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Dj Rsa

Sup shems? This friday at the Ark, Dj RSA.

7/14/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 24, Luv 9
  • from Glenrothes Aka Ghetto-Rothes
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Well as most of you will probably already know due to the fact bebo tells you and makes it less fun cause you dont have to find out that I'm from glenrothes and I'm 20. I lurve to partA(yes with el capital A!)and drink.But then again who doesnt really?
The Other Half Of Me
Suzie Penman
hmm music you say? Well I have a massive range on the music I listen to. I listen to stuff like razorlight, killers but then I also listen to many bits of dance music and I dj mainly Hard Style , Hardhouse music so yeh, there yah have it although now I have been Djing some HH music which is ace cause the bass in the songs are huge.
hmm Films well I seen that MR Woodcock at the pics the other day and that was a gid also I like my DvD collection cause its huge
Well sports I like are Skateboarding, Bmxing, Snowboarding basicly anything that is fun XD and you have a chance to hurt yourself in cause who doesnt like a bit of pain now and again...
Scared Of
Well im scared of me in a broken down car in the middle of the woods in the middle of the night with people standing all round my car and a kid crying in the back that isnt there!!!!!. Thanks to craig!!!
Happiest When
I'm happiest with Suz :)

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  • Stole this one from someone :P

    1. FULL NAME: Russell Scott Anderson
    2. NICKNAMES: Dj RSA and Russ
    3. BIRTHDAY: 25th O September
    4. PLACE OF BIRTH: Kirkcaldy
    5. ZODIAC SIGN: no idea
    6. MALE OR FEMALE: Male
    7. YEAR: none
    8. SCHOOL: Was at Glenwood
    9. OCCUPATION: Anima Employee, BP employee, Scotch Skateboards Owner
    10.RESIDENCE: My house
    11.MSN SCREEN NAME: Just ask me


    12. HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown
    13. HAIR LENGTH: Med for a guy a suppose although hair cut soon me thinks
    14. EYE COLOUR: Blue
    15. WEIGHT: 10 and a half stone I think,was last time I checked ages ago
    16. HEIGHT: 5"11
    17. BRACES?: nope
    18. GLASSES?: nope
    19. PIERCINGS: nope
    20. TATTOOS: 1 and another on its way
    21. RIGHTY OR LEFTY: Righty

    ___YOUR 'FIRST'S'___

    22. FIRST BEST FRIEND: Gordon Douglas
    23. FIRST AWARD: Birth certificate(What thats an award isnt it!)
    24. FIRST SPORT: Biking
    25. FIRST PET: Cat

    26. FIRST REAL HOLIDAY: Cannot remember
    27. FIRST CONCERT: No idea
    28. FIRST LOVE: she knows...


    29. MOVIES: Cheese & Crackers
    30. TV PROGRAMME: Skins
    31. COLOUR: Blue
    32. RAPPER: not much of a rapper
    33. BAND: House Of Pain
    34. SONG RIGHT NOW: Sky High
    35. FRIENDS: many
    36. SWEET: Kinder Egg
    37. SPORT: Skateboarding(keeps you fit)
    38. RESTAURANT: Hungry Horse
    39. FAVOURITE BRAND: Mystery
    40. STORE: Chemical Records
    42. ANIMAL: Cats
    43. BOOK: not too much of a reader
    44. MAGAZINE: Document
    45. SHOES: Etnies


    46. FEELING: Funny
    47. SINGLE OR TAKEN: Single
    48. HAVE A CRUSH?: erm not sure
    49. EATING: Mars Planets(even though I shouldnt be cause im on air on the radio at www.maple-radio.com just now lol,p.s Im Dj Drum&Bass)
    50. DRINKING: Red Bull
    51. TYPING: why is this here obv all are typing this...
    52. ONLINE: naw!
    53. LISTENING TO: you take my breath away by tiesto cause someone requested it
    54. THINKING ABOUT: Qlimax(Hard Style event)
    55. WANTING TO: partA
    56. WATCHING: msn contacts flashing
    57. WEARING: not much

    ___YOUR FUTURE___

    58. WANT KIDS?: not sure just yet
    59. WANT TO GET MARRIED?: hmm hard one guess ill find out one day
    60. CAREERS IN MIND?: Djing... duh
    61. WHERE DO YOU WANT TO LIVE?: not sure yet
    62. CAR: Dodge Viper


