wouldn't have even sent it off." [[Whore Bag // Witch]] Ah, she's resulted to giving me evils now, lol. WOAH! WAIT! I'm now back in her good books because my coursework was "One of the chosen ones." NEW FOR APRIL: "I'm sure we'll get you up to those A*s, as long as you're not swooning over that new teacher. I know what you girls are like." Oh come on. Really. You're not one of us. Give it up. August: I laughing miss her. Oh well i'm over it. Good riddence! x
Yay! Love!
I love love, its lovely.
Share the love.
With an O and E.
Not a U.
Its better.
L O V E.
Again, how lovely.
Love you.

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  • Mmpop

    Hey Okay it's my birthday on the 9th of January and the plan is BOWLING! So i need to know how many are up for it so i can go book! I will need to know asap so If you have my number text me..if you don't let me know on here then i will give you my number for future stuffxD Okay so It will be on the 9th too as it's a friday and well yeah whoo let me know..... If you don't wanna come or you can't i don't mind so on that note Ummm I think that's it!! x

  • Mmpop

    Haha I'm Fab Ta xx I've been working, Babysitting, Sleeping, Eating, College Work yeah kind of everythings all been happening at once and I'm soooo sleepy Oh well Aww i just got back from there...god it was wierd....My maths teacher said i'm expected a B maybe an A I mean that in Maths hahahaha OMG Carol it's nearly Christmas Whoo xx

  • Mmpop
    luv Mmpop

    OMG we don't speak anymore =[ Well much...It's so wierd being all grown up and not in school So......... You Okay?? What You Been Up Tooo??? Scribble Back Ly xx

  • Ell
    luv Ell

    hay hay lol he is really. I think i know whos bike your on about btw, is it red n blue n got thunderbolts on it ? aww i know i want a stalker would be fun :P xxx

  • X.Ellie.X
    luv X.Ellie.X

    iyaaaaaaaaaaaa! haha college crap xx

  • X.Ellie.X
    luv X.Ellie.X

    hiya im fine ta wuu2 and wot we doin 2moz at splorers x

  • Josheyy T

    yeah woo and calculator dont usually go together lol :P my day was good but i was tired and had somet on my mind but dont ask cos i woont tell lol wat about you? x

  • Josheyy T

    heyy im good thanks hows you? x

  • Ell
    luv Ell

    hay hunny i know its all lens faiult i kept getting emails this morning asking me to return x

  • X.Ellie.X
    luv X.Ellie.X

    hiya carol u ok wbs

  • Sammy.T
    luv Sammy.T

    Lool Well i kinda spent £102 just yesterday XP And may have spent £20 the other day. XD People wont be getting their Xmas pressies this year lool. Added :) x

  • Sammy.T
    luv Sammy.T

    Heeyyy Carol!!! (OMG, i never realised! XP) Im goood. Weekend been ok. Went shopping today. Am now soooooooo skiiinnttt D: What bout you? x