    63. HAIR COLOUR: doesnt matter
    64. HAIR LENGTH: some leangth
    65. EYE COLOUR: Any
    66. MEASUREMENTS: not fussy
    67. CUTE OR SEXY?: both
    68. LIPS OR EYES?: eyes
    69. HUGS OR KISSES: Both but a good hug is always in need of
    70. SHORT OR TALL: either or in between
    72. ROMANTIC OR SPONTANEOUS: a spontaneous romantic XD
    73. FATTY OR SKINNY?: not too fussed
    74. SENSITIVE OR LOUD?: Both
    75. HOOK-UP OR RELATIONSHIP: cmon why is this question here....
    76. SWEET OR CARING?: Both

    ___HAVE YOU EVER...___

    78. KISSED A STRANGER: yeh
    79. HAD ALCOHOL: obv cant partA proparly without it
    80. SMOKED: Yes
    81. RAN AWAY FROM HOME: yeh once or twice haha loser!
    82. BROKEN A BONE: yeh
    83. GOT AN X-RAY: Yeah
    85. BROKEN SOMEONE: I hope not but I think I have
    87. CRIED WHEN SOMEONE DIED: Yes and this is a stupid question shouldnt be here
    88. CRIED AT SCHOOL: nope not that I remember anyways

    _____DO YOU BELIEVE IN...___

    89. GOD: yes I beleive someone out there is called GOD but a guy in the sky and all around us Im not sure
    90. MIRACLES: No
    91. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: Possibly but dont beleive it will happen to me
    92. GHOSTS: dunno
    93. ALIENS: yes people from other countrys come here all the time
    94. SOUL MATES: nah
    95. HEAVEN: Yes some sort of one
    96. HELL: Yes some sort of one
    97. ANGELS: sometimes
    99. HOROSCOPES: not really



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  • luv Shaun T

    Happy Birthday man!!!! dunno if am gonna be able to make it the nite coz i cany find a gd way to get there ive checked buses, trains, planes, boats, spaceships, bt after 5 they are all mish mash, i could get the train but it takes likes 3.5 hrs and i dinny like the idea o wandering round glasgow on a friday nite lol. gutted, if i tot this would be a prob i would of gt the day off college. sorry man will nd 2 make it up sum time sn!!! xx all the best!! :)

  • Shaun T

    happnin shems? u ken if any1 else is cumin down to urs nxt week?

  • The Hive

    Surprise! Thursdays have gone a bit bangers & mashed - our new student night starts Sep with The Cut Up Boys (Ministry of Sound) & Silent Headphone Disco booked for October. Details on our profile. Back to September - free for all students September 3rd, 10th, 17th... feck freshers week, let\'s have a freshers month! 1.50 drinks. Bargain? Room 1: Electro/R&B/Chart. Room2: Embarassing Cheese/Eighties/Classic Rockℜtro Hits. Bangin\'? September 24th is Freshers Frisky Frat Party - neon traffic light party badges, numbered to get you flirting with some fine folks. Each Uni/College representing by wearing a different coloured shirt. Mix, mingle make love and listen to the music. Free entry for all those neon-ed up in their uni/college colours. Check the sexy beasts we call regulars & sign up for details at clubhive.co.uk - guestlisters wanted! As ever.. Fridays remains Misfits: Twisted alt. disco of indie/electro/pop/rock. 1.50 drinks. 2009-09-03 19:05:28

  • And The Weird Go Pro

    orite lod hows it goin?

  • Carly Kirbitson
    Carly Kirbitson

    hey ruskel!!! how r u?? long time no speak xx

  • Shaun T

    sup chap, its been a while likes. tht sounds like a beastin plan likes, thts if i can mind how to use my board lol. how was ibiza?

  • Half - Cocked Boy
    Half - Cocked Boy

    whos the bird?

  • Suzie Penman
    luv Suzie Penman

    In the illustrious words of Fredryck Phox..............................  ... "I love my plushies....do you like to cuddle?" xD xx

  • Jay T 3/16/09
  • Turbo Ben
    luv Turbo Ben

    I have not dissapeared! You just can't see me. You should come up to yours on the saturday, ill be there for a bit at least! [from after my T time]

  • Suzie Penman
    luv Suzie Penman

    Yush don't want to keep you waiting

  • Suzie Penman
    luv Suzie Penman

    looking forward to it always :